Reeling from recent revelations, Sacha, Essie, Dom and Ben perform life-saving surgery on a vulnerable child.

Charlie suspects that something more may be going on between the two doctors. Meanwhile, Adam begins to regret ignoring Jessica. Will Nicky risk a life to pay off a debt? Louis's school calls once again which forces Charlie to miss even more time of work even though it's the day that Harry will decide who will be redundant. Holby Wiki - Casualty and Holby City is a FANDOM TV Community. A majorly obese man collapses in his house and is brought in via ambulance. Danny finally reveals to Jake that he has no interest in Karen as he is gay and the three friends reunite.
As Toby falls asleep on the chair Ruth asks him if everyone hates her but he doesn't hear her and her cries for help one again go on unnoticed. While attending the call to the woods, Dixie, Jeff and Snezana manage to get the ambulance stuck in the mud. Jessica treats a young girl of whom she suspects is being abused by her mother when Jess has to attend to another patient, Toby discharges the girl, leaving Jess devastated.

Harry decides to play one last ace-By inviting Charlie to return to the ED. A barbecue ends in a fight, leaving a man suffering a stroke and a pregnant woman with burns - but the violence does not stop there, and Maggie finds herself dragged into the conflict. With the year drawing to an end Kelsey, Abs and Harry's daughter go to the Paradise club to end the year in style. It's the day of Sacha's transplant operation.

Kelsey and Alice set up dating sites after Adam suggests it to them. After a late night out Toby and Kelsey are feeling the effects of their hangovers. It’s the 75th Holocaust Memorial Day, and Sacha’s Great Aunt Maria is admitted, looking extremely unwell. The patient is then stabbed by his brother in resus and dies from his new injuries. Toby ignores Sean's advice and operates on a woman's broken leg without help, only to realise later he has made a dreadful mistake. Maggie once again goes behind Toby's back and calls Sean Anderson down to intervene. Jeff places the baby inside his top as Charlie says it's the best way to warm it up.

The man then hits Charlie after the police give chase. After bumping into an estranged old man the boy ends up stabbing the man in the stomach. It transpires that his daughter, Susie, was in the boot of the van and was seriously injured in the accident. The department gather outside to see themselves in graffiti as the graffiti artist from earlier made them a tribute. Series 22 Zoe is preparing for an interview for Harry's job, against Maggie who is also trying to become clinical lead. Matty tries to run away with his parents to Poland after footage of him initiating the stabbing is found on his phone. Demoted and back in the trenches, Serena must find a role for herself. After smoking in the school store room, Louis and his friends accidentally set fire to the school. Note: First appearance of Zoe Hanna (Sunetra Sarker).

After a drunken night out a woman is raped in a taxi by the driver. It turns out that the driver was a drug mule and a package leaked into his stomach causing him to crash and subsequently die. It then transpires that the patient Ruth said was a drunk suffered a major brain bleed and his blood is not clotting. Maggie then finds Emanuel holding Lana over the rubbish shoot, Ruth successfully manages to talk the Doctor out of dropping the baby, successfully saving her life. Jeff is shocked to learn Snezana has been treating a community of Serbian illegal immigrants. Steve gets aggressive and attacks Toby and then starts kicking off in resus and shouting at his ex and grandma. Elsewhere the paramedics are caught in a landslide at a quarry where illegal Kosovan immigrants have been working.

Abs receives a call and is told that his brother, Danny, has died after taking a drug overdose. Holby City: Series 22, Episode 4. Dixie jumps in to rescue him after he starts to drown, she then gets stuck and begins to sink with the patient but is rescued by the fire brigade. Ruth then mistakenly gives the patient the wrong medicine causing him to fit. Series 22 is the twenty-second series of Casualty.

A shoplifter attempts to avoid the police by setting off the fire alarm and amid the distraction Maggie's granddaughter, Lana, is abducted out of Tess' office by the patient with suspected dementia. Big Mac impresses Kelsey with a surprising skill, and Toby's mother visits the department with a journalist in tow. After he successfully manages the airway, he is praised by the team. During a peaceful protest by blocking a minor road with bins to stop cars from speeding, an elderly protester suffers an angina attack. Kelsey is devastated when Big Mac ends his charade with an e-mail informing her the soldier has died. By.

