Africa was tamed, one can say. this really did help me with my World History essay. Your email address will not be published. Africa was tamed, one can say. They were puppets in the hands of colonizers. Also, with betterment of medical services, average life expectancy went up. Increase of birth rate, decrease in death rate (population growth). It is needless to mention how positive it is for the imperialists. It led to the loss of rather rich and artful customs that are lamented even today.

The Consequences of Imperialism.

British in India had set up “European Only” public places including gardens, pubs, railway stations and restaurants.

Once the nation attained political independence from the mother country, the legacy left, behind from imperialism established an economy which depended on the export of a few, vulnerable to market price fluctuations. resulted in a permanent liability in the geo-political situation of a great number of, difficult to even begin to justify those ends by the tremendous loss of life that occurred, because of it.
Imperialism has played a large role in U.S. history, with impacts on the economy and climate change. The effects are clearly in, While some industrial development did occur, imperial interests in colonized territories, were aimed at creating an economy based on agriculture and the exploitation of other, development that did occur in colonized territories was relevant to the desire of imperial, powers to turn colonized states into sources of, industries back home. When the colonizers imported food, the demand of cash crops increased. Imperialism, the forceful extension of a nation’s authority by establishing political and economic domination of other nations, inherently implies the advancement of a certain state at the expense of its subordinated territories. The initial act of conquest needed to begin to exercise control over a given, territory was, in the overwhelming majority of cases, not peaceful, and entailed in the. Lessons from Contemporary Iraq, Adrian McIntyre, Sport and the Legacies of Imperialism, Martha Saavedra, Office of Resources for International and Area Studies1995 University Ave, Room 520DBerkeley, CA 94720-2318(510), Copyright © 2020 UC Regents; all rights reserved, 2017 Area Studies and Outreach Conference, Architecture: Space, Power, and Community, The View from the Sea: Oceans in World History, The Role of Technology in Shaping Human History, Absent Voices - Everyday Life in World History, Encountering Nature in World History (2006), Personal Narratives in World History (2005), Rule of Law - The Story of Human Rights in World History (2004), International Children's Literature (2001), Medieval Travelers in World History (1999), The Travels of Ibn Battuta: Student Activities, The Travels of Ibn Battuta: Selected Bibliography & Links, Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, Appendix: on bureaucratic selection, Confucianism, and the examination system, Tang and Song China: Two Models of Empire, Fifty Years of Resistance - The Tibetan Struggle Against Imperialism and More, The Soviet Union: A Multiethnic Empire of Eurasia.

In the late 20th century, a number of countries were fighting for freedom. They lost their sense of independence and were assaulted mentally as well as physically. The mother nations were subjected to heavy taxation policies, draining them of their wealth.

The products manufactured by the colonies were sold in the international market, hence making the colonies richer. Most of these countries were industrialized and hungry to grow their economies and territory so they looked upon weaker and smaller countries with great resources they could take advantage of. Imperialism: political, economic, & social consequences When one tries to analyze the political, economic and social consequences of racism and the in the exploitation of the undeveloped in order for capitalism to function. Causes of the Imperialism. They wanted more resources for industry. The efforts put in by Europe to colonize weak countries resulted in improvement of education and sanitation in the colonized countries.

White collar jobs were reserved only for the Imperialists. Instead, imperial states seeked to maximize their, profits and gains, regardless of the consequences such attitudes entailed for the colonized, areas. Additionally, the wave of rapid industrialization led imperial. ultra-nationalistic sentiment, pushed towards the building of huge worldwide empires, where imperial powers established their control over vast territories, including most of, Asia, Africa, the Polynesia, and parts of the Americas, where imperial powers controlled, benefit the mother country. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Even in the largely de-colonized modern world, legacies of 19th century imperialism continue to profoundly shape individual identity and international relations across the globe. Countries like America and India became independent of imperialism and are now democratic. Literacy rates came up. American culture, including clothing, music and food, has had a large impact on other countries.

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