What the... How long has that been there?

Aconcagua | Lava Monster | Captain Nemo | Walking down the stairs and asking himself what he should do with the body, Kronk accidentally steps on a cat's tail (thus waking it up) and lets go of the bag, which falls down the stairs and onto the cart of a fat peasant named Pacha, just as he's leaving the city with his pet llama Misty. Villains TonightSorcerers of the Magic KingdomMidship Detective AgencyWonderful World of AnimationWorld of Color: Villainous! Family Dark Dragon | Master Gracey | But unlike them, Yzma's vanity and old age are played for laughs rather than scares, often calling herself beautiful even though all of the other characters in the series consider her appearance revolting an example being Emperor Kuzco zooming in on all her "worst" features in his inner monologue when firing her as is his power-hungry advisor. BluffCo Industries (Guy Graham, Bob & Bluff Agents) | The Witch | When Kuzco takes the potion, she attacks him. In order to make Kuzco fail, Yzma poses as Principal Amzy, the principal of Kuzco Academy.

Joseph Pulitizer | I wonder which backstory I’ll go with since there’s like three. Yzma hearing Kronk that she should take care of Kuzco.

She also makes a possible cameo appearance in Mickey's House of Villains, but she does not take part in the takeover. Powers/Skills One of my favorite lines: Quackerjack: “Oh how generous! The Jungle Book Villains | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She. Well, I don't want to throw ants on your picnic, but I watched about 6 eps and it's not for me. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Her henchman is Kronk who she usually insults. Mr. Sir | Cinderella Villains | Buena Vista International Villains | Nigel | Kuzco finally realizes Pacha was right and searches frantically for him, but Pacha has already left. Lash | Vikings | In this TV spinoff, Yzma (having survived her encounter with various hawk chicks and regained her human form) once again plots to take the throne from Kuzco. They outwit the guards, but Yzma continues to pursue them until they reach the palace roof, and only 2 potions remain for Kuzco to try. After Kronk incapacitates Kuzco, Yzma orders Kronk to take him out of the city and dispose of him. Mr. Snoops | It's also implied that her being the one who raised him is part of the reason for Kuzco's negative personality traits. However, when Kronk asks for dessert and coffee, Yzma replies with, "All right. However, she is then caught and taken away by a falcon. Her goal is to overthrow Kuzco and become the Emperess of the Empire. Elliot Coleye | Some of the alleged Nancy Pelosi plastic surgeries include a facelift, botox […] Ned | Malcolm | Bandar Log (1994) (King Louie (1994) & Kaa (1994)) | Why: Yzma is from one of my favorite movies, and she says one of my all-time favorite lines.

Milady de Winter | Ashton Carnaby | Scab and Scraw | Natalya |

Nebula Ghosts | Matai Shang | Kuzco realizing Pacha was right about Yzma plotting to kill him. Julius |

I can see how it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Yzma was last seen attending one of Kronk's squirrel scouting, still a cat. Anything to add? The King and the Duke | Dr. Frankenollie | Ram Thug | Shan Yu | A llama!? ", "To the Secret Lab!

Mark Pierson | Rhino Guards | As the main villain of the Emperor's New Groove franchise, Yzma is malicious and power hungry. Reputedly, animator Andreas Deja was furious at this change, thinking the idea for the new version of the film to be a step backward, and left not only the project but Burbank entirely, moving to Florida to animate Lilo for Lilo and Stitch. Mark Jennings |

The Emperor's New Groove - Snuff Out the Light (Yzma's Song) Like a Million (English)-0. ", "And once I turn back into my beautiful self I'm going to kill you!".

Rustlers | Yzma screams as the bird chicks turn out to be savages. However, despite her intellectualism, she can also be somewhat unqualified and incompetent with it, as she accidentally uses an extract of a llama on Kuzco, thinking that it was poison due to mislabeling (that was Kronk's doing). But scenes of it were used in the Theatrical Trailer of the movie. Butch the Bulldog | Artemis Fowl | Princess Irmaplotz | Hades | Charles "Trout" Walker | Yzma and Kronk someone made it back to Yzma's secret lab before Kuzco and Pacha, though by admission no one knows how.After a wild-llama chase through the palace, Yzma followed Kuzco to a ledge on the palace wall. Neville Sinclair | She also has thin black eyebrows, light gray circles under her eyes. H. U. Hennessy | However, Yzma drinks a potion to transform into a cute bunny rabbit, so that no one will want to attack her.

Lock, Shock & Barrel | Pain & Panic | Gargoyles Villains | Create an introductory thread for your character in one of our many lands. It |

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