Curtis is troubled while tending a boy he appears to know and later lays flowers on a grave. Chloe passes away and Greg tells Ruby that her mother is just sleeping.
Meanwhile a boy, Dean, with mental issues brandishes a gun in his mother while wearing his dads old army clothes. Tess persuades Abs to go to his brothers funeral in order to comfort his mum. After Abs suffers a gun shot wound after trying to calm down Dean, Tess begins to prepare the department for the impending rush of patients from the shooting. Determined to put his troubles behind him Cameron tries to prove himself to Kian. Harry is brandished by the press as part of the cover up, Marilyn tries to make a scapegoat out of Harry after the public cry for the boards resignation. Instantly find any Holby City full episode available from all 22 seasons with videos, reviews, news and more! Jac and Kian must decide who will be Darwin's next clinical lead.

Dixie and Snezana bring in a young girl who has been impaled in the neck by a bracket, Harry tells Toby that the two of them will work together on the case. As he drives away from the scene it turns out the lad has gone onto the rapid response car's roof. After attempting to treat her with Adam's guidance, he once again fails to successfully remove blood from her artery therefore Ruth decides to step in. Meanwhile an overweight woman comes in to the hospital with stomach pains when it turns out that she has lost her baby. As William begins to crash the fire alarm in the department goes off causing an evacuation of the hospital. After receiving a call from his girlfriend asking where he is, the sound of the woman in labour makes her think that Adam is cheating on her and she breaks up with him. Marilyn Fox is dealing with the inquiry and while she interviews Nathan, he blames Charlie for the events and brings up the incident where Charlie prescribed a patient medicine which caused her to have an anaphylactic shock. Nicky must confront her fears, Fletch and Essie try to remain upbeat, and Guy is determined to prove he's still a top surgeon. It's the morning after the night before, but will Cameron and Chloe reconcile? Adam and Zoe share a kiss outside the pub where they decide that they are not compatible and to forgot about the incident. She then tries to assure Toby to stay after he succeeds in doing a textbook manoeuvre. Toby's mum, Professor Windsor, visits the hospital for a lecture and to check up on Toby but witnesses him having a very bad day after a patient refuses to let him treat them. Ric clashes with Max when his determination to destroy Guy puts his health at risk. Ruth makes a brilliant diagnosis and discovers that the girl is not abused by her mother but in fact has brittle bones, Maggie lets Ruth start to treat patients again but she struggles keeping her cool when inserting needles. Meanwhile in an illegal hippy hostel, an arsonist blows up the building after the police arrive to stop the illegal rave, Anita went back in to collect her belongs when the blaze began causing burns and internal bleeding. Adam then shows Toby how to do an intubation, on a dead woman. As the casualties from the explosion are brought in, an unattended bag causes a mass evacuation of the department, and Charlie single handedly apprehends the Animal Rights activist behind the bombing. Meanwhile a woman's leg is amputated when a train runs over it and is brought into resus. The court case is taken to the police. Meanwhile, Cameron sees red while dealing with a stabbing victim. Tracey McKendrick brings trouble to Holby. Following the tragic death of Selena Donovan at the end of the previous series, the staff of Holby City's ED find themselves thrown back into the thick of the action.

Marilyn coerces Zoe into lying under oath in court, first by offering to help her career, then by threatening to expose her affair with Sean. Big Mac then once again goes on about how he can't clean it because of his back and how he can not push patients over 15 stone. Nadia decides to take full responsibility and hands in her resignation to Tess. Jessica and Adam spend the day flirting. Adam makes his feelings over the patient known to Harry and tells him that they should stop treating overweight patients who are just killing themselves anyway. (BBC), Jac and Kian return to work, but can they support each other? Marilyn and Zoe try to convince Charlie of the benefits of opening a private clinic for minor injuries within the department. Tess is forced to close the department as they can not cope with all the patients, even though Dixie and Jeff are literally minutes away they are forced to divert to St James, an extra 10 minutes away. Toby calls off work sick and Harry is desperate to see him to check on how he is coping after Ruth's suicide attempt. Meanwhile an elderly lady from the train is brought in and Toby is assigned to deal with her. After hearing more screaming from inside the building, Greg ventures back in to find a girl impaled by a plank of wood. He fully denies these claims.

After he decides to withdraw his resignation he decides to skip out on the pub and sleep in the on call room after moving out of his parents' house, as he begins to undress he finds Ruth already sleeping there as there is still a loud party outside her house. Back in the hospital, Ruth lies to Tess about what happened to the patient and blames what happened on Nadia and that she never said to discharge the patient or remove the collar. Once in the hospital the mother threatens to sue Guppy about how he broke her sons arm. It aired from 8 September 2007 to 9 August 2008.

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