His car collection is worth around $1 million. If you're looking for someone to capture a special time in your life, I can't recommend her enough.
She really is the complete package, and Christian Ponder is a lucky man (unless you judge him on his NFL numbers, then you get a very different story).

Despite the challenge it seems she came out with flying colours in achieving that. Prior to hosting Sunday NFL Countdown, Ponder worked as a reporter/host for ESPN college football and as a basketball sideline reporter. She is known not just for her effortless beauty but also for her outspoken nature. That’s the first thing I’d ask him." Christian Ponder is a free-agent NFL QB and his wife Samantha is a reporter for ESPN. As you can see in this picture, Samantha looks like a dream girl for anyone. There's probably a very clear answer to that, but we'll let the readers be the judge. Samantha and Christian got married at Hudson, Wisconsin courthouse on December 12, 2012. In the outfit above, Mrs. Ponder looks like the girl straight out of any man's best dream. She does not try and look beautiful and this picture is a testimony to her ability to stun us even without her makeup team's help. The sportscaster of America who is currently working at ESPN is Samantha Ponder.

How does Ponder’s salary compare to other high-profile sports personalities? She is a social media pundit and likes to speak her mind on different matters including family and of course football.

These pictures came in very handy for us. A post shared by Sam Steele Ponder (@samanthaponder) on Jul 21, 2018 at 11:46am PDT. My dad was a high school and college coach, and in my house my dad muted sideline reporters because he wasn’t interested in what they had to say,” she said to Variety.
She had replied, "His focus right now is football.

Christian might have a bad day now and then but when he is home, despite the losses or the criticism he faces, he won't behave differently. “Frankly, I didn’t want that job. The couple became the parents of their first child named Bowden Sainte-Claire, on July 22, 2014. You enter the house and you see this face. Everything's fair in love and war. Samantha Ponder (nee Steele) is a sportscaster working for ESPN. Oddly enough, this blue-eyed beauty and the QB met on... Twitter. … He reportedly makes $5 million a year, which isn’t that much more than Ponder considering his tenure with the company and the fact that he works four hours a day, five days a week as opposed to her main job being to host a three-hour show on Sundays during the NFL season. And she’s sent a message to her fellow Countdown analysts on Twitter. Jokes aside, in this picture she looks a little stressed out. The couple started dating just two months before their marriage.

Samantha has always spoken her mind, be it in front of the camera or on different platforms. She is probably smiling because she knows how much she is getting done. What would you do if you turned around expecting to see the beautiful and smiling Samantha Ponder only to be met with this look? It's easy to be jealous of Christian, especially for his wife (his NFL career could have gone a little better). That’s a huge part of my job, representing the fans and asking questions the fans want to know. Moreover, Sam and Christian also have purchased a house in Phoenix, Arizona, of worth $2.2 Million. The unnecessary mockery made her so sick that she took on the trolls and wrote on Twitter, "Getting vulgar tweets about my job/appearance while I’m unable to see my own feet & covered in toddler pee is something else”. Yes, someone thought a good insult would be to say she was actually TOO intelligent. The host of Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN, Samantha Ponder is an American Sportscaster. The black nail polish she was wearing went beautifully with her dress. That salary is likely a large increase over what she was making as a sideline reporter. There is something about a woman who can appreciate the great outdoors that just takes her attractiveness to an entirely new level. There are a very few people who are so graceful in the way they are and how they carry themselves, not just in how they dress and what they reveal.

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