Aisha deserved better than this, and I’m glad she finally got it. Zuko • One of the tips was, “Give the love interest flaws.” Why does a love interest, or any character, need flaws? Nabu). She continuously shows this caring nature throughout the show, comforting Musa after her conflict with her father, and calming Flora's nerves when she experiences qualms about her feelings for Helia. Spunky • Stella • • Then she spins around in another complete circle as the camera focuses on her skirt, where her bag appears around her waist. Stella called Aisha out on it when she came home: …if you spent a little time with us instead of your Nabu, you might know what’s going on! Cap'n Turbot •

Carlos Casagrande • Melody In-D | Aisha’s father sent Roy to give the Winx a pink yacht.
Nigel •

19 (Season 4) Do-Gooder Gorilla • Betty Quinlan • Did they interact in every episode? The Penguins • Mrs. Turner • Dr. Paula Hutchison, Arnold • Trix,The witches of Cloud Tower (sometimes),Lord Darkar,Valtor,Ancestral Witches,Cassandra,Chimera She becomes worried about her own realm, Tides, as Valtor manages to escape from the portal, which is destroying Tides. Life and death: they are one, at core entwined. Type of Hero Alternate Crimson Chins • Timmy | She considers herself just as good as the specialists at sports and sword fighting and has similar interests as them. Flora •

Gwen WaterWavesVery high intelligenceOlympic-level athleteHand-to-hand fighterAcrobaticsAgility improveImproved enduranceExcellent dancerMusicConduct Maria Santiago • – He stalked Aisha (because yeah, that was awkward). Neither one expected to meet the person they’ll likely marry one day. Abby • Professor Membrane • Randolph Grant • Bloom | Pikachu |. Not only did she act impatient and immature with him as well, but she also lost herself. Video:Layla Enchantix (Not Blind), Layla's Believix transformation sequence is not the longest of all (0:28) but it is extremely detailed in contrast to both her Winx and Enchantix transformation and it is also the most detailed of all the girls' Believix transformations. It’s funny how Nex got hate for no reason but everyone ignores who Silvian was, I AM SO GLAD THAT SILVIAN WAS NOT IN THE ANIMATED WINX SERIES. She literally was going to marry her stalker. Sabrina Spellman | Even though her boss and her coworker shared their concerns about him, she stayed. So Aisha and Nabu’s love story is about Aisha: And now, the Winx fandom wants Nabu to come back from the dead and make this Harlequin romance plot even more absurd. No information (Side note: for the Winx fans who think that Nex is a womanizer and a misogynist, here‘s a post that compares him to Jordan and Silvan and explains how he’s different.). Do you think they did it for the fun of it? Vega, Danny Phantom • As for the number of episodes, Nex debuted in episode 3: “The Flying School”. It took months in-universe, in which time she started to get to know him and formed a bond with him. Your email address will not be published. Get on with it, okay? Grandpa Lou • SpongeBob • Cosmo • No. Remember what Aisha told her mother in “The Red Tower” (Winx season 3, episode 21)? Maybe that’s why at their date in “A Friend From The Past” (Winx season 7, episode 5), he said she conquered his heart, not the other way around. That’s not because Aisha and Nabu loved each other more — because the other couples had a better sense of moderation, which develops after a couple grows out of the honeymoon phase. They had her and Nabu’s parents delay the arranged marriage.

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Despite having common interests, she is not particularly friends with them, knowing them through their girlfriends. Anyway, the fandom is still too upset about Nabu’s death and too attached to him to analyze him like a normal character.

Harmonix Hobby What about Aisha choosing her own guy? Bread Maker •
The book gave each of the couples an unofficial title: What about Aisha and Nex? Digit | Sid Chang • Finally, Aisha gave up her own desires in order to stay with Nabu. We heard him!AISHA: What? Her parents believed that princesses should conduct themselves in a strict orthodox manner, and scrutinized her every movement and thought. Next, she lifts up her arms as several streams of light wrap around her arms, chest, and waist, creating her outfit, complete with sandals. Zio | Crash Nebula • Alastor | Most of the comic love interests are either a-holes, or they’re taken. Despite having common interests, she is not particularly friends with them, knowing them through their girlfriends. Didi • by abigailclifford.

This is irrevelant to the post but I thought you migth want to hear it. Any couple can be lovey-dovey, but not just any can be a power couple. Layla uses morphix to create a variety of solid structures as well as weapons such as swords and shields or surf boards. Pt. Eugene • That’s another reason to give a love interest flaws: to create a balanced couple. They wanted Aisha to influence him and help him curb his flaws. Acacia | Crane • The Pixies tried to warn her he was a player, but she didn’t believe them: AMORE: Jordan is having you on! Dennis O'Bannon • Okra |

Rarity | Aisha and Nex have a unique couple dynamic. Rubble • Our online winx club trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top winx club quizzes.

Aimee Brightower | Michelangelo • Ultra Lord • Tune | Clyde • Through her conversation, we get a glimpse of her powers, and receive a few hints about the villain of the season, Lord Darkar. This is information you need to know. Princess Gwenevere | Francois Turbot •

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