Reed switches puts your laptop to sleep/hibernation when the lid is closed3. This means that, the Arduino will always read the Input on this pin as HIGH.

Connect the LED to the pin 12 of the Arduino.

If you want, you can also use the internal pull-up resistor of the Arduino for this setup. They keep your washing machine from running when the lid is open7. The following image shows a simple reed switch with its internal connections. Set the pin number 13 as Reed_PIN and pin number 12 as LED_PIN. Just before creating my next tutorial, which will be using a PIR sensor, I thought I might create a separate tutorial for PIR Sensor.

Best Gaming Monitors, Circuit Diagram of Connecting Reed Switch with Arduino, Arduino UNO (any Arduino Board can be used), Reed Switch with Magnet (Normally Open type is used here). Digital Multimeter Kit Reviews They require very less operating power and have lower contact capacitance. We also need a 100ohm pull-up resistor connected to the same pin to allow a controlled flow of current to the digital input pin.

In the setup section, set the pin-mode of the Reed_PIN as input and LED_PIN as output. FM Radio Kit Buy Online Ever thought of controlling any electronic devices with your smart phone? Electronics Component Kits Beginners Perhaps you need to verify that the window is open nine more times. Contact surface wear occurs only when the switch contacts open or close. How to Control a Relay using Raspberry Pi? Did you make this project? Compared to armature-based relays, Reed Relays can switch much faster, as the moving parts are small and lightweight (although switch bounce is still present). In the process, I will discuss what is a Reed Switch and how a Reed Switch works.After understanding about the basics of a Reed Switch, I will proceed to Interfacing a Reed Switch with Arduino and configure it as an Input Device i.e. Now, lets connect the Reed Switch to an Arduino. When the magnet is removed, the switch returns to its normally open state.

10. If I don't approximate a magnet, the led is on, and if I approximate a magnet, the led is off. The glass tube contains an inert gas (An inert gas is a gas that does not undergo chemical reactions under a set of given conditions) typically Nitrogen or in the case of high voltage it is just a simple vacuum. I hope it helps you.If you want to support me subscribe to my YouTube Channel: my work:BTC: 35ciN1Z49Y1bReX2U7Etd9hGPWzzzk8TzF LTC: MQFkVkWimYngMwp5SMuSbMP4ADStjysstmETH: 0x939aa4e13ecb4b46663c8017986abc0d204cde60DOGE: DDe7Fws24zf7acZevoT8uERnmisiHwR5stTRX: TQJRvEfKc7NibQsuA9nuJhh9irV1CyRmnWBAT: 0x939aa4e13ecb4b46663c8017986abc0d204cde60BCH: qrfevmdvmwufpdvh0vpx072z35et2eyefv3fa9fc3z#ReedSwitch #ReedRelay #Arduino.
Perhaps you need to tell if a window is open. Best Brushless Motors The current flowing in the coil operates the Reed Switch. Best Capacitor Kits Reed Switch Tutorial for Arduino, ESP8266 and ESP32 In this tutorial we learn how to build our own security system for doors or windows with a reed switch. Oscilloscope Kits Beginners

Connecting Reed Switch with Arduino is very simple. Normally the reed is 'open' (no connection between the two wires). Connect a LED in series with the Reed Switch to a battery.

The reed contacts have found use in the production of various types of sensors. In general, higher voltages and higher currents cause faster wear and shorter life. In production, a metal reed is inserted in each end of a glass tube and the end of the tube heated so that it seals around a shank portion on the reed. Green-colored Infrared-absorbing glass is frequently used, so an infrared heat source can concentrate the heat in the small sealing zone of the glass tube. Because of this, manufacturers rate life in number of operations rather than hours or years. Old keyboards, in vehicles, industrial systems, Household appliances, telecommunication, medical appliances, Clamshell phones and more...... On the relays side they are used for automatic cut sequences. Drone Kits Beginners Top Robot Vacuum Cleaners These coils often have many thousands of turns of very fine wire. When I bring a magnet close to the switch the multi-meter shows a continuity as the contact touches each other to completing the circuit. Anemometers with rotating cups have reed switches inside that measure the speed of the wind. This transition will make the Arduino to turn ON the LED. Robot Cat Toys Reed switches are everywhere. Single Pole, Single Throw, Normally Open [SPST-NO] (normally switched off), 2. Whenever a magnetic field comes near the switch, the contacts will be closed. 7. 4. Then connect the Reed Switch to the pin number 13 and ground the other end.

Arduino Robot Kits Soldering Stations 3.

DIY Raspberry Pi Desktop Case With Stats Display, Portable Disco V2 -Sound Controlled LED's. In the spinning arms of dishwashers to detect when they jam, 6. A soft switch with integrated energy monitoring enabling spark-free switching for electric vehicles and drones.
In the spinning arms of dishwashers to detect when they jam6. Connect the LED to the pin 12 of the Arduino. Best Iot Starter Kits But when the magnet is moved near the Reed Switch, the contact gets closed and the LED will be turned ON. They also vary in shapes and sizes. Their current handling capacity is limited but, with appropriate contact materials, they are suitable for "dry" switching applications. Single Pole, Single Throw, Normally Closed [SPST-NC] (normally switched on)3. They are mechanically simple, offer high operating speed, good performance with very small currents, highly reliable and have long life. Lets first test the Reed Switch without an Arduino.

The Reed contact switch is a lamina (normally open) which closes in the presence of a magnetic field. Led Strip Light Kits Buy Online Depending on the construction of the Reed Switch, the contacts inside the switch can be either Normally Open or Normally Closed. Electronics Repair Tool Kit Beginners When a magnetic field is present near the Reed Switch, the contacts, which are made up of ferromagnetic material, will be pulled together, thus closing the switch.

When the magnet is kept away from the Reed Switch, it stays open and the LED will not be turned ON. When I bring a magnet close to the switch the multi-meter shows a continuity as the contact touches each other to completing the circuit. Best Python Books They’re cheap, they’re durable, and in low-current applications, depending on the electrical load, they can last for about a billion actuation.Thanks----------, Thanks again for checking my post. For this tutorial we need:- Reed Switch- 220Ω Resistor- 100Ω Resistor- LED- Multi-meter- Battery- Breadboard- Arduino Nano- Magnets and- Few Connecting Cables, Using a multi-meter I am going to show you how a Reed Switch works. An ultimate tutorial for beginners on how to connect and use an ESP8266 via Arduino and program it to blink an LED using the Blynk app. But when a magnet is brought near the reed switch, the contacts get attracted and the pin becomes LOW. on Introduction. A simple project-cum-tutorial on Reed Switch is explained here. If you have made any changes to the circuit (like the pins to which the Reed switch and LED are connected to), modify the code accordingly. Is there any particular reason why you're not using the internal pull-up resistors of the Arduino and just use the switch as the connection to ground? I think the working of the project must be clear by now.

Since I have a Normally Open type Reed Switch, the working and the all the further implementations will be associated to this type only. When a magnet is brought in close proximity to the contacts, the LED lights up when the nickle-iron blades inside the switch attracts each other, completing the circuit. The reed switch used in this project is of Normally Open Type.

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