I am frustrated by the continual trapsing back and forth and I cannot remember how to get to the rose garden. Click on the symbol in the inner ring, then drag the outer ring into position. Place the ice cube tray in the freezer to make ice cubes (M). I have to say, I'm kind of jaded when it comes to the atmosphere in HOGs - but this is one of the best horror ones I've seen. Walk down to exit the trophy room, then return to the make-up room. Select the large wooden triangle for a mini-game. I think it's the first one to actually startle me. Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Select a ball to see the linked balls it can swap locations with; select a linked ball to swap positions.

You can enter the observatory, but it is too dark to see. Download the demo The balance between the two elements is excellent and the hidden object scenes don’t feel out of place, even if they aren’t as numerous as they are in other games. Enter the theater, open the curtain onstage and walk to the back room (L).

Take the MECHANICAL EYE from inside the safe. Look at the medicine chest and place the RED CROSS in the center (E). Drag the dial to 11 (K), 8 (L), and 16 (M). Click on the symbol in the inner ring, then drag the outer ring into position. Take the KEY from the compartment that opens (J). The game does involve rather a lot of backtracking, though the handy-dandy map that highlights puzzles, locked doors, and more does a lot to take the guesswork out of your wandering. Close the drawer to find the hot water bottle (F). Some switches are rusted in place and you will not be able to adjust them. I only got one of them after going through both places, and cannot get back to anything in Music Room. Turn the crank 4 times and you will get the BUCKET of WATER (Z). Petals will lock into place when positioned correctly. Select the doorknob to open the door (Y). Take the MEDALLION (B) and the NUMBER 1 CUE BALL (C). Once Oscar finishes, enter the first door on the left, then go through the center door to the bedroom.

Look at the sink and place the FAUCET HANDLE on the pipe (A). Click on the jack several times to raise the door (P). Take the GLASS CUTTER from the train (P). Exit the game room and walk forward through the far door. The puzzles are standard, though presented in interesting, atmospheric ways, and the lion's share of adventure item usage is actually quite logical. I'll definitely let you know! Help Sam rescue his love Anna in Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome, an incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Then move the green bar from the bottom (I) to the top (J). Since I have tried evrything mentioned, I guess uninstall then reinstall will be the best bet! Keeping the left mouse button down at all times and in the spring area (K), move the cursor up and down so the bar with hooks makes it to the ring at the bottom. Look at the stove and use the CAN OPENER on the can (E). The inventory panel auto-hides, move your mouse down to reveal. Return to the nursery where the Storyteller is displayed. Get the full version Look at the stove and place the GAS HANDLE on the pipe (C). For column 2, press 7 up, 5 down, and 1 up.

Place the bulb in the lamp and the plug into the outlet to get the lit lamp (K). Look at the saw control and use the GLASS CUTTER on the glass (Q).

Create a mirror image (I) of the bottom image (J) using the blocks you have dragged through the colors.

Guide Sam, a reporter . Solving this mini-game requires you to transfer the Zodiac signs from the outer ring to the inner one and color each sign like the triangle it belongs to. You play as Sam Wilde, a reporter who has been following a string of disappearances of young people in your town. I, too, am receiving only messages of "nothing to do in this room." You can enter the observatory, but it is too dark to see.

Look at the cabinet and use the KEY in the lock (Q). Take the 1/2 SLIDE (O). Move the red ball to the right and put the indigo ball in the center; move all the balls except the violet to the right (J). Look at the rainbow on the wall for a mini-game (D). Move the yellow to the right and move all the remaining balls to the right (N). Walk through the left door then enter the hall on the right. His editor is thrilled with his work, and Sam thinks he's got it made... right up until his girlfriend and plot device Anna is kidnapped by the very maniac he's been covering, who warns him not to go to the police and demands Sam come alone to a mansion on the edge of town. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments, Merge anything with everything to create your very own magical world. Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome is an adventure game, released in 2011 by MagicIndie Softworks. Enter the first door on the left, then enter the center door to the bedroom. Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more help. Now I am experiencing the "nothing to do in this room" message everywhere. Move the violet ball to the left, put the red ball in the center, then move the remaining balls to the left (I). Interesting and immersive story. Give the groom the ring (N), the robber wants the stolen money (O), and drinker wants the bottle (P). ", where is all the zodiac signs I am missing one of them. Trouble w/ ISP as to download issues! Drag the arc the balls sit in to place one in front of the shooter.

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