We plant lily bulbs immediately after buying in tight permeable and rich in humus, Introduction About every three to five years, you should divide your lilies. The 7-inch scarlet red blooms on this Asiatic lily are a real showstopper. We recommend planting Asiatic lilies in well turned soil about 6 inches deep, with the pointed end facing up. When cut, these flowers will last about two weeks in a vase. When the lilies start to poke their heads through the ground in the spring, feed it again with high-phosphorous fertilizer or bone meal. For the best color, plant in groups of at least three in a pot or the ground. Following the advice in this care guide will make it easy to grow Asiatic lilies and hybrids.

All species of lilies fall into one of nine hybrid divisions, including Asiatic, American, Oriental, and more. It requires well-drained soil. Following the advice in this Asiatic lily growing guide will hopefully get you off to a great start. Their vibrant colors are an ideal way to add color to your garden’s landscape. We planted them in the front of the house, where there’s a lot less sun, so it took them a while to mature. These lilies grow to be about 3-feet tall prefer sandy soil. The good news is that almost anyone can grow Asiatic lilies.


If you are a gardener looking for a new passion, then growing Asiatic lilies may be the perfect fit. About every three to five years, you should divide your lilies. It was so much fun to see them bloom, al in different colors! Choosing a spot to plant them can be a little tricky because they produce their best blooms when their tops get exposed to full sun, but their roots need shade. Their straight stems and high bud count make them superb cut flowers. They need to sit in the ground over the colder winter months to develop a strong root structure. If temperatures get very hot, then it may need a little more. Asiatic lilies grow from one to six feet tall while Oriental lilies grow from two-to-eight feet tall. TL;DR – yes they are Why? Consider mulching around the roots so that the roots stay damp without standing in water.

Once you planted your lilies, you may also want to add some slow-release fertilizer. You can avoid that by propping them up with one of thee stakes.

There are numerous key differences in these members of the Lilium flower genus: There are many types of Asiatic lilies, so you can easily find one that looks perfect for your landscaping needs. Oriental lily leaves are also more widely spaced than those on an Asiatic lily. Spring shipments begin in February (or the appropriate time for outdoor planting in your area), and we ship until May 10. Asiatic Lilies are one of our all time favourite lily bulbs and we offer you a brilliantly colourful range of bulbs to choose from. We begin fall shipping in early October, via U.S. Today I invited Dean, a former plant biologist who publishes at Gardener’s HQ to share his knowledge of growing one of his favorite lilies. The bulbs of Asiatic lilies are as tough as old boots, provide a bounty of colourful blooms for vases, are easier-than-you-can imagine to grow and wonderfully tolerant of searing Australia's hot, hot Summers. $24.00 $19.20. Their incredible variety of, Where and when? A drip hose is a great option. They have upright stalks that grow to be about 3.5 feet tall, and their bright blooms make them a suitable choice when placed among dark-colored ferns. These lilies prefer the soil to be a little damp, but it is important not to plant them in a place where they will stand in water to prevent root rot. To get the most from your flowers (doesn’t really matter if they’re asiatic lilies or daylilies), Copyright text 2016 by Asiatic Lilies. (Crocosmias ship only in spring). Asiatic lilies Please note: Our spring shipping season has ended. First edition exclusives from Johan Mak sr, The Lily Garden, 35306 Northwest Toenjes Road, Woodland, WA, 98674, United States. Make sure you stake your lilies. Asiatic Lilies. Outside Sort by: Strawberries and Cream Lilium Mix SKU: F984206. Forever Susan Asiatic Lily 2 Bulbs 14/16 cm – Orange & Plum, Asiatic Lily Bulbs – Starlette – Bag of 5, Meflying Stargazer Lily Bulbs – Jumbo Pack, Black Eye Asiatic Lily – 2 Bulbs 14/16cm – Spotted White with Black Eye, Gorgeous Mixed Asiatic Lily Bulbs Flowering Perennial Year After Year, Spectacular Red Asiatic Lily Bulbs Flowering Perennial Year After Year, Gorgeous Pink Asiatic Lily Bulbs Flowering Perennial Year After Year, Asiatic Lily Bulbs – Black Wizard – Fragrant Perennial – Dark Burgundy, 5 Adorable Garden Angels To Bring Peace And Harmony To Your Garden, Best Bluebird Feeders To Attract These Adorable Blue Birds, Step Up Your Landscape Design With Attractive Garden Path Ideas, Creative Water Conservation Landscaping Ideas for a Greener Yard, How and Why You Should Grow Food Not Lawns, How To Stop Deer From Eating Hydrangeas (Other Plants Too). It does well in full sun or partial shade. Cultivation of asiatic lilies Outside We plant lily bulbs immediately after buying in tight permeable and rich in humus Continue reading > 0 Shares. They make a great companion plant because their roots prefer to be in the shade.

