● The technology to measure at up to 40%w/v of particle concentration.

● High sensitivity—detects molecular interactions down to femtomolar concentrations. ● PRINT function ● Low affinity to high affinity interactions. ● Multiple measurements in single boat, Contact: Dr. Abhay Gautam (agautam@iitgn.ac.in), FEI, Themis 60-300 with EDS detector and FEI-Ceta 4k X 4k camera, ● FEI Titan Themis 60-300 kV.

● Molecular weight ● Detection of Metal-based nanoparticles in aqueous solution, Contact: Dr. Contact: Dr. Vijay Thiruvenkatam (vijay@iitgn.ac.in), ● New PHOTON II detector with CPAD technology ● Multi-dimensional NMR

Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) and Central Micro-Nano Fabrication Facility (CMFF) are two highly sophisticated research facilities set up by IIT Palakkad with the following essential objectives 1. ● Molecular weight information about each chromatographic peak, Contact: Dr. Sharad Gupta (sharad@iitgn.ac.in). The HPC will enable researchers at IIT Palakkad to undertake computer simulation based consultancy projects for various industries in the aero-space, semiconductor, bio-technology, civil, mechanical and other sectors. ● Minimum sample volume of 12μL for size measurement The facilities are envisaged to nourish collaborative research between IIT Palakkad and other academic and Industrial organizations. ● Scanning tunnelling Microscopy.

The CIF has a complement of state of the art instruments.  29 Administrative staff, 700 seats in boys’ hostel

● Air-cooled ● Confirmation of elemental composition SAIF, IIT Bombay has several analytical instruments and provides measurement services to IITB users and to users from other colleges, universities, national laboratories, and industry. Central Research Facility , IIT Delhi.

A Central Research Facility is of utmost importance in any academic institution where state-of-the-art analytical and high-end instruments are manned by qualified personnel to provide scientific and technical services to research students and project students. ● Reciprocal space maps to access wide reciprocal lattice map in a short time spans, ● Electronic level indicator ● Low background—virtually no auto fluorescence or non-specific fluorescent background from plates, ● Detection of metals in the blood.

● Versatility in assay design—measure enzyme activity, receptor-ligand interactions, low affinity interactions, ● Sealed tube X-ray sources

Gandhinagar. Pin: 678557, Supplementary Examination Schedule Aug 2020, Chandra-High Performance Computing Cluster, Central Facility for Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, Centre for Research and Education in Data Science, Internal Complaints Committee on Sexual Harassment, Research Admission - December 2020 : Interview Schedule, Inauguration of Nila Campus and foundation stone laying ceremony of the Main Campus, Research Admission - December 2020 : Shortlisted candidates for the interview, Selected candidates list of Joint Ph. Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad, ● The largest monolithic active area of any pixel array molecules, large molecules, or binding partners of greatly disparate size.

● IµS 3.0 microfocus X-ray source ● Self-cleaning LASER source. ● Wide range of sample suitability from nanoparticles to emulsions and macromolecules Click here to download a summary of usage charges.   1. ● Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX – Oxford INCA Energy 250 EDS) is available for elemental analysis. ● Excellent sensitivity over a wide energy range (Cu Kα to In Kα radiation) Central Instrumentation Facility The Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) has been created with a concept of providing characterization services to the researchers within and outside IIT Gandhinagar. ● 2 kHz smart beam-II laser technology enables ultra-high data acquisition speed. ● Super-X windowless EDX (4 quandrant SDD EDX detection; solid angle > 0.7 srad) The Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) at IIT Gandhinagar has been created with an aim to facilitate cutting-edge research in the institute by enabling high-quality data acquisition using sophisticated instruments. ● Measurement of Nano-scale surface roughness.

Visualization of surface morphology, Estimation of particle size and size distribution, basic elemental analysis.

● Can be used to study the stability, flocculation and polydispersity of nanoparticles For more information, including details on the procedures to follow to get your samples analysed, please visit the SAIF website .

Payment should be made through the online transaction (NEFT) in favor of “IIT Gandhinagar Project & Consultancy Account”. ● New goniometer with piezo control for fine movements in x, y and z ● Quick product identification (TLC spot)

Some of the equipment that are installed and operational. ● Minimum sample volume of 12μL for size measurement Kerala |

... Central Facilities. ● Mo or Cu radiation

© 2018-19 | Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi. ● Estimation of thickness of Thin-film & Oxide layer.

Besides the central library, we also operate a ME department library. ● High-resolution imaging of protein/peptide aggregate. Account Number: 1414132000011

The facilities will house a wide range of sophisticated analytical and fabrication equipment, maintain them and ensure a fair utilization among the research … ● Contact/Tapping mode, phase imaging. ● High-resolution imaging of chemical scaffolds.

● Elemental analysis using EDX mode. ● Conducting atomic force microscopy. 2. ● Much more precise then electron absorption spectroscopy ● Five axis Goniometer in vertical geometry (θ-θ mode) facilitating both out-of-plane as well as in-plane scattering geometry

● Range of precise temperature control accessories. ● Enzyme linked Immunosorbent assays ● Use as a chromatography detector for on-line size measurement, ● Particle size and size distribution

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