The BBJ2 came about in part because the BBJ doesn’t have much room for baggage in the cargo hold with all those extra fuel tanks in the belly. The landing gear is equipped with oleo-pneumatic shock absorbers supplied by Boeing and either Honeywell or Goodrich heavy duty wheel brakes. To get an idea of just how large the BBJ2’s cabin really is, it can seat sixty passengers in a high-density configuration. The glass cockpit has a Rockwell Collins Flight Dynamics HGS-4000 head-up display and six Honeywell flat-panel liquid crystal flight displays. Must have Classification selected to perform search. 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Also, named the next generation 737-800, the Boeing Business Jet 2 is 19.2 feet longer than the successful 737. The Boeing Business Jet II (2) Interior. | OneTrust Cookie Settings. The aircraft's 120-minute cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and the flight data recorder (FDR) were supplied by L-3 Communications. Boeing Business Jet 2 . The BBJ2 business jet was announced in October 1999 and the first was delivered in March 2001. The cabin's 1,004ft² floor area (over 93m²) can seat up to 78 passengers in addition to an executive lounge and private suite. Boeing Business Jets. The lavish interior features lounges, distinctive conference areas, a large lavatory with a shower, and comfortable sleeping accommodations. Whenever. The aircraft are manufactured at the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group manufacturing facilities at Renton in Washington. Air Force One. The Boeing Business Jet 2 (BBJ2) V.I.P. It is our mission to be the go to leaders in the aviation industry. With maximum fuel and a lower baggage hold cargo volume of 800ft³ the range is 5,500 nautical miles. The aircraft has two CFM56-7B27 turbofan engines developed by CFM International, a company jointly formed by General Electric of the USA and Snecma of France. This ultra-long range corporate jet is ideal for businesses that require frequent but productive trips, offering the tools and space to work on the road. The Boeing Business Jet series are variants of Boeing jet airliners for the corporate jet market. The BOEING BUSINESS JET 2 (BBJ2) in this new model of the Boeing Business Jet, we see an even larger interior and bigger Private Jet Plane. Design-wise, the BBJ2 closely resembles the B737: its low swept wing, under-wing engines, vertical fin and retractable tricycle landing gear. The first BBJ surprised customers and manufacturers by selling more than ever expected. A stretched version called the BBJ2 boasts 25 percent more cabin capacity, but at the price of slightly reduced range. The BBJ 777-9 is a wide-body model of the Boeing Business Jet family. The Boeing Business Jet II Inside. Boeing’s global reach includes customers in approximately 150 countries and employees and operations in more than 65 countries. Presented in 18 languages with an interactive library. However, it is just as desirable to individuals who wish to travel large. With a range of 11,000 nautical miles, the BBJ 777-9 redefines ultra-long-range VIP travels around the globe. Chinook Block ii. Airliner start’s at $10,000 per hour and up. The aircraft's long-range capability allows direct non-stop flight from New York to London, Moscow or Dubai or London to Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, Singapore or Tokyo. The Boeing Archives Presents Video Series. Charter. Site Terms | Privacy and Cookie Statement | Ad Choices is your partner in connecting you with relevant information and resources. The cargo holds are easily loaded, with a maximum cargo volume of 34.7m³. The BBJ2’s cabin measures 98.3 feet long, 11.7 feet wide and 7.1 feet tall. Boeing Business Jet 2 (BBJ2) carries on a long line of Boeing Business Jets where the V.I.P model has been gutted and made into a luxury home in the sky.". The main landing gear wells have no doors but instead the wheels form the wheel well seals that are visible on the underside of the fuselage towards the trailing edge of the wing. Together we will innovate and operate to make the world a better place for future generations. This is the Ultimate way to Travel, so Please Conctat us at Anytime to do it! The fuselage is of fail-safe aluminium structure. We can be reached 24/7/365. The navigation suite includes dual Rockwell Collins navigation multimode receivers, incorporating a global positioning system (GPS), instrument landing system (ILS) and a VHF omni-directional radio range navigation aid with data from the distance measuring equipment (VOR/DME). The "BBJ2" was first announced in the fourth quarter of 1999 and entered service officially in early 2002. The BBJ 2 is the newer model based on the original Boeing Business Jet! The BBJ2 is derived from the 737-800 airframe design, which provides improved performance in terms of higher range and speed, lower noise levels and lower emissions than previous members of the Boeing 737 family. B-52 Bomber. Three to seven auxiliary tanks by PATS, Inc. based in Georgetown, Delaware, provide additional fuel to bring the total maximum fuel capacity to 39,531l. The Rockwell Collins Series 90 avionics system is integrated with a dual automatic direction finding (ADF), TCAS II traffic alert and collision avoidance system, plus a predictive windshear unit. Fly nonstop between any two cities on Earth. The aircraft is equipped with a Honeywell (formerly AlliedSignal) enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS) and an airborne navigation data recorder (ANDR), digital flight data acquisition unit (DAFU) and a quick access recorder supplied by Teledyne. The interior designer works within an interior completion allowance of 7,030kg. Boeing Business Jets brings the best of commercial aviation into the realm of private air travel, offering customers a wide range of Boeing products that can be uniquely customized for the private, business or governmental sectors. The first Boeing Business Jet surprised the world with its huge success and popularity. Das erste Modell wurde auf Basis der Boeing 737NG vom US-amerikanischen Flugzeughersteller Boeing zusammen mit General Electric entwickelt und zunächst als Boeing Business Jet (kurz ebenfalls BBJ) angeboten. The Boeing Business Jet II Cabin. BBJ3 has 35% more cabin space than the BBJ and 11% more cabin space than the BBJ 2. AH-64 Apache. The BOEING BUSINESS JET 2 (BBJ2). This aircraft has an hourly rate of about $12k per hour. That's a better way to fly. And Boeing Business Jets can deliver it all. C-40A. The BOEING BUSINESS JET II (2) Inside. Boeing Business Jets brings the best of commercial aviation into the realm of private air travel, offering customers a wide range of Boeing products that can be uniquely customized for the private, business or governmental sectors. B-1B Lancer. The BOEING BUSINESS JET 2 (BBJ2): Based off not one but two successful jets, the B737 and BBJ, the Boeing Business Jet 2 offers competitive range, speed and operating systems in an equally large package. By continuing to use this website, you are agreeing to our Cookie Policy. However, it is optimized for eight passengers, giving them plenty of extra space. All rights reserved. © Copyright 2014 Central Jet Charter Inc. All Rights Reserved. Warranty work and a wide variety of additional maintenance services are provided for each member of the BBJ airplane family by authorized warranty service centers. Commercial Home ; Defense., BOEING BUSINESS JET 2 (BBJ2): V.I.P Aircraft Charter. Cybersecurity & Information … It was developed jointly by Boeing and General Electric and is ultimately intended to be a continuation of the world-famous Boeing Business Jet II (BBJ2). Most often, they want access to the same amenities in the air as they have on the ground including an office, bedroom, shower, dining facilities, entertainment areas and more. This is an Airliner that has been gutted into a Luxurious office and home in the Sky. The interior configuration could typically include an executive office, conference rooms, private offices and bedrooms. Purchase price and associated cost to operate a Boeing Business Jet will be dependent on the year manufactured, total time of the airframe for the Boeing Business Jet, avionics upgrades, maintenance schedule and overall condition of the paint and interior of the aircraft. Rate $9,500 – $12,500/hr. Purchase price and associated cost to operate a Boeing Business Jet will be dependent on the year manufactured, total time of the airframe for the Boeing Business Jet, avionics upgrades, maintenance schedule and overall condition of the paint and interior of the aircraft. There are 3 (new or used) Boeing Business Jet aircraft for sale listed in the current Market Place. Making corporate, long-range missions possible, the BBJ2 utilizes nine auxiliary fuel tanks. Boeing Business Jets, kurz BBJ, ist ein Geschäftsfeld der Boeing Company, welches Geschäftsreiseflugzeuge herstellt. 13 BBJ2 were delivered. Specifications ; Photo Gallery; Description; Manufacturer: Boeing Country: United States Manufactured: 2017 to: Present ICAO: B779 Price: US$442.2 million (2019) Specifications. The BOEING BUSINESS JET 2 (BBJ2) in this new model of the Boeing Business Jet, we see an even larger interior and bigger Private Jet Plane. Learn more . U.S. Boeing Business Jets transfer the aircraft in a 'green condition', unpainted and without the interior fittings, to the completion center where the interiors are installed and painting is completed. Accordingly, the BBJ2 aims to improve on an already immensely impressive high-performance aircraft. The aircraft has hydraulically operated retractable landing gear in a tricycle configuration. Thiss is the Ultimate in Private Jet V.I.P. The BBJ is based on the 737-700 airliner and the BBJ2 on the 737-800. In addition to staff or family sleeping or seating areas, personal environments can be created, for example, with a living room, dining room, a master bedroom and bathroom, or two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The BBJ accumulated more than 90,000 flight hours.

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