The flow is definitely there! It doesn't feel like it was designed with two thumbs in mind. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll "Save My Dream" Forte Escape: 1:52: 7. TL;DR: I don't like the new charts. There are very few unlocks to be had in DJ MAX Portable 2 with Link Disc, however. They are red lines that cross the screen as opposed to the normal small white notes assigned to other keys. "Elastic Star" Forte Escape: 1:50: 5. It is the sequel to the popular and heavily imported game, DJ MAX Portable. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. If you can, go back and play "Every Day" 5B. I usually am kind of at a loss at which part I found confusing or stupid. No forum topics for DJ Max Portable 2 yet. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. I've played DJMax Portable 2, Clazziquai, Black Square, Portable 3, Trilogy and Ray, and currently TapSonic World Champion, but the one with the tightest timing and most enjoyable charts has to be Portable 2 as you said. Started with Portable one on the PSP and have played almost every release since then. DJ Max Portable 2 Gameplay Movie 3. DJ Max Emotional Sense P - Dynamic Sound Creation Portable (Korea) DJ Max Emotional Sense P 2 - Limited Edition (Korea) DJ Max Emotional Sense P 2 - Sound Miracle (Korea) DJ Max Fever (USA) DJ Max Portable (Korea) DJ Max Portable - Hottunes (Korea) DJ Max Portable 3 (Korea) DJ Max Portable 3 (Japan) DJ Max Portable 3 (USA) The last sentence is EVERYTHING I meant. If you can, go back and play "Every Day" 5B. I can already mention a few from top of my mind: Analys, Enter the Universe, Nevermind, Rutin Remix, Colours of Sorrow, Hello Pinky, etc. Game » They just don't have that "flow" that they did in Portable 2. I tried to play DJ Max Respect and I just can't enjoy it. For the entire franchise, Respect easily as the standard game has a stellar amount of content and the DLC packs have been very well done. I say try it out a bit more. When I play Respect the charts are just stupidly hard. Tatakae! If they brought the same pattern to Respect there would be some songs that are outright unclearable. The challenging but doable songs are the ones I like to play because it really felt like you were playing the song, rather than rapidly mashing buttons. Everything you need to know about the latest smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and more. But now that I’ve dived pretty deep into the game I play songs I remembered having issues with and then ending with a full combo. I believe the PSP screen was latent as well, it was just tuned perfectly for it. I would recommend 2 first, because it gives you a chance to … While I agree that DJMAX Portable 2 is one of the best game in the series, DJMAX Respect is the best DJMAX series released since then. The X button and analog stick have the same function. Hey all! 2:21. I tried to play DJ Max Respect and I just can't enjoy it. If players hit notes with a 100% accuracy rating, a meter, called "Fever", builds up. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Album Mode . Here you can view unlockables you've earned as well as access your password to enter your rankings onto Pentavision's leaderboards online. [1][2][3] DJMax Portable 3 was announced shortly after DJMax Technika 2 was announced. The game's music player. They don't have the same zen like flow the older ones could put you into. 5 Button Mode's controls are like 4 Button Mode's controls with the added 5th button. 8 Button Mode is the unlockable mode in DJMAX Portable 2. To answer your post, for PSP, my favorites are Black Square and Portable 3. DJ MAX Portable 2 is a music/rhythm game for the PSP, developed and published by Pentavision Entertainment / Neowiz Games. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. That might contribute to the seemingly bad response times on the inputs. DJ MAX Portable Black Square: The song "Proposed, Flower, Wolf". The right and square button (highlighted in yellow to the right) act as the 5th button, both assigned to the same note. "Ray of Illuminati" ESTi: 2:11: 3. Tap buttons to the electro/big band beat in this gameplay clip from DJ Max Portable 2. Rock-A-Doodle on 4 or 6B. It released in South Korea on March 30, 2007. Instead of scoring the player's performance with words like "Perfect" or "Great", the player is judged on the hit accuracy. Favorite DJ Max overall, Technika 2 and Technika 3. NB Rangers 6B. Yes on a television. send you an email once approved. any Giant Bomb content. "복수혈전" ND Lee: 2:58: 11. How import friendly is DJ Max Portable 2 and Osu! Create a new topic. Album Mode is what was known as OST Mode in past DJ MAX … Also, the sounds just don't feel as instant as they did on the PSP. A percentage rating is displayed for each successful hit. You can also unlock full version of certain songs within the game itself to be listened to here. It takes some time to get used to it, so practice. DJ MAX Portable 2's multiplayer component. I will try on a monitor! Gold is currency you earn at the end of each song and it is used to purchase more Equips. The last 2 were also customizable in the original DJ MAX Portable, though they now have a greater importance in the Equip menu. I believe the team that did that charts in 2 were the pinnacle of brilliance when it came to the note charts. