The product provided by ESA to Category-1 users is the Geo Ortho Kit, consisting of IKONOS Black-and-White images with radiometric and geometric corrections (1-metre pixels, CE90=15 metres) bundled with IKONOS multispectral images with absolute radiometry (4-metre pixels, CE90=50 metres). The IKONOS ground station produces radiometrically