Above this speed, the transmission switches over to the CVT pulley.[41]. [citation needed].

In a regular transmission the gears are literal gears -- interlocking toothed wheels. Instead of two pulleys and a belt, the hybrid-vehicle e-CVT uses a planetary gearset with two electric motors/generators. How the CVT Works

Hydrostatic CVTs are more common on the larger units. The most common type of CVT uses two pulleys connected by a belt or chain, however several other designs have also been used at times. And some carmakers have been doing so for many years. [example needed] In mowing or harvesting operations, the CVT allows the forward speed of the equipment to be adjusted independently of the engine speed; this allows the operator to slow or accelerate as needed to accommodate variations in thickness of the crop. In my experience, this gearbox is superior in terms of reliability – I never encountered an issue with one. Instead, the majority of them work via a pair of variable-diameter, cone-shaped pulleys connected by a steel or composite belt. Since two of the rotators are the input and output of the regulator, the CVT can be configured to result in an output speed of zero for any given input speed. Constant, stepless acceleration from a complete stop to cruising speed, Eliminates "shift shock" -- makes for a smoother ride, Works to keep the car in its optimum power range regardless of how fast the car is traveling, Responds better to changing conditions, such as changes in throttle and speed, Eliminates gear hunting as a car decelerates, especially going up a hill, Less power loss in a CVT than a typical automatic transmission, Better control of a gasoline engine's speed range, Can incorporate automated versions of mechanical clutches, Replace inefficient fluid torque converters. The side surface of the hub is convex with a specific radius of curvature which is smaller than the concavity radius of the cones. A cone CVT varies the drive ratio by moving a wheel or belt up and down the axis of conical roller(s). For other ratios, the rollers are moved along the axis of the discs, resulting in the rollers being in contact with the discs at a point which has a larger or smaller diameter, giving a drive ratio of something other than 1:1. [4][5][6], Positively Infinitely Variable (PIV) chain drives are distinct in that the chain positively interlocks with the conical pulleys, this is achieved by having a stack of many small rectangular plates in each chain link that can slide independently from side-to-side, these plates may be quite thin, around a millimetre thick.

Other IVT, such as ratcheting types, allow the output shaft to freely rotate.

If you've been shopping for a new car recently, you've undoubtedly found that large numbers of late-model vehicles are equipped with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). In fact, many early automatics had only two speeds.

In June, supplies increased to 3,000 per month, leading Subaru to make the CVT available in the Subaru Rex Kei car.

It is also a weakness of this transmission. The system can have multiple "planets" to transfer torque through multiple fluid patches. The Multitronic transmission was developed by Ford, Van Doorne, and Fiat, with work on the transmission starting in 1976. Some designs of cone CVTs use two rollers.

A variant called the Integrated Hydrostatic Transaxle (IHT) uses a single housing for both hydraulic elements and gear-reducing elements, and is used in some mini-tractors and ride-on lawn mowers. CVTs are used in automobiles, tractors, motor scooters, snowmobiles and earthmoving equipment. Receive pricing updates, shopping tips & more! CVTs differ from traditional automatic transmissions in that they don't have gears that provide "steps" between low- and high-speed operation.

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