His secret you can join, but to solve it, yet no one has. The student played hamlet in his own way, outside the box. Alexander Leonidovich Kaidanovsky (Russian: Алекса́ндр Леони́дович Кайдано́вский; 23 July 1946 — 3 December 1995) was a Soviet and Russian actor and film director. Since childhood, he grew up with the freedom-loving child, his character was complex.

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Alexandr Kajdanovsky, Russian actor, director and screenwriter, now best remembered for his work in, Rostov-na-Donu, Rostovskaya oblast, RSFSR, USSR [now Russia], Amp Cinema For Free: Stalker (1979) by Andrei Tarkovsky (Full Movie), Film Analysis: Stalker (1979) by Andrei Tarkovsky, Blu-ray Review: Stalker (1979): A Metaphysical Journey Through Fear, Best Sci-Fi Movies Based on Book (Dystopia, Apocalyptic, Horror), Novye priklyucheniya yanki pri dvore korolya Artura, Diamonds for the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, At Home Among Strangers, a Stranger Among His Own, Cérémonie de clôture du 47ème festival de Cannes. Dezember 1995 in Moskau) war ein sowjetisch-russischer Schauspieler. Filatov recalled how mothers masterly actor, how easily he spoke gangster slang, and as the night enthusiastically talked about literature, demonstrating knowledge that not every professional can boast about. Colleagues say that in Kaganovska was some mystery on the screen in the direction he was unique. Понравилась статья?

He divorced his wife shortly before his death and three weeks before the tragic day signed Inna Pivers. After Ashley Alexander Kaidanovsky got to the Theater. Kaidanovsky left the theatre, saying that «Vakhtangov» the Corporation has sent him a love for the theater.». She followed in his parents ‘ footsteps and became an actress. Kaidanowski war von 1966 bis 1975 mit Irina Anatoljewna Bytschkowa verheiratet, mit der er eine gemeinsame Tochter Darja (* 1970) hatte.

The marriage lasted 5 years. In den folgenden Jahren arbeitete Kaidanowski neben seiner Schauspieltätigkeit in Spielfilmen und TV-Produktionen auch als Drehbuchautor und Regisseur. Ihre gemeinsame Tochter Soja Alexandrowna Kajdanowskaja (* 1976) ist ebenfalls Schauspielerin geworden. The third wife of actor – Natalia Sudakova.

The fourth wife was younger than his 26 years. Looking for some great streaming picks? Kaidanowski starb im Dezember 1995 nach seinem dritten Herzinfarkt. In the capital, he entered the Moscow art theater, he studied for several months and was transferred to the Shchukin school. Von 1969 bis 1971 arbeitete er am Wachtangow-Theater in Moskau, anschließend bis 1973 am Tschechow-Kunsttheater. Unfortunately, the health meter has been undermined.

In mid-1995, he finally received the long awaited order for your own house and invitation to the jury of the Cannes film festival. Seinen internationalen Durchbruch sowie den Höhepunkt seiner Laufbahn erreichte er 1979 durch die Titelrolle in Andrei Tarkowskis Werk Stalker.

In 1960, his parents divorced. After secondary school he went to Kiev to study at the welder, but a year later realized that it wasn’t his profession. For some critics, this approach to the classics did not like, but intellectual game and the talent of the student they admitted unconditionally. In the end, the couple broke up. Tips and life hacks for all occasions: beauty, work, health, relationships, food, exercise, (biography, photos, videos) Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy. Alexander Leonidovich did not believe nor actors nor Directors. Internationally, he is best-known for playing the title role in Andrei Tarkovsky 's classic sci-fi/thriller Stalker (1979). Dezember 1995 in Moskau) war ein sowjetisch-russischer Schauspieler. Their marriage lasted nine years – it was a difficult time. He endured three years, but in 1972, the nerves passed. Bei den Internationalen Filmfestspielen von Cannes 1994 war er Jury-Mitglied; Jurypräsident war Clint Eastwood.

Then Alexander Kaidanovsky made the movie «the Guest» and «the Wife of kerosinka», played «devil’s Breath» and «Ten little Indians». On the morning of 3 December 1995, he suffered a third heart attack which proved fatal.

For even more, visit our Family Entertainment Guide. Juli 1946 in Rostow am Don; † 3. There Kaidanovsky met and became friends with Leonid Filatov. Instead, the actor played the role of the second plan. Alexander Kaidanovsky a few months lived with his mother, and then decided to live with her father and his new wife.

Kaidanowski studierte an der Schauspielschule seines Geburtsortes und arbeitete im Anschluss daran am dortigen Theater. For a long time the actor lived in a communal apartment. Juli 1946 in Rostow am Don; † 3. After this role Kaidanovsky he decided to make movies.

Поделиться с друзьями: Stefan Batory (biography, photos, videos) Stefan Batory Name: Stephen Bathory ( Stefan Batory ), Stanley Kubrick (biography, photo, video) Stanley Kubrick Name: Stanley Kubrick ( Stanley Kubrick ), Stepan Bandera (biography, photos, videos) Stepan Bandera Name: Stepan Bandera ( Stepan Bandera ), Stefania Mariana Gurskaya (biography, photos, videos) Stefaniya-Mariana Gurskaya Name: Mariana Stefania Górska ( Stefaniya-Mariana, Stefaniya Malikova (biography, photos, videos) Stefania Malikova Name: Malikov Stefania ( Stefania Malikova ), Stefan III the Great (biography, photos, videos) Stefan Musat Name: Stephen III the Great, Stefan Batory biography of the Polish king, personal life and latest news, Stanley Kubrick — biography, filmography, personal life, photos, cause of death, rumors and latest news, Stepan Bandera — biography, photo, Ukraine, personal life, declassified life, murder, who the Bandera and the latest news, Stefania Mariana Gurskaya — biography, personal life, photos, performances and latest news, Stefaniya Malikova — biography, personal life, photos, achievements and latest news, Stefan III the Great — biography, personal life, photos and latest news, Name: Alexander Kaidanovsky ( Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy ), Activities: actor, film Director, screenwriter.

Mitte der 1970er Jahre spielte er in historischen Abenteuerfilmen mit. In the 90s he stopped to remove – said that the era of bad movie. Die Ehe dauerte drei Wochen lang bis zu seinem Tod.

Kaidanovsky was married four times. Check out our picks for family friendly movies movies that transcend all ages. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 19. Kaidanovsky did in his own way- went to serve in the army. Alexander took the documents from the College and enrolled in the Rostov art College. Alexander Kaidanovsky he served in a cavalry regiment at Mosfilm. Mit seiner zweiten Frau, der Schauspielerin Jewgenija Pawlowna Simonowa (* 1955), war er von 1975 bis 1980 verheiratet. He earned a living writing scripts, lectures on screenwriting courses.

Before marriage they dated for two years.

In this marriage Alexander had a son. Eine von seinen Filmrollen spielte Kaidanowski 1977 in Walerij Ahadows Film Wer fährt nach Truskawez. Ihr gemeinsamer Sohn Andrej Alexandrowitsch Kajdanowskij (* 1987) war u. a. an der Wiener Staatsoper tätig. In the last years of his life, Alexander began work on the film «the Ascent to Erhard,» but never finished it. In this marriage Alexander Kaidanovsky a daughter. His first work was a picture «Simple death», awarded a prize at the film festival in Spain.

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