Created in 1907, during the artist’s ‘golden period’, this painting, ‘Danae’ by Gustav Klimt is a late example of Symbolism, a Europe-wide movement that spanned the written and visual arts, and which in the visual arts is characterised by narrative and literary works that are often mythological in theme.

The face of Danae is located above the high horizontal tension field, between 2 natural points of interest. His art reflects this influence in his use of pattern and flat colour.

2) also offers the viewer the possibility of constructing a double reading of the female subject as both in posses- sion of her sexuality and a victim of 19 th century patriarchal norms. Klimt’s art is very distinctive and today extremely popular.
(1907). Copyright © 2011 - Present All Rights Reserved. The theme was appealing as Danaë was viewed as an archetypal symbolic representation of divine love and redemption. google_ad_slot = "1968174015";

Klimt establishes a clear separation between the face of Danae one the higher third and the remainder of its body one the 2 lower thirds. He is known for his paintings, large scale murals and later for his delicate sketches of nudes. All Rights Reserved.

Gustav Klimt. It show women from Classical myth seduced by the god Jupiter.

Similar Paintings : parted lips and legs, the closed eyes, the rolled-down stocking on her ankle, the red hair and diaphanous purple veil are all indicative of Danae's sensual experience. History. /* Peintre Analyse Haut CSP++ */ Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer. Details :  This divine rain symbol of the Zeus god consists of drops chestnuts or forms but also of rectangular sticks of forms.

Painters  Kinds 

In opposition the shape of the divine rain which represents the god Zeus allegorically is of rectangular form, a strong male symbol. The outré nature of his work, particularly the murals he completed for the University of Vienna, led to allegations that it was pornographic. Danae is obviously erotic. Light : Painting is enlightened of in bottom on the left. (1907). The portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer which was auctioned in November 2006 and sold for $88 million was the third-highest priced art piece at the time.

google_ad_width = 728; Klimt was an Austrian artist who took as his primary subject the female body in all its forms, much of his output is characterised by overt sexuality and sensuality of form. In Greek mythology Danae is the girl of Acrisios, king of Argos and it becomes the mother of Perseus.

(1913). He also painted a number of very distinctive landscapes but never any self-portraits; the subject neither interested him, nor he thought should it interest others, ‘Who ever wants to know something about me... ought to look carefully at my pictures.’. Who are us?

of the picture surface is taken up by Danae's thighs, which makes this a highly erotic works.

Galleries   Artists  The sleeping figure of Danae coils up to meet a fall of golden rain that symbolizes Jupiter.  Contact us     Gustav Klimt: 100 Famous Paintings Analysis & Complete Works Gustav klimt. Danae. google_ad_height = 250;

Although his art is extremely popular with the public at large, art criticism has tended to denigrate Klimt’s influence. //-->.

Another strong evocation, the hand of Danaé seems to want to scratch its bosom. /* 728x90, date de création 27/10/10 */

While Klimt was known for his womanizing ways, Emilie was the one woman who was always by his side when it come to companionship and design – she even designed gowns depicted in his paintings. Danae is one of artworks by Gustav Klimt. Symbolism. Such a frank portrayal of ecstasy on the face of Danaë, the parted lips and closed eyes, was thought bold and provocative for the time and it must have shocked the painting’s early viewers, although such candid depictions of female sexuality were frequent in many Symbolist works. The point of view of the witness is at the level of the face of Danae.

google_ad_width = 300; The composition with the contorted position of Danaë was unusual dominated as it is by her thigh which takes on huge proportion and fully stresses the overt sexuality of the piece, an emphasis that is only partly mitigated by the distracting effects of the opulent decoration and the abstraction of the surrounding patterns.

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