We could not find the message board you were looking for. At the top is a chest that contains a Smelling Salts. Continue through the tunnel, then at the end you will have another grapple point to attach to leading on top.  That will immediately fail, and you’ll need to deal with a group of two Elite Security Officers and a Guard Dog, followed by two more Elite Security Officers and a Helitrooper. Description: A key to the sewer gates found at the bottom of the channel. They escape the Valkyrie, but not Shinra is alerted to their presence. A popular item among collectors. Shinra ID Card You will see an icon at grappling points and when you get near them, an arrow will appear to guide you. To view your key items, open the menu and select inventory > Key Items. You'll need to time when you go out of cover during sequences where you have to run from the gunfire. On the next platform deal with the two Cerulean Drakes, then climb the third ladder. You’ll find another chest at the top that has 1x Smelling Salts. Climb up the ladder onto the red structure. Minigames. You might like what you find. Purchase, then equip the Materia to begin stealing items from foes. On top of the structure, use the two grapple points to continue above. It will get stuck in the ground momentarily after using this attack, so close the distance and get a good few hits in before retreating. After they are defeated do not continue towards the objective yet, look back at the scaffolding on the rooftop to find a grapple point. Chapter 15: The Day Midgar Stood Still is the 15th story mission in Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Remake. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of The Day Midgar Stood Still Main Mission. Description: An identification card belonging to Jessie’s father, an employee of the Shinra Electric Power Company. Cut through the gunfire and escape to the stairs.

The objective is to take cover behind the structures and crates and wait for it to reload before you move forward. This enemy is weak to ice-based attacks and even greater against wind-based attacks. Work your way around the collapsed section until you trigger a cutscene where you’ll bump into one of the residents. Location: Found during Chapter 10: Rough Waters. Immediately you will run into the first new type, 3-C SOLDIER Operator, which are actually 3rd Class SOLDIER unites. Find a ladder at the end. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, the Steal Materia lets you pilfer items from enemies mid-battle, and in at least one case, you can miss out on an absolutely essential item if you don’t.

Ahead, you'll fight a Byobapolis.

After defeating the enemies, go around the platform first where you’ll encounter 2x Byobapolis, you’ll find a chest at the end containing 1x Mega Potion. Check out this Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R) walkthrough on Chapter 15 The Day That Midgar Stood Still. You’ll encounter a new enemy here, a Blast-Ray. You'll fight two Blast-Rays at the bottom. On the upper level, you’ll encounter 2x Cerulean Drake enemies. 15 The Day That Midgar Stood Still. Continue ahead and hop over the fallen beam. Can be used to make a quick getaway. Filed Under: Final Fantasy VII Remake, Game Guides. Check the Mini-map to see the path jutting out from the side (left on the Mini-map). Continue on the path and up the stairs. Climb the next ladder up, then go around to find another ladder. Description: Unlocks the gate of the Sector 5 slums’ graveyard. Behind the staircase is a chest containing a Remedy. It likes to drop to the ground and spin its arms rapidly, whizzing around the battlefield like a spinning top. Andrea’s Earrings This is the only sure way to not be hit by its gunfire and missiles.

After the cutscene, continue forward and destroy the Shinra boxes you’ll encounter along the way. Description: A vegetable to feed the chocobos that ran off during the plate collapse. Feel free to contribute the topic.
© 2008-2020 PowerPyx.com, all rights reserved. Area:  Collapsed Sector 7 Plate The laser attack in the final phase will almost certainly kill you if it hits, so you’ll have to get your timing right when you try and lure the Valkyrie into it. Watch Security Key You’ll now be fighting against the boss for this chapter, the Valkyrie. As you progress through the collapsed tunnel path, you’ll encounter more Shinra troops.

Use this guide to learn how the Steal Materia functions and what items have enough power to make your purloining worth it. After this attack, it will also stay a bit closer to the ground. At the bottom, head to the back of the building and you’ll find a chest containing 1x Enchanted Ring. It will still be in the air, but it won't attack during this state. Enemy Skills can be acquired in a similar fashion, but that requires a different skillset. Graveyard Key Sam’s Requests Sam’s Coin Grappling Gun Check the Mini-map to find the path jutting out. These items are the Key Items category. Dash down the flight of stairs until you reach an open area where you’ll encounter 2x Blast-Ray. To begin with, have Elemental-Wind on Barret and Elemental-Lightning on Cloud, with another MAX of each Materia on Tifa. Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site.▶Final Fantasy VII Official Website. Description: A device that allows for the collection of battle intel.

Location: unknown. Doctor’s List This vending machine sells disc 5. After this bench, a boss fight will commence in a few minutes. At the top you’ll need to deal with two Elite Helitroopers, then you will have a bench and vending machine you can use before continuing. On the first circular level go around to the back to find a chest that contains a Turbo-Ether, then climb up the next ladder. You can then go back and up the second ladder. (Use Assess on every enemy and cast whatever magic they’re weak to on them.) Shortly after, it will collapse and you’ll have to fight off Guard Dog and Elite Security Officer enemies followed by a Helitrooper and two more Elite Security Officer. Move forward through the ruined until you get to the upper water tanks, Grapple to the platform after getting the tutorial, Continue down. Both the Dragon enemies as well as the Helitroopers will be knocked down and easily Staggered with these attacks. On the next building, you will be attacked by the large drone spotted earlier in the chapter. When the Valkyrie is aiming at you, keep moving to stay clear of its spray of gunfire. Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. Location: Found during Chapter 9: The Town that Never Sleeps. Climb down the ladder then proceed to the marked objective.

Location: Found randomly from chest or Shinra crates. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks.

When the Valkyrie goes down for its Drill Dive attack, this is the opportunity for your melee attackers to deal damage to it. Description: A member’s card for the Moogle Emporium in Sector 5.

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