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for DJ Max Portable 3 - Sony PSP at It has the most difficult control scheme, being similar to the 6 Button Mode except the L and R shoulder buttons also have their own notes. BS because of the song selections and P3 because of the new system they implemented which I enjoyed. XP is also earned at the end of each song, though this one is used to level up and earn new songs and unlockable rewards. It adds new gameplay modes, an entirely new track list and gameplay enhancements that have been staples in the franchise since. DJ MAX Portable 2 is a sequel to the popular and heavily imported 2006 Korean PSP music/rhythm game, DJ MAX Portable. They just don't have that "flow" that they did in Portable 2. It features ranked and player matchmaking, though it can only be played through local ad-hoc. Each Character, Gear and Note will have different effects on gameplay, either affecting your in-game performance or your ability to earn XP or Gold. DJ MAX Portable: The Oblivion gear, 3 Characters and the song "Elastic Star ~UK Garage Mix~. DJ MAX Portable 2 all songs jolenifywithluv; 62 videos; 143,468 views; Last updated on Jun 24, 2016; Play all Share. Songs Edit I swore I did use my monitor with headphones before and it still just didn't feel right. This mode makes it's first appearance in Portable 2 and is carried over into many of the game's sequels as a prominent feature, hosting a multitude of special unlocks for players that use it. I can’t speak as a veteran since I started on Respect, but I had this problem at first. Ouendan 2? It features new modes, new songs and changes to its addictive gameplay. You just haven't explored enough. The higher the percentage, the higher the score value for that note. DJMax Portable 3 is a music game for the PlayStation Portable published and developed by Pentavision in South Korea, and is a sequel to the earlier DJMax Portable games. In DJ MAX Portable 2, it's used to play songs from the original DJ MAX Portable game with DJ MAX Portable 2's new features. Combos carry over from song to song in regular gameplay modes that, in modes like Free Mode, can allow players to reach combos of 10,000, 80,000, 100,000 notes. It had a nice groove "Flow" feel that made you feel like you were composing all the sounds and it just felt nice. The note charts for the songs make little to no sense. While Clazziquai Edition is mostly aimed towards a more casual audience of players, it makes smart new enhancements to the traditional DJ MAX Portable formula which have since been used in games like DJ MAX Fever and it's sister game, DJ MAX Portable Black Square. Combos have been a large part of DJ MAX games, going to lengths of having new tracks, images, music videos or OST tracks unlock as you hit a certain combo number. Album: Players can view the songs complete with the visualization as they were supposed to be when was played. I believe the team that did that charts in 2 were the pinnacle of brilliance when it came to the note charts. The analog, X and L and R buttons have the same functions. The official trailers from PM Studios and Pentavision quickly followed. Mash buttons along to some Korean hip-hop in this gameplay clip from DJ Max Portable 2. I even bought an iPad just to cure my Technika nostalgia. They just don't have that "flow" that they did in Portable 2. New to DJ MAX Portable 2 is the Equip menu. "End of the Moonlight" Forte Escape: 1:53: 8. Check out the Rhythm Game episode of Import Friendly to find out! For DJ Max Portable 3 on the PSP, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Song List". Here, players can set a Character avatar to display in menus and in Multiplayer as well as change the looks of the Gear and Notes. Also I have to agree that some of the charts in Portable 2 just feel a lot better to play. What's better, DJ Max Portable 2 or DJ Max Portable 1? Full Combos and high-combo marathon runs unlock extra content. It seems like you aren't used to playing on a ps4 controller. LinkDisk: Player must insert a DJMAX PORTABLE disc inside the UMD. If your TV has an option for enabling "Game mode", use that since it helps a lot. Want to start us off? I really did try to like it. 2 has more unlockables, OST, songs, etc. The analog stick is used for special "DJ" sections that require you to rotate the analog. Are you playing on a television? Or outright switch to using a monitor. It contained the game, a box for the edition, a 64-page artbook, a 3-disc soundtrack, a bonus "Trance Mixes" audio CD, a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle and a set of 16 postcards. They don't even sound the same on most of the classic songs. Triggering the meter once it's full activates Fever Mode and a 'x2' multiplier is then applied to the score. I disagree that there aren't interesting patterns to play on Respect. Giant Bomb users. Both DJ MAX Portable Clazziquai and Black Square were released as part of Pentavision … This can be continued to a maximum multiplier of 'x5'. I felt there was weirdnesses in the charts that were thrown in there to make them difficult for the sake of difficulty. For DJ Max Portable: Clazziquai Edition on the PSP, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "DJ Max Clazziquai Edition Song List". For the PSP releases, I would say Portable 2. When I play Respect the charts are just stupidly hard. The higher the note streak, the higher the end-song score is. "Luv Flow" 3rd Coast: 2:11: 4. DJ MAX Portable 2: The Summer Time gear, 2 Characters and the song "Syriana". Images earned here can be copied to the XMB/Memory Stick to export onto a computer. ... DJ Max Portable 2 - Yo Creo Que Si by DJMaxPortableAll. As players successfully hit notes, a combo builds. Playing on ps4 controller feels a lot different compared to using a psp. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I agree with you about on how they made the charts. You’ll get used to it! You can search for I tried it so many times but I just get angry and quit because it doesn't FEEL like DJ Max. No, in fact a lot of patterns got nerfed when transferred from older series to DJMAX Respect, because they changed how judgement system worked. NB Rangers 6B. Unlike its predecessor, Portable 2 was released outside of Japan at the same time, complete with English manuals. "Extream Z4" Forte Escape: 1:40: 13. Listen to catchy Kpop as you jam buttons to the beat in this gameplay clip from DJ Max Portable 2. 4 Button Mode's controls use the Left button for the left-most note, up for the left-middle note, triangle for the right-middle note and circle for the right-most note. Edit: Having a different controller also adds to this, for example, if Hello Pinky 6B hd was brought over from Portable 2 to Respect without changing anything, it would be a level 14/15 pattern (frustrating one at that) because D-Pad in PS4 doesn't work as smoothly as the one in PSP.

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