Popcorn Decryptor is designed to decrypt files encrypted by Popcorn Ransom. pylocky_decryptor Decryptor is designed to decrypt files encrypted by Pylocky Ransom.

Written in a combination of JavaScript and PHP it uses AES and RSA in order to encrypt your files.

Renames files "@_.", *.fun, *.gws, *.btc, *.AFD, *.porno, *.pornoransom, *.epic, *.encrypted, *.J, *.payransom, *.paybtcs, *.paymds, *.paymrss, *.paymrts, *.paymst, *.paymts, *.payrms, {original file name}.XXX or TTT or MP3 or MICRO, Infected with Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Cryakl (also tags end of file name with{CRYPTENDBLACKDC}), Infected with Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Crybola, {original file name}.crypt, cryp1, crypz, or 5 hexadecimal characters, Infected with Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Polyglot, Renames files "locked-.", *.xtbl, *.ytbl, *.breaking_bad, *.heisenberg, Adds 5 random characters at the end of each file and a unique 8 character victim ID, {Original file name}. Rakhni Decryptor is designed to decrypt files encrypted by XData Ransom. Jigsaw Decryptor is designed to decrypt files encrypted by Jigsaw Ransom. To use the decrypter you will require an encrypted file of at least 510 bytes in size as well as its unencrypted version.

Note is from, Doesn't change extension look for enc_files.txt, *.locked Known variants of this ransomware ask victims to contact, *.EnCiPhErEd, *.0JELvV, *.p5tkjw, *.6FKR8d, *.UslJ6m, *.n1wLp0, *.5vypSa, *.YNhlv1, *.xtbl, *.crysis, *.crypt, *.lock, *.crypted, *.dharma, *.wallet, *.onion, {sequential number}.R4A or{sequential number}.R5A. Cry128 belongs to the CryptON/Nemesis ransomware family that is mostly used for targetted attacks via RDP. Written in AutoIt, it encrypts files using AES-256 encryption and renames them to *.locked.

Rakhni Decryptor is designed to decrypt files encrypted by Jaff Ransom. Alphadecrypter Decryptor is designed to decrypt files encrypted by Alpha Ransom. Encrypted files will have either ".PEGS1", ".MRCR1", ".RARE1", ".MERRY", or ".RMCM1" as an extension. Do NOT delete any files until instructed to do so.

Jigsaw Decryptor is designed to decrypt files encrypted by DragonCyber Ransom. SpartCrypt Decryptor is designed to decrypt files encrypted by SpartCrypt Ransom. Samples of encrypted files and suspicious files may be needed for continued investigation. Select both the encrypted and unencrypted file and drag and drop both of them onto the decrypter file in your download directory. [].thanos" to files. The group behind it primarily attacks servers that have remote desktop services enabled. The Muhstik Ransomware encrypts files on compromised QNAP systems using AES-256, and adds the extension ".muhstik" to files. The ransomnote can usually be found on the Desktop with the name "HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt".
System Status - However, if that is not the same system the malware infection and encryption took place on, make sure to put in the ID as specified in the ransom note. [ID-][].JSWRM to files.

to the beginning of file names, *.CRYPTOSHIELD, *.rdmk, *.lesli, *.scl, *.code, *.rmd*.rscl, *.CRYPTOSHIELD, *.rdmk, *.lesli, *.scl, *.code, *.rmd*.rscl, *.MOLE, The ransomware adds the word "encryptTile" into a file name, *.GDCB, *.CRAB, *.KRAB, *.%RandomLetters%, *.ACRYPT, *.GSupport[0-9], *.blackblock, *.dll555, *.duhust, *exploit, *.frozen, *.globe, *.gsupport, *.kyra, *.purged, *.raid[0-9], *, *.locked, *.34xxx, *.bloccato, *.BUGSECCCC, *.Hollycrypt, *.lock, *.saeid, *.unlockit, *.razy, *.mecpt, *.monstro, *.lok, *.암호화됨, *.8lock8, *.fucked, *.flyper, *.kratos, *.drypted, *.CAZZO, *.doomed, *.kkk, *.btc, *.gws, *.J, *.encrypted, *.porno, *.payransom, *.pornoransom, *.epic, *.xyz, *.versiegelt, *.encrypted, *.payb, *.payb, *.pays, *.payms, *.paymds, *,paymts, *.payrms, *.payrmts, *.paymrts, *.paybtcs, *.fun, *.hush, *, NoobCrypt doesn't change the file name.

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