During the battle, Tak's starfighter was hit by an unlucky turbolaser blast, which fried his shields, knocked him out, activated the ship's hyperdrive, and sent the young Sith careening aimlessly across the galaxy.
Marka was beside himself with rage at this irreverence, but Khrado cheekily replied that it was of more use to the living than the dead. Marazzi Group S.r.l. Instead, Sithmaster established a firm base in the Unknown Regions, then turned his guns Coreward.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The other woman could not have been more different. Not long after encountering his sisters and still beset by the loss of his blood-brother, Sithmaster was finally convinced of the importance of family, and decided to have one of his own. Marka Ragnos could sense the change in his disciple, whose confidence had grown exponentially since his voyage to the Core. Instead, Tak became his foremost general, dedicated servant, and only real confidante. Sithmaster believed that, whatever Dooku's motives, his power paled in comparison to Khrado's own, and if he triumphed, the Count could easily be dealt with. Liking the sound of it, Khrado adopted "Sithmaster" as his name, and from then on only his very closest confidantes knew his real name. Porcelain Tile; Glass Tile; Decorative Tile; Wall Tile; FOR THE PROFESSIONAL The Mark of Ragnos was a tag placed on the cultists and Reborn led by Tavion, who was led by the dead Sith Lord Ragnos. Marka Ragnos: “Take thee an apprentice, Khrado, and become a Sith Master.” The girl was very close to her father, but when she matured she had an unshakeable desire to know her mother as well. Realizing they needed to be fed and put to good use, he led the first batch to another planet nearby, had them massacre the inhabitants, bequeathed the considerable natural resources to them, and set them to building starships by his specifications. Faced with labor shortages, unable to both maintain his garrisons and crew his ships, the Dark Lord began a new batch of alchemical experiments, growing more Massassi and sending the existing ones to repair his fleet. At the age of four, he was already beginning to consciously manipulate his environment. His final scream echoing across the galaxy through the Force, Khrado Ragnos fell dead at Darth Sidious's feet. Biding his time carefully, Khrado gained information on the activities of his sworn enemies, the Jedi. Incensed at such treatment and determined to protect his sister, Khrado began to teach her the ways of the dark side. In 41 BBY, however, the Dark Lord's attention was forcefully drawn away from his past problems by his encounters with two women, his sisters. Colorbody™ Porcelain. Taking a few weeks in the underworld to familiarize himself with Republic technology, Khrado accessed blueprints for modern starcraft, including both warships and transportation vessels. Anchored to the mortal world by the Valley's power and his helmet, Khrado appeared on rare occasions as a Force ghost to give advice (and occasionally commands) to his brother. Second Korriban. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Possessed of what others considered a brilliant analytical mind, Sithmaster was a gifted scientist and a powerful alchemist, on par with his predecessors of old.
Through a tryst with a powerful Dark Jedi he encounter in the Mid Rim, Sithmaster sired a daughter, whom his lover named Adrienne when she was born. At last the whisperings of the Force led him to a magnificent tomb, which he entered without hesitation. When the infuriated Marka attacked his apprentice's mind, Khrado used his own command of the Force to fend his ancestor off, warning him that another try would result in his connection to the living world being broken. *Pay with your PayPal account and/ Ready to go three years later, he was just about to set out when word reached him of a new development in the Republic; Separatists under a former Jedi Master named Dooku had declared war on the Republic. Recognizing that it would be a long and laborious process, the Sith decided to set out on his own and ventured into the Core again. Always leading while learning. Armed with his new resources, Khrado finally returned to Korriban.

At one point, he experimented with altering the genetic structures of humans and near-humans to transform them into Sith, though these experiments were incomplete at the time of his death. When he met a Jedi along the way, it gave the Dark Lord a chance to vent his rage at his military failures; there were no survivors from these encounters. Fond of wearing gloves with spiked knuckles and dark armor over his tunic, he alternated between wearing his long hair loose and in a tight ponytail. What Sithmaster did not predict, however, was that a far more powerful Sith than Dooku was behind the war. This simple, yet wisdom-filled phrase has been the guiding force behind Ragno USA’s remarkable success in the manufacturing of … The masters rarely took part in missions unless they were of the highest importance, generally remaining a very quiet and secretive par…

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