Milosevic had agreed in theory to accept an independent Croatia as long as the human rights of Serbs living in Croatia were preserved. During a State Council meeting in Belgrade to deal with Croatia’s refusal to disarm, and in an effort to obtain votes to send in the Yugoslav Army, secretly filmed footage was shown of Croatia’s deals for weapons. The first was the Slovenian Constitutional Amendments case after Slovenia claimed the right to unilateral secession pursuant to the right of self-determination. [25][26] In Serbian sources, "War in Croatia" (Rat u Hrvatskoj) and "War in Krajina" (Rat u Krajini) are used.[27]. The two issues virtually merged by July 1995 when a number of the safe areas in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina were overrun and one in Bihać was threatened. The decision that the civil service ethnic structure should correspond to their percentage of the entire population led to many Serbs losing their government jobs in the Serb majority areas. [103] Kadijević's apparent response was informing Milošević that he could not make such a decision by himself, and that he'd discuss the request with army leaders and later inform Jović's office about their decision.

The warring parties mostly moved to entrenched positions, and the JNA soon retreated from Croatia into Bosnia and Herzegovina, where a new conflict was anticipated. Following Tuđman's election and the perceived threat from the new constitution, Serb nationalists in the Kninska Krajina region began taking armed action against Croatian government officials. As the deadline for UNPROFOR to pull out neared, a new UN peacekeeping mission was proposed with an increased mandate to patrol Croatia's internationally recognized borders. [21] In many areas, large numbers of civilians were forced out by the military. [46] In the end, a majority of Croatians endorsed independence from Yugoslavia, with a turnout of 83.56% and the two referendum questions answered positively by 93.24% and 92.18% (resp.) [344] Merčep was arrested for these crimes in December 2010. After the successful implementation of the Erdut Agreement which ended armed conflict in 1995, the relations between Croatia and Serbia gradually improved and the two countries established diplomatic relations following an agreement in early August 1996. A new UN-sponsored ceasefire, the fifteenth in just six months, was agreed on January 2, 1992, and came into force the next day. Also in eastern Slavonia, the Lovas massacre occurred in October and the Erdut massacre in November 1991, before and after the fall of Vukovar.

Serb local authorities called for a boycott of the vote, which was largely followed by Croatian Serbs. [74] On 26 December, Yugoslavia announced plans for a smaller state, which could include the territory captured from Croatia during the war.

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