The 36-year-old’s journey saw him outlast nine other competitors and walk away $500,000 richer. Jonas survived 77 days in the Canadian Arctic last fall to win Season 6. Jonas spent several months living among the Evenki people in 2010 and has returned multiple times since then, spending a total of three years with the natives in several months-long increments. Jonas survived 77 days in the Canadian Arctic last fall to win Season 6.
Although killing the moose was certainly a morale boost, nabbing such a precious resource also put Jonas in danger. "Alone" is a show featured on the History Channel. © 2020, A&E Television Networks, LLC. You can cancel at any time. Here are the lists compiled together for your convenience. 6.

You were in your element and it showed.

Immediately following the finale earlier this month, fans from around the world flocked to social media to wish him congratulations. Throughout the season, Jordan Jonas has been sharing stories from his time on the show. Woniya believes in the coexistence of humans and nature and she comes to Alone both to test her skills and to demonstrate what is possible when one approaches survival from a place of respect, connection, and interdependence. Jordan had a large stockpile of meat and fish that the crew ate after the win. “Pretty weird to be dropped off with that little stuff and no preparation right before winter.”. “It’s pretty surreal,” Jonas said in an interview following the season finale on Aug. 22. Please subscribe to keep reading. ), Students go to Hogwarts Camp at Ferrum College. Emma Schkloven covers arts and entertainment for The News & Advance. “He created so many videos, like pretend ‘infomercials’ about things, like rabbit foot toilet paper or a rendition of the ‘Alone’ first-player video game, that we could not air them all,” Pender wrote. His only regret is that he didn’t bring more mementos from his campsite back with him.

Receive the latest in local entertainment news in your inbox weekly! “Jordan is definitely a fan favorite and now a member of a very elite group that only a few very special people are a part of,” executive producer Ryan Pender wrote in an email to The News & Advance.First premiering in 2015 on the History channel, “Alone” embeds its participants in extreme landscapes, which have included Patagonia and Mongolia. But by the time Jonas caught his fish, he had technically already won. The 35-year-old was officially announced the winner of Alone during the season finale this past Thursday. I was living hand-to-mouth, though, and had no store of food. Lynchburg resident Jordan Jonas braved 77 days in the punishing Canadian Arctic to win the sixth season of History’s survivalist reality show “Alone.” Filming took place around Great Slave Lake in Canada, 70 miles south of the Arctic tree line where temperatures dropped by 10 below zero. Jonas’ 2 ½-month performance on the show was one for the ages, as he displayed both ingenuity and adaptability all while maintaining a sense of humor that made him a fan favorite. “Maybe I’ll have to go back [to the campsite] some day and dig through the moss,” he said.

Woniya currently teaches classes and workshops through her business, Buckskin Revolution and she’s near the completion of her first book on making buckskin clothing. After braving 77 days in the punishing Canadian Arctic, Lynchburg resident Jordan Jonas was officially crowned the winner of “Alone” season 6. His time there made him feel he could compete on "Alone.". Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. I seriously doubt anyone will ever top feeding the production crew after it was over.”. Saw 4. Bow and arrows Now that he’s back in the warmth of Virginia, Jonas remembers his time in the Arctic fondly. “Seventeen people have lasted more than two months,” he said. Age: 42 Hometown: Grass Valley, CA Profession: Ancestral Skills Teacher Woniya Thibeault grew up in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California. 2. “The person who has stockpiles of food when it becomes scarce elsewhere also becomes a mark for predators and scavengers alike,” Pender wrote.

Fishing line and hooks His time there made him feel he could compete on "Alone.". However, this season included one of the biggest challenges to this date – contestants had to survive for 100 days in a bid to win $1 million. Although he managed to kill one wolverine, another made off with a vital reserve Jonas needed to maintain his body weight: a jug of kidney fat from the moose he planned to render and eat. Woniya Thibeault grew up in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California. Few people have the skills to survive in the wilderness for months at a time by living solely off the land, McIntyre told The News & Advance. Jonas became the first contestant in the show’s history to kill a big-game animal when he took down a nearly 900-pound moose on Day 20. “See what I can find.”. Trending. “I hadn’t even entertained the idea” they were so close to the end. Alone Woniya Thibeault Season 6. Jordan Jonas with nomadic Evenki reindeer herders in Siberia. Here are the ten items Woniya selected to bring on her survival journey to the Arctic: 1. PHOTOS: Lynchburg man wins History Channel's 'Alone', Photo by Cole Barash, courtesy of History, Independent Contractor (Newspaper Carrier), Chesterfield school health panel goes against VDH guidelines to send remaining students back to school Nov. 9, Lynchburg resident survives Arctic and takes home $500,000 on History Channel's "Alone", Virginia man who won 'Alone' TV show fended off wolverines, cracked jokes during punishing 77 days in Canadian Arctic. When the crew (and his wife, Janahlee, who the show flew in) arrived at his camp to share the news, Jonas was completely surprised.

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