JK: New York was more dangerous in the 70s, when I was growing up, but I started going to school by myself at age 8. JK: The joys are just the fun, goofy parts. [from tanster: yes he is. I read somewhere that he’s a financial adviser at Merrill Lynch and a registered nurse. It was great to be around so many Office Fans. i talked to him quite a bit, he’s a sweetheart.] For the writer’s block video, is NBC going to publish the entire event online? I didn’t know until the 24th that I would be able to attend, so it was a spontaneous and wonderful trip.

I got to meet so many cast members :). Also I’ll be taking the pics, cause my wife is like 1 minute late on every pic. Hope to see you all next year! I know that he loved that. What was your gift?

:). Then I became a financial advisor—I was a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch; I started doing that [until 2012], and loved it actually… There were a few people who had tried to hire me in the 90s, but I bumped into [casting director for “The Office,” Allison Jones] at the local farmer’s market…in October of 2005 and she said: “Give me your card Buckley, just in case something comes up, you never know.” And then she really called me four months later, and said: “Hey, I think I have a new thing for you, you should come audition for this.” And it was “The Office.”. I am in love with Office fans. He must have been astonished at all the fans’ “CFO” chants…he even giggled (@ Blogger’s Breakfast) about being on the show, being grateful for being on it, and hoping to be a some future ones as well. Thanks to the Blogger’s breakfast, I have now entered the Blogosphere & I like it. they mentioned you and office tally in the Scranton time-tribune article!YAY!…, “But the biggest ovation was for Jennie Tan, whose https://www.officetally.com blog is credited with saving the show.”. I really liked the deleted talking head in which Jim talked about his best and worst first date too, so I’m happy with that version. New York Family’s Tried and Tested Recommendations, Wow- these stoops and buildings have the Halloween, Meow. If anyone else has a video of me actually singing that would be DAWsome!

Is he a client here, that guy from ‘The Office?’” “No, he works here, his office is down the hall.” So it was fun. But B.J. I have some of Craig Robinson’s performance of “Creep” with the Scrantons from Friday night’s Casino Night. I give my kids more free range because I liked my independence, and I think it gives you strength and guts and you can face the world in a better way than if you’re too coddled. I had a great time also this weekend. I had a 3rd row seat & had a good view but my picture didn’t come out. ), Paul couldn’t come. Andrea and my “stuff” will upload as soon as we get back from traveling because how could we not travel the route a la Ryan/Jan/Michael/Jim/Dwight,etc to NYC. Thanks so much for posting all of this great material! Many of the stars became huge after 'The Office' Even though the show ended a couple of years ago, these actors remain in the spotlight.

I took a lot of random photos – I like signs and t-shirts! Anyway, here are some pictures – be sure to check out the ones from the funeral home (seriously). The cast/crew seemed to be enjoying it as much as the fans. A: Starting with the name—ba-dum-bum! I do agree that there was no difference between the Asst.

OMG! It gave me chills. the sign is BEAUTIFUL. What a great turn out on their part. Wow! I had such a wonderful time! Andrew Patrick "Andy" Buckley Jr. plays David Wallace, the CFO (later CEO) of Dunder Mifflin. So we have the back of Andy’s head, The back of Mindy’s head, Meredith’s shoulder, you see where I’m going with this! Thanks for posting all your vids and photos so I can live vicariously through you! To anyone that was there: Did I get some cheers after I was done? P.S. As a native Scrantonian, I’m so thrilled the convention was a success! It wasn't until the last season of 'The Office' that Buckley actually left Merrill Lynch. Some people have different opinions about that and they say: “Little kids, little problems.” I think that’s bullshit, I think it’s way harder to deal with the stress of thinking about schools and just getting them on the road to the right behavior and manners. He’s great as David Wallace and it’s so amazing that he’s not even a full-time actor.

I’ve noticed that for this, and for Paley, there’s no video of the blooper reel before the cast Q&A. They kind of hemmed and hawed about it, but essentially what it boiled down to was that every month of the strike will remove 3 eps from the season. DO IT!”, I heard John was busy doing reshoots for Clooney and Jenna’s cat is sick (this might have been where the idea for Sprinkles’ demise came from…). The Office Convention was awesome! Hey Tanster! Congrats on your contest victory as well. Did anyone else notice that?

Andy Buckley Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch. I added my convention photos to my Dunder-Mifflin photo set. That was definitely one of the highlights for me at the convention. came in his place for the Writers’ Block event. I def agree that it would have been chaos if the main four had come, I was just curious if anyone knew why. I was with the blonde kid who got your autograph at the Blogger’s Breakfast. It was way fun. The idea of Buckley being from corporate America was discussed on a recent episode of 'Office Ladies'; a podcast hosted by Jenna Fischer (who plays Pam on the show), and Angela Kinsley (who plays Angela), where the duo discuss each episode of the show with their own input. Tanster any news on whether they will do this again next year? Wow, tanster! I’m closed for business—my fourth child is the show and there’s a ‘Ghostbusters’ sign on my uterus, but thanks anyway!” The challenges would be just sort of juggling three kids and getting everyone everywhere. See you there next year, for sure!! ... Andy Buckley Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch Greater Los Angeles Area 5 connections. Next year! Thank You! :) ].

But actually he reminded me more of Michael Scott. Tanster, I saw you there! Those of us listening to the podcast are dying to know :), How sweet was Robert for mentioning my visit! Meeting Angela & Ed Helms made my year! David Wallace was in charge of Michael Scott, and all the other branches of Dunder Mifflin as the chief financial officer, before losing his job and starting his own company , which didn't really pan out so well (sorry for the spoilers). '” revealed the actor. From Steve Carell, to Rainn Wilson. AB: It was a hoot. But, [the two parenting cultures] are definitely similar—it’s just in Los Angeles as opposed to New York. Only a great show like this can do something like that. The Dwight bobblehead constume is insane! Hope to see some of you add the TWSS podcast to your weekly listening experience. It’s surreal in a way though too. Andy Buckley had given up acting and gone on to a career in finance as a wealth management advisor for Merrill Lynch. Until the convention, I had never blogged nor did I know much about blogging.

Lucky gal!! Andy Buckley Actor. Someone dressed up as the vending machine w/Dwight’s stuff in it?!?! That’s me in my Lackwanna County Volunteer Sheriff’s Deputy costume right down to the gray campaign hat, Schrute brass name plate, and blue uniform shirt and tie. OMG! The music was fantastic! I wonder if the main four are as jealous of their castmates as I am of all you that got to go to the convention. NYF: The term “mom-bots” is used in the show’s promotions. :-/, Thanks for the great coverage, Tanster! Heh. Thanks! :). Everyone was so nice and I can’t believe it’s already over :-(. Which is funny, because we all made it through safely without the helmets and the kneepads, and eating all the potato chips we liked, and McDonald’s this and Wendy’s that. Buckley is now acting full time, now is what we call a career turnaround! –Mia Weber. side note: on the TWSS audio of the cast Q&A, did anyone notice that the guy who lead the talk sounded a lot like Steve Carell?

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