Many people think that Asiatic lilies are the same as Oriental lilies, but that is not really the case. Also, the blooms are sometimes so heavy that the stalk leans to the ground. Plant the bulbs in a hole that is 3-inches deeper than the height of the bulb. If you smell a lily’s flower and it has a fragrance, then it is an Oriental lily. They have a strong preference for organic soil and require at least several hours of sun daily. These pink ones were much smaller (shorter) than the rest. These yellow ones bloomed first, and I love them! If I remember correctly, the bulbs were much smaller than the rest when we planted them. On most Asiatic lilies, once the stem turns yellow, you will want to cut it off at the ground and mulch over it.

Well, growing different Asiatic lily varieties can become an addicting hobby. While some varieties are more tolerant of dry conditions than others, Asiatic lilies do not like to stand in water, so make sure the site you choose drains well. The white ones were next: big and beautiful! While these classifications are important for both true lily connoisseurs and budding growers alike, if we're being honest, we're here for the pretty. Sooo pretty! Do this in the spring, as you start to see new growth.

This post may contain affiliate links. Read on for the 17 types of lilies we just can't get enough of.

I didn’t know Asiatic lilies came in 2 colors. Now that you know how to grow these gorgeous flowers you need to be careful. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. He had no clue what they were and I offered to take them off his hands. | Powered by WordPress, What to look for when buying asiatic lily bulbs. This was such a nice surprise! Generally, lilies do best when their tops get at least a few hours of sun each day. Unlike tiger lilies, these plants prefer the shade, and they require good cover if you plan to overwinter your bulbs.

Take a peek. Working peat moss, sand, or straw into the soil before planting can help the soil drain better. They grow tall and wind can knock them over. Please read my full disclosure policy for details. Stunning burgundy-and-yellow lilies grow to about 2.5-feet tall and bloom at the beginning of summer. While you can find a lot of information about peace lily or calla lily, there is almost nothing about asiatic lily. These buttercup-yellow lilies grow to be about 3-feet tall. This lily blooms mid-summer and grows to be about 3-feet tall.

Asiatic Lilies are early-blooming, colorful, and vigorous. That means if you click and buy, I may receive a small commission. Ideally, you should buy lily bulbs close to when you plan on planting them. Planting Asiatic Lilies Asiatic lily bulbs are both the earliest bloomers and easiest to care for of the lily family. Before buying bulbs try to ask experienced breeders who will help you choose the varieties tested in their, Cultivation of asiatic lilies Growing lilies Lilies in containers Growing peonies Shop. Plant basal-rooting lilies (or those whose habit is unknown) at a depth equal to the height of the bulb. You may want to consider these options: These bright orange lilies bloom in mid-summer. Asiatic lilies are easy to grow, and you can find so many different choices that you are sure to find one or more that you adore. Then, apply a slow-release fertilizer and mulch well. While this can help lilies put on showier blooms, be sure to use only the recommended amount or you will damage the plant.

Asiatic lilies are native to several parts of China and Japan while Oriental lilies are native to Japan. Introduction to Asiatic Lilies. Lift the plant out of the ground, and separate the roots.

Introduction Asiatic Lily, (Commander in Chief Lily) Perennial – Bag of 4. Be sure, however, to read the instructions that come with your variety as pruning requirements vary a bit between different choices. Then, apply a slow-release fertilizer and mulch well. While sun-loving, these lilies will also tolerate a little shade. Priority Mail (unless another method is requested). All products ordered now, will be shipped in the fall after the new harvest, Thank you!

They take their name from the way the three white wavy flowers with deep rose anthers droop and hide under the whorl of three large leaves. Colors range from the softest pastels to fiery reds and oranges that practically ignite in the sun. I took this picture after a good rain . This is because these bulbs are more delicate than many other bulbs, and they will deteriorate over time. Then, fill the hole lightly with soil and mulch the top. I love that they too are made up of two colors, even though much paler than the previous one. While most Oriental lilies carry white or pastel blooms, a much wider range of colors is available in Asiatic lilies. Asiatic and Oriental lilies are true lilies, and grow long, strap-like leaves and wide blooms. These white flowers bloom in late spring. Forever Susan Asiatic Lily 2 Bulbs 14/16 cm – Orange & PlumMggsndi 100Pcs Rare Lily Bulbs Stargazer Oriental LilyAsiatic Lily Bulbs – Starlette – Bag of 5Meflying Stargazer Lily Bulbs – Jumbo PackSpring Pink Double Asiatic Lily5 Lily Bulbs Asiatic Lily Orange CountyBlack Eye Asiatic Lily – 2 Bulbs 14/16cm – Spotted White with Black EyeGorgeous Mixed Asiatic Lily Bulbs Flowering Perennial Year After YearSpectacular Red Asiatic Lily Bulbs Flowering Perennial Year After YearGorgeous Pink Asiatic Lily Bulbs Flowering Perennial Year After YearAsiatic Lily Bulbs – Black Wizard – Fragrant Perennial – Dark Burgundy. When you are planting lilies and you know exactly where you will use them it is good time to choose color of, When to plant asiatic lilies? These plants do best with spring planting, quick-draining soil and full sun, and live for many years with the same bulbs.

When I got home and took everything out, I found a couple of tags that said Asiatic Lillies.

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