Turn it to the right if you're left-handed. Work hard at bowling the doosra and you will also get there! You have to spin it without enough top spin and side spin to get the ball up and down.

Make sure your feet remain aligned during this step. Give the doosra a go in practice and stick with it, it's tough to learn! As you deliver the ball, spin it as you would in an off-break. Although it is most certainly not impossible as there are many examples of bowlers who can bowl this delivery. Nevertheless, here are the two "true" doosra variations.

Practice with a partner who can warn you if your arm bend exceeds 15 degrees.

Take a piece of string and tie it across the net 8 paces from the batters end. You will be a more effective bowler for it now and when you get older. To just dismiss the doosra as impossible after it only being mainstream a few years is not right. its not as difficutlt as it looks. Practice everyday to improve your technique. There are two main variations how to bowl the doosra. This variation is best used as a surprise delivery (just like the above video) because you can hide it from your stock ball. I am Pakistani and a very big fan of Saeed Ajmal and also of Doosra.I Am 14 Years old, i have learnt to bowl DOosra by videos!I Surprise my friends a lot! It is a learnt skill that comes from a lot of practice. It's bowled from the back of the hand with a lot of top spin, but the wrist still moves in a clockwise direction. Step forward. Allow the ball to gently rest against your ring finger to help support it. Sure, yes. To disguise the doosra, follow a regular bowling action similar to bowling an off-spin delivery. A website promoting their own products? Your point of delivery will be a little lower than your off-spin stock delivery. PV/MATCH is the revolutionary product for cricket clubs and schools to stream matches, upload HD highlights instantly to Twitter and Facebook and make you a hero! Although both methods are tough to bowl, variation 1 is more difficult due to the unnatural position you have to get your hand and wrist in during the release.

They use to say that running a 4 minute mile is a physical impossibility. Spin the ball hard.

it is very easy! The grip for the doosra is identical to the standard off-spinner’s grip. Watch Queue Queue.

This foot should be aligned directly behind the other. These days we get all sorts of carrom balls thrown in the mix as well. Oh also, if you feel you are not getting value from PitchVision Academy can I recommend you check out one of the other articles: we have been producing them daily for just about 5 years now, so you have a bit from which to choose. Master the art of spin bowling with the most comprehensive eBook on spin bowling ever produced, available now at PitchVision Academy. Drop your shoulder (of the delivery arm) and bend the elbow a little more than during the standard off-break delivery.

Cricketlab- Richard Pybus Online Cricket Coaching Tips, How To Play Cricket. For the doosra to the RH bat, go slightly wider in the crease, aim at off stump – middle and off stump. posted here! Although it should be noted that certain bowlers modify this slightly in certain ways. You need to go through you action and release the ball in this position. He has no idea what hit him, you can see how confused he is walking off! Bend at the waist. You need to spin the ball hard to do this, not lob it, up and down , but spin it up. Secondly, I have variations but I need greater control in terms of length and line. if i can understand and making a batsmen looking like a fool, you can also understand it yourself. An Australian bowler called Jack Potter was bowling these bad boys roughly 30 years before Saqlain Mushtaq even came on the scene. Get your free 8 week spin bowling course here. Is height important for me to become a good Off Spinner ? Above shows the release angle of variation 1. Position your torso toward the side of your bowling hand. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sportacademy/hi/sa/cricket/skills/newsid_3639000/3639179.stm, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2IJaW1InyA, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgXo9thZs1I, http://www.pitchvision.com/newsletter/view/pva/75, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fk3Tpf8By0Y, http://news.bbc.co.uk/sportacademy/hi/sa/cricket/skills/newsid_3207000/3207939.stm, https://kipkis.com/index.php?title=Bowl_the_Doosra&oldid=60900, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

Above photo shows the position of the seam at release point: The following 4 shots show the release sequence for variation 1.

There are numerous ways to bowl the Doosra but in this section I’m going to give some tips for bowling it in the same style as bowlers like Saeed Ajmal: The grip used for the delivery is exactly the same as the grip used for the normal off break. So, in fact there are as many versions on how to bowl it as there are spinners who bowl it. We do not ban driving for everyone because some people break the road rules.

[1] To the untrained eye, both bowls look identical to each other.

Then, turn the back of your hand towards the batter so that it's perpendicular to the ground. I bowl doOsra by 1st method!! Plant the sole of your foot flat on the ground.

Could have added some more pics.

To grip the ball to bowl offspin, start by spreading the knuckles of your index and middle fingers across the seam so that the stripe runs between them. Tony Greig, a commentator in one of these matches, eventually linked the word to the delivery and confirmed it with Saqlain in a post-match interview. For control, do the above drill till you can control your stock ball. This method is best if you want to use the doosra as your stock delivery as it will be very difficult to hide it as a variation delivery. The doosra is bowled by an off-spinner. I say variations, because actually every bowler will bowl them differently. So, it's an impossible delivery that has become a common delivery because of all the research. I was wondering how to bowl the doosra without chucking the ball, I’ve practiced in the nets and keep throwing it? or if you are an off spinner try to make ur own way of bowling the dosra. Work at this, it will give you good dip and drift. But I think before such a bowler emerges on the scene the world needs a left arm orthodox bowler that actually turns the ball more than 3 nanometers!

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Watch Queue Queue

(For example, if you're bowling with your right hand, you'll step forward with your left foot.) Hi& helo goodafternoon sir my name is muzammal ejaz i am a good loking allrounder but no sporting for the team. What is important is that you work on bowling the ball above the batters eyeline so that he has to work to judge the flight and dip on the ball. Make sure your palm is open and relaxed.

Ever wanted your skills to be shown to the world?

Keep the leg on your bowling side behind you with your toe pointed. Copyright 2018 PitchVision.

it is very easy!

Master the art of spin bowling with "Spin Bowling Tips" the most comprehensive eBook on spin bowling every produced.

It would be great to see a left arm orthodox bowler bowling the doosra! The fact is that the doosra has a long tradition. The changed wrist position causes the ball to behave like a leg-break. Some say no, like Cricket Australia that decided the doosra will not be taught in Australia. Position your wrist 180 degrees from the ground. Turn your elbow outward, keeping it straight.

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