1. It might be that it has lost its potency and you need to buy some new yogurt to use as a starter.

Used black Krylon Fusion spray paint to paint the tops. Most say to cool to 110 to 112 before inoculating. I also let mine sit in my cooler for about 15 hourts to get that nice and tart flavor. My experience has been that my yogurt is much happier if I cool the milk to 111 degrees Fahrenheit; if I leave it hotter, it is thin & watery. If it has the flavor and consistency you like, you can stop there.

You can let it sit as long as 8 - 10 hours!

Oh, I’m so glad my method is working out for you, Marisa! Add the starter: Once the milk reaches 45 degrees, it’s time to add the starter culture.

Thanks for sharing I will have to try this at home tonight since I am out of yogurt and have a full gallon of milk left. Thanks again. Thermometer – You will have to make sure that the milk reaches two different temperatures.
As a total yogurt fiend (who is saddened by the plastic containers I’m constantly recycling), you may have just changed my whole life. Or try my recipe to make yogurt in your slow […].

No additional energy needed, like with a heating pad or leaving the oven lit.

When you are ready to thin the yogurt into the milk, you can drain off any watery whey from the starter that has surfaced. Discard the whey that drains out of the yoghurt (or reserve it for another use!). I would really like to make my own yogurt. 2. Use the microwave, instead! Making homemade yogurt always seems like something I *should* do, but never try because I’m worried that it will be too hard. Recycled crafts can be fun for the kids too, especially when they're like these Yogurt Bottle Snowmen. Once the yogurt tastes right to you, refrigerate it for several hours.

But it’s too short for quart jars. . For this reason, it made sense for me to learn how to make yogurt at home. so use 2 of them. I suggest making the yogurt before going to bed and letting it incubate overnight. Next Batch Homemade Yogurt. The easiest way to do that is to use some store bought yogurt. Coincidence? I do the oven-light method, as it’s the simplest (no added clutter!) What you need to know to make homemade yogurt, with a primer on the tools, ingredients and supplies you need, as well as two methods of making yogurt in your own home. Thanks again! It’ll keep for up to two weeks, but you’ll almost certainly gobble it down before then. CHECK OUT: 3 Ingredients No-Bake Granola Bar, Fold the cheesecloth into many layers and lay it inside a, Leave it to sit in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight, depending on how thick you want your greek yogurt to be. Required fields are marked *. Better known as Lebneh in the Arab world. This has never failed me, and is the way people would incubate yogurt before electric ovens and plastic coolers existed. This can be done by placing the container in a water bath with water that you keep between 100 and 110 degrees F, or heating your oven to 100 degrees F and placing the yogurt in the center rack — just be sure your container is heatproof. Chalk this up to childhood memories best forgotten: When I was in elementary school, my classmates dubbed me Yoghurt Girl. I too go with the slow cooker method.

Pour the milk/yogurt mixture back into the Dutch oven and stir/whisk gently. Once you make your first batch of yogurt you can use your own homemade yogurt as a starter culture for all your future batches. I would love to share the secrets, tips and recipe to my ridiculously super Easy Creamy Homemade Yogurt!

Use Greek-style yogurt to create delicious cupcakes. I have mine resting in a warmed oven (Once it was preheated to the lowest temperature I turned it off and opened the door until it came to 120, then put the jars in and closed the door). Whisk until everything is well combined and there are no lumps. by Crystal Miller. I use canning jars to make my yogurt as well. I could never get the cooler method or the oven method to work for me either, I live on the cold central coast :[. Stir gently as the milk heats. Let the words “health food” veer far from your thinking. The yogurt I make this way isn’t super runny, but the consistency also has something to do with the yogurt you use as your starter. Are there any other adjustments to the process one must make when using this method? Have you been using the same culture the whole time?

You can use any type of yogurt with an active culture as your starter.

Had children rip white construction paper to put inside the bottles. > CHECK OUT: 3 Ingredients No-Bake Granola Bar. thanks for any suggestions.

I now use Little Miss Cruciferous’ method in a soft sided cooler that fits 6 quart canning jars perfectly and bought a better thermometer. Also, I thought that 120 degrees would kill off the bacteria.

Makes approximately 4 cups of yoghurt. I never had any trouble with it being lumpy. Then, add in 2 1/2 tablespoons of the starter and whisk it until the yogurt is dissolved.
I have had more batches of slightly warm milk than I care to admit. I have tried all types of methods (including dried cultures) and still same results. Milk – I used 2% milk. You can let it sit as long as 8 – 10 hours! I agree, I hate wasting the containers over and over, and there’s only so much re-using you can do with those. Serve yogurt on the side with butter cake and fruit. Will let you know how it turns out. Set out all the equipment for easy access.

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