“When Diane and I got divorced, we both just said very publicly that we hoped people would respect it out of the interest of our kids, who are doing extremely well,” says Sykes. This past January, he spent an hour on his show talking about friendships. Three weeks before the issue was scheduled to go to press, Quadracci saw a copy of the story at the magazine’s office for the first time. Charlie’s actions added grist to the rumor mill. Following up on a Spivak & Bice column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, he reamed retiring Milwaukee Common Council President John Kalwitz for his 11th-hour plan to give outgoing Ald.

Up against Dr. Laura Schlessinger on WISN, Sykes is holding his own in the ratings, still stepping on toes and stirring things up with his right-wing bit.

There’s no countering message. An award-winning writer, Chandler has worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine writer, editor and author. While the Los Angeles Times’s David Savage describes Sykes as having “ruled in favor of religious employers who challenged President Obama’s healthcare law and its requirement to provide free contraceptives, and she voted to uphold Wisconsin’s voter ID law,” shortly before the 2014 midterms, she has not “taken sharply ideological stands or called for overturning liberal precedents.” In 1993 she sentenced protesters who had blocked the door to an abortion clinic, telling them that they had “fine character” but their actions were illegal. They don’t understand that there’s a difference between moralizing conservatism and libertarianism. He has lashed out at the Journal Sentinel’s Cuprisin, accusing him once of spying on him at a Little League baseball game, when Cuprisin claimed he was only watching his godson play ball.

“There has never been a political figure I liked as much as him.”, Those six months imprinted upon Sykes an idealism that is unmatched. [1] From 1993 to 2016, Sykes hosted a conservative talk show on WTMJ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Charlie’s personal life had changed as well.

Maybe they’re simply looking for someone they can agree with, someone to tell them what to think. Jay Sykes set up an office in the Wisconsin Hotel in Milwaukee. In the late 1960s, he was elected to the board of the Wisconsin ACLU. And if you’re an intellectual, you’re opinionated,” he says. He was a natural, fast on his feet, well-spoken and strongly opinionated. Trump has boasted that he would probably get more Supreme Court picks in one term than any president in history. Like his father, he’s edited a publication, written commentary, authored books. He stopped giving speeches for the state Republican Party two years ago. “I think talk radio contributed to a one- to two-point swing.”. “For all of us, there are things that we believe are of value,” he says. Compounding his restlessness was what Sykes calls a “strained” working relationship between him and Betty Quadracci, the magazine’s associate publisher. In the year between graduating in 1980 and starting law school, she worked as a reporter for the Milwaukee Journal.

“Charlie’s taken more seriously.”. “He knows journalism, he knows the world is not black and white. She struck down a law that bans firing ranges within Chicago’s city limits. “They just wanted to break stuff… It’s one thing to think that war is immoral. You’re not doing the public a service, you’re just feeding your ego.”, Beholden to ratings and advertisers, commercial talk show hosts “don’t feel any compunction about bringing in the other side,” says Dunn, who today hosts a show on Wisconsin Public Radio’s WHAD-FM. Benjamin is one of several former friends of Sykes who says Sykes has a way of letting his intractable nature undermine relationships. But his pro-life campaign signaled a growing crack in his liberalism. Sykes is not above prying open the lid on the personal lives of others, public figures as well as private. He’s a nationally recognized author who hobnobs with conservative intellectuals – and an AM talk radio “squawker” with a talent for show business. He’s kind of a conservative hack”, “No, he’s not a hack,” he says. degree in journalism at Northwestern University in 1980 and a J.D.

These cookies do not store any personal information. Charles Jay Sykes was born in 1954 in Seattle, Washington and later grew up in New York and Fox Point, Wisconsin.

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