Working at the intersection of digital product design and brand identity,  he's had the privilege of influencing products used and loved by millions.

We completely overhauled the ecommerce platform, streamlining the checkout experience, creating custom 3D imagery and designing layouts that helped Wacom better tell their product stories. Creative Fields. Designed to capture "the energy and legacy of space travel", the logo and branding was created to mark the launch of NASA's Perseverance robotic rover, which was sent to Mars on 30 July to find evidence of past life on the planet. The emblem was previously phased out in favour of the original 1950s "meatball" design. While technology had advanced and adapted to our needs over the years, email hadn't evolved much at all. The house illustration is inspired by architecture found in cities that the designer has a personal connection to.

I founded and created the app including the concept, design, copywriting and branding.

■ CLIENT: NASA/JPL■ ROLE: LOGO DESIGN & IDENTITY■ DATE: 2019/2020, ■ CLIENT: NASA/JPL■ ROLE: ART DIRECTION■ DATE: 2017, For the 2020 launch of the Mars Rover, NASA asked House of van Schneider to design a symbol capturing the energy and legacy of space travel, while celebrating the engineers who worked tirelessly on this mission. ■ PROJECT: SELF-INITIATED■ ROLE: DESIGNER, PHOTOGRAPHER■ SHOP THE SWEATSHIRT HERE, Together with my friends at Unsplash, I created a sweatshirt that embodies our shared love of travel and exploration. As a product design lead and art director at Spotify, I lead design for all platforms including desktop, mobile and consoles. The world through my eyes. ■ CLIENT: AUDIENT.COM■ ROLE: CD, UX & UI DESIGN▸ DEMO: VIEW VIDEO.

See the Mars 2020 logo in action and follow the mission at

The logo's simple, flat design ensures that it can be applied in all sizes across digital platforms as well as physical formats without compromising the clarity.
Wacom  —  Designing a powerful ecommerce platform for state-of-the-art creative tools. Memomi created the world’s first digital mirror software platform called Memory Mirror.

I’m biased, but I’d say it’s the best beard oil out there. The beard approves this message.

All I do is collect my favorite color combinations on one big page. IllustrationStudio: FreelanceLogomark & embossing stamp for NY based creative Tobias Schneider. Shop House of van Schneider Society6 store featuring unique designs on various products across wall art, tech accessories, apparels, home decor and other …

"Last year, a fairly well known space company reached out and asked us to design a logo for the Mars 2020 mission. The stamp is used as sort of a quality seal throughout Tobias' various projects and products.

It’s an ever-iterating tool, website backend and creative community helping designers build with pride. House of van Schneider is a network of friends & partners building products people love & use everyday. Tired of the typical woodsy scent of most beard oils, we aimed for a more subtle fragrance using citrus, cedarwood and ginger. ■ AGENCY: FANTASY INTERACTIVE■ ROLE: ART DIRECTOR & LEAD DESIGNER▸ DEMO: VIEW VIDEO. House of van Schneider is a network of friends & partners building products people love & use everyday.

47. MORE ABOUT TVSAbout DESKCurated MixtapesThe NTMY Podcast, BECOME A FRIENDTwitterDribbbleInstagram, Tobias van Schneider (also known as  House of van Schneider) is an award-winning designer born in Germany, raised in Austria and currently living in, I'm Tobias van Schneider an award-winning designer born in Germany, raised in Austria & currently living in. I designed each detail of the sweatshirt, from the label on the sleeve to the graphic in tonal black foil script on the front. NASA also recently revived its "worm" logo, designed by Danne & Blackburn, for the first time since 1992. House of van Schneider Stamp H O U S E O F V A N S C H N E I D E R Logomark & embossing stamp for NY based designer Tobias Schneider.

From the moment we first set eyes on our sparkling sky, there was no going back. Unlike most weather apps with their sunshine and rainbows outlook, Authentic Weather tells it like it is. Since a few of you already asked where I printed, how I printed etc. I worked for three years on the brand and product design, helping Spotify through a major rebrand as the company tripled in size from 20 million users to more than 80 million. — Creating the world's most honest  and irreverent weather app. Related storySeven car brands that have returned to flat logo designs. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Obama says Trump is ‘jealous of Covid’s media coverage’ as he ridicules pandemic response, Celebrity Antiques Road Trip's David Harper talks 'demanding' celebrities on the show, The secret to Victoria Beckham's glowing skin revealed, Marseille vs Man City LIVE: Team news, line-ups and more ahead of Champions League fixture tonight, Mercedes seals deal to take up to 20% stake in Aston Martin, Samsung Galaxy S21 springs iPhone 12-style "most basic" fail on fans, Nasal spray may one day repair damaged brain cells, study suggests, Volkswagen Type 2 Bus evolution detailed in groovy family tree, A one-man 'A Christmas Carol' fills theater need in pandemic, You can now take virtual winery tours including wine samples sent to your door.
memomi™ —   Reinventing the luxury shopping experience with a new high-end digital mirror. NYC — The ultimate guide for moving to New York City, written and designed   for creatives.

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