Deer, particularly fawns, are symbolic of gentleness, grace, and innocence. The hot pink of the bathroom  was described by the dreamer as warm, flirty, fun, and glamorous–all can be adjectives used to describe a healthy female sexuality. Ten wraps everything up, while nine i […], When I see the Chariot in the upright position, it makes me think of smooth sailing. She's ethereal, loving, and imaginative.If the Page/Princess of Cups represents a person (as the Court cards are wont to do), that person will have Water characteristics: intuition, sensitivity, creativity, nurturing, emotional, and loving.

Because it is t […], Now is a time of celebration. Going to one stall, deciding she wasn’t going to use it, and moving on to another, cleaner one shows autonomy and some power to make decisions. General Information The Four of Pentacles illustrates this […]. Please leave any additional insights in the comments. Deer Symbolism. And don't forget to browse Lily's entire site! Urine most obviously symbolizes shame/embarrassment, or a feeling of a loss of control over oneself. The Chariot in the Celtic Deck is drawn by creepy horses. This fawn was cuddling with a wolf cub, a symbol of the balance between loyalty and individuality. The dreamer had been feeling stifled in waking life, but was getting better at communication. They scare everything out of the way. They belong to a god named Faunus and love to dance and play the flute. The gender of the dreamer is kept intact, unless requested. However, the fact that one piercing still remained indicated that there was still work to be done.

Fawn dream dictionary : (arab. She is also getting better at placing boundaries, because there are stalls in the bathroom. They are both very lethargic, even though it is late in the day.

Deer, particularly fawns, are symbolic of gentleness, grace, and innocence. Satyrs are wild and orgiastic drunken followers of Bacchus (Greek Dionysus). I have just finished several presentations, and several papers (one a 25 pager). Roman mythology

They are more jovial and benign. Most of the species are native to North America, except Erythronium dens-canis which is native to Central and Southern Europe. Barbara G. Walker's Temperance […], Pee, Fawns, Genital Piercings, and the Color Pink: Not What You Would Think, Turtlephoenix Tarot, Dreams, and Astrology.

Pink, since it comes in many shades, comes with different interpretations. As usual, reading for Lily was so much fun!Check it out! Her brother is lying on the couch across from her.

Turtles are symbolic of a talent for negotiating Earth and Water. The dreamer pees all over the couch. It signifies transitions.

They awaken from their sleep, babies are born, and shoots spring from the snow-damp soi […], The Three of Cups is a happy card. Habitat She runs to get paper towels and a spray bottle. This fawn was cuddling with a wolf cub, a symbol of the balance between loyalty and individuality. Fauns are Roman nature spirits (genii) of untamed woodlands in Roman mythology. The flora and fauna know it, too. Upon further investigation of the dream, the dreamer recalled not feeling any particular urgency to get off the couch. As a genus, Erythronium is most closely related to Tulipa and Rubus. Public bathrooms are places associated with embarrassment, shame, and filth, and also symbolize boundaries and privacy. Is there anything she is frightened about her mother finding out? Cultural origin

Erythronium symbolizes friendship and protection. When questioned about this, the dreamer said she had been feeling frustrated, and was working out some unpleasant memories. The 25 Spirit Animals & Their […] She went into the bathroom, which was hot pink, and went into the first stall, but the toilet wasn’t flushed. The animal symbolism of …

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