Both were accepted to the NASA astronaut class of 2000 on their first try. During the Demo-2 Crew Dragon mission, Bob Behnken will be responsible for various activities like rendezvous, docking and undocking along with Demo-2 activities while the spacecraft is docked to the ISS. All rights reserved. That kind of connection will serve them well on the upcoming mission, a risky test flight NASA officials say they were made for. "I'm expecting a little bit of vomiting maybe to happen in the end," Behnken said, "so when we get to do that in the water together - it's kind of a weird thing to say - but I'm looking for that kind of celebratory event.". On Monday, the Space Force's weather office at Cape Canaveral predicted a 60% chance weather would prevent a launch. Behnken was next assigned to attend the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School Flight Test Engineer's course at Edwards AFB, California. ", Their bond was evident earlier this month, when the pair, having finished yet another news conference, were sitting through questions asked through NASA’s Instagram account, moving from ribbing to supporting each other in the span of a couple of minutes. ", Finally serious, Behnken traced his career: test pilot school at Edwards Air Force Base, "I got an engineering education," he said, "and a degree in physics - ". Their rapport, in the cockpit and in training, is fueled by trust and an intimate sense of each other, people who know them say, a sort of fraternal bond that allows them to tease each other as well as finish each other's sentences. Robert Louis "Bob" Behnken (born July 28, 1970 in Creve Coeur, Missouri) is a United States Air Force officer and a NASA astronaut. Bob Behnken is married to oceanographer Megan McArthur and have a 6-year-old son, Theodore, while Doug Hurley is married to fellow astronaut Karen Nyberg and have a 10-year-old son, Jack Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are about to fly together in one of the most important launches NASA has attempted in years. Being on the ground, however, watching while the engines ignite and fire comes blasting out, will be far more difficult. After graduating, he was assigned to the F-22 Combined Test Force (CTF) and remained at Edwards. Bob Behnken was assigned as Mission Specialist 1 for the STS-400 rescue mission. Bob Behnken is a 49-year-old veteran Air Force test pilot who was first selected as an astronaut in NASA back in 2000. The day after the shuttle landed, hundreds lost their jobs, and NASA was suddenly unable to fly astronauts anywhere. Bob was born in St. Ann, Missouri, United States and he is 40 …

These responsibilities included flight test sortie planning, control room configuration development, and test conduct.

He is married to fellow astronaut K. Megan McArthur. Behnken flew on the space shuttle twice, once in 2008 and again two years later, spending a total of more than 708 hours in space and performing six spacewalks.

"It's much harder than actually doing it yourself when you're in the rocket.

Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. Behnken holds a Ph.D in mechanical engineering and the rank of colonel in the U.S. Air Force, where he served before joining NASA in 2000. “When you’re watching, you’re just a spectator. Scheduled for Wednesday at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, it would be the culmination of a long journey - for NASA, for SpaceX and for a pair of the agency's most seasoned astronauts, who have marched together in unusual lockstep to get to this point. It was a fiery setback that drove home the dangers of the mission to NASA as well as SpaceX. "We just talk about it as something that Mommy and Daddy do. "I wanted to bring some humanity to this very deeply technical effort as well.

Behnken said during a NASA promo video. Bob Behnken is Astronaut in NASA and former chief Astronaut officer too, Bob Behnken’s actual name is Robert Louis Behnken and he was born on July 28, 1970. “And then, yes, the celebratory vomiting at the end of the mission.”, Doug Hurley laughs with Kennedy Space Center director Robert Cabana. Asked on NASA’s promo video what they were looking forward to most, Behnken said he expected the crescendo of their mission to end with a bit of seasickness christening once it’s over and they splash down into the ocean. Language; Watch; Edit (Redirected from Robert L. Behnken) Robert Louis Behnken (/ ˈ b ɛ n k ə n /; born July 28, 1970 in St. Ann, Missouri) is a NASA astronaut, engineer, and former Chief of the Astronaut Office.

We could have gone two directions with that. "I remember when we landed just before dawn, but we were still in the vehicle as the sun came up," Hurley recalled. But then the same spacecraft that flew to the space station and back exploded during a test of its emergency abort engines. It was a wisecrack of an answer, a flair of wit after a long day of meetings and a news conference and now this social media hit. Behnken has over 780 flight hours in more than 25 different aircraft types. In 1993, he received a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a doctorate degree in 1997 from California Institute of Technology. 10 Facts on Bob Behnken. Behnken also flew as a Mission Specialist on STS-130, which launched at 04:14 EST (09:14 UTC) 8 February 2010. Then conceded: "Like, two years longer. We've shown him videos of people living aboard the space station. Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Washington University in St. Louis alumni, California Institute of Technology alumni, Recipients of the Meritorious Service Medal (United States), Astronauts eager for last Hubble visit: Final telescope servicing mission brings veterans and rookies together,,, Spacefacts biography of Robert L. Behnken,, Outstanding Mechanical Engineering Senior, Washington University (1992), National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (1993–1996), Distinguished graduate from the USAF Test Pilot School Program (1999), Recipient of the USAF Test Pilot School Colonel Ray Jones Award as the top. It's still not clear how long the astronauts will be on the station. Both are fathers to a young boy. They're scheduled to blast off May 27 atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, bound for the International Space Station.

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