The anemometer is suitable for numerous wind detection applications in outdoor industries, e.g.

Furthermore, the wind situation can be measured and analyzed before commissioning a wind turbine. Vane anemometers are characterized by high sensitivity and that is why are perfect for even small speeds measurements. - Temperature measuring range: -15 ... 50°C / 5 ... 122°F- Humidity range: 5 ... 95% RH- Air speed: 0.4 ... 35 m / s- Air flow: 0 ... 9.999 m3 / s. PCE-WSAC 50-710 is an anemometer that displays the current wind speed as well as the average wind speed of the last 2 and 5 minutes.
The Vane Anemometer PCE-VA 11 is a useful and versatile device for measuring air speeds, air temperature and infrared temperature. The same applies to agriculture, since sufficient and correct air conditioning in the stalls and stables is important for successful breeding. As the electrical resistance of most metals is dependent upon the temperature of the metal (tungsten is a popular choice for hot wires), a relationship can be obtained between the resistance of the wire and the flow velocity. This applies also to the devices with impeller. Temperature is simply proportional to flowrate. ISO calibration certificate, - Measurement range:m/s: 0.1 ... 25.0 m/s, 0.2 ... 55.8 mph- Measures air velocity and temperature- Suitable for low velocity air flow - multiple measurement units available - Large LCD display - Data-Hold function - Incl.

This makes them very suitable for kindergartens, schools or offices where, as a part of health-care system, it is required to monitor whether drafts occur. This kind of anemometer effectively makes a series of electric pulses at a rate that is proportional to the wind speed. Vane Anemometers

- Measuring range: ± 20 kPa  / ± 2.9 psi / ± 0.2 bar Thermal anemometers are often used to measure the draft flow or to measure flow velocities in ducts. - Velocity measuring range: 0.4 ... 30 m/s (0.9 ... 67 mph) The device handles wind speeds from 0 mph to 110 mph. fan impeller, easy-to-view backlit LCD, and useful functions, e.g. PCE Instruments is also happy to develop individual measurement solutions for wind monitoring for special applications. The pitot pipe anemometer is a reliable differential pressure gauge for pressure measurement of air in the range of ±20 kPa. - Air speed range: 0.4 ... 30 m/s / 0.9 ... 67 mph- Air flow range: 0 ... 9999 CFM / CMM- Air temperature range: -10 ... 60°C / 14 ... 140°F- IR temperature range: -50 ... 500°C / -58 ... 932°F. With this style of anemometer, the axis of rotation must be parallel to the direction of the wind and therefore typically horizontal.
The PCE-WSAC 50-810 anemometer allows measurement of wind movements from 0 mph to 110 mph. Besides the actual wind speed, the average wind speed across 120 seconds and 300 seconds is presented. 1 axis (tunnel or sport mode) additionally used to test heating, ventilation and air conditioning / Application of the anemometer may also take place on the stage of choosing, for example, the field or place for the future agricultural object, since it helps to get an overview of the typical weather conditions in the area and evaluate the perspective for the future. In the following text, you may find some information meant to facilitate the decision when purchasing an anemometer. The smallest of wind movement is detected by this convenient anemometer. These are commonly used in wind tunnels for circuit board and heat sink analysis. values. Wind speed up to 45m/s (100mph). The measuring of minimal wind motion can be easily achieved by this accurate device. When selecting an anemometer, the design and the measuring principle are primarily in focus. Vane anemometer is a good auxiliary tool during various construction tasks and in mining. It is

On an anemometer with four cups it is easy to see that since the cups are arranged symmetrically on the end of the arms, the wind always has the hollow of one cup presented to it and is blowing on the back of the cup on the opposite end of the cross.

- Min and Max value memory The The measurement units may be selected, depending on the application (m/s, km/h, FPM or even knots for marine aplications)  .

This multi-functional portable handheld vane anemometer offers a quick response time, allowing for real-time measurement. Nevertheless, application of the anemometer may give a timely or even preliminary indication about the growing problem. Available functions include display hold, average / maximum / minimum

Wind speed up to 90m/s (201mph). Depending on the design of the anemometer, the measurement can be carried out, for example, thermally (thermo-anemometer), by wind cooling of a hot wire or mechanically (impeller anemometer) or via the pressure (Pitot tube anemometer). For the measurements of hot air flows, vane should be thermoresistant. environmental conditions such as wind, temperature and humidity. The anemometer is used for a variety of wind monitoring applications in both outdoor industry and outdoor sports.

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