To open them up you have to find the purple marked keys at first.SUBSCRIBE: Me:http://www.powerpyx.com There are several locations, you will find this drug at. This Dynamax Adventure Guide has a collection of tips and tricks to help you survive the grueling challenges of the Dynamax Adventure dungeons…, Anybody who has ever crammed for a test or pulled an all-nighter is no doubt familiar with the infamous “lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to” livestream on YouTube. Free Zombrex Locations There are nine free Zombrex doses. This Crown Tundra Spread My Voice Tombstone Guide will tell you exactly what you must do in order to complete this mysterious puzzle so you can…, The Crown Tundra DLC introduces Dynamax Adventures.

Check out our Security Box Guide for more Information, Zombrex Location Guide – Zombrex #4 Location. Location. The last two are hidden in the security boxes #999 and #673. Royal Flush Plaza - Case related. It is also administered by government health care institutes and is carried by most ambulances.

In Dead Rising 2: Off The Record for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, there are a couple Zombrex vials that are hidden around the game that you can find for free instead of buying them. Zombrex #7 This page contains the Zombrex Locations for Dead Rising 2. This guide on How To Unlock Crown Tundra Tournament – Galarian Star Tournament will tell you the objectives you must complete before you’re…, There is a tombstone with a cryptic message on it. It is in Big Roy’s Mart. Americana Casino - Go to the second floor of the BBQ restaurant and take a right at the fork. Zombrex #6

In the Uranus Zone, this one is on the second story of the Jump Space 7 Restaurant in the VIP lounge, where you will have to break the glass window and then go through it to find it. You can find this one on the roof of the safehouse behind the elevator, just beside the assault rifle. Zombrex, is a drug in the Dead Rising series used to treat those infected with zombification. It is an anti-zombie infection drug and you are required to take a dose of when you are infected to keep yourself from turning into a zombie. However, Leviathanimation’s Tyrania – A Kinetic Visual Novel attempts to twist this time-tested narrative through the…. In Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, Zombrex is the most important item you should know. Location. The key to the deposit is on the floor of the Fortune City Hotel near the south plaza. There are 5 collectable Zombrex Stashes.This will save you a lot of money since you are not forced to buy your Zombrex in the pawn shop. Again, in the Uranus Zone, in the safe deposit #999. Simply follow the main quest line to get there after you leave the Safe House. You will find the key to unlock this box as you follow the reported by the exit to the central security room. Zombrex Location Guide – Zombrex #2 Location. Zombrex Location Guide – Zombrex #1 The best source for honest game reviews, detailed guides and the latest happenings in the gaming industry. You will find the key inside the fountain of the Atlantica Casino. Proceed across the rest of the lights. Just like in Dead rising 2, you get your first dose of Zombrex from the pharmacy. The 6th Zombrex item is located in the tunnels that leads to the Silver Strip by the Sex Shop. This is one of the easiest Zombrex to obtain. Zombrex #1 Dick Jones, a survivor in Still Creek, has some Zombrex in stock in his pawnshop. Run to a window, break it, then run along til you see the Zombrex on the platform. For more help on Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, read our Weapons and Combo Cards, PP Stickers, and Survivors guide. You need to save up $50,000 to purchase this from the Pawn Shop in Moe’s Maginations, Zombrex Location Guide – Zombrex #3 Zombrex #2 Jump up on the balcony and over to the closest light. Dead Rising 2: Off The Record - All Zombrex Stashes - YouTube 2.) Zombrex on the second story of the Jump Space 7 Restraunt. You need to make sure you inject yourself with Zombrex every 24 hours to avoid Frank West turning into a Zombie. The first 3 stashes are simply laying on the ground.

A single dose lasts 24 hours. Thanks to Guest Hero Jack for his contribution, Check out and favorite our Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Complete Walkthrough Guide to check out all our Dead Rising 2 Guides and keep up-to-date with the newest additions. Blaine "Captain Camper" Smith is one of the original founders of Gamers Heroes.

DU&I takes those…, Tasked with sending wayward souls on their merry way, the action of Argonautics and DigiPen Institute of Technology’s Isles of Limbo throws players into limbo in a quest to destroy all threats…, If games have taught us just one life lesson, it’s that war never changes. It will cost you $50,000. Location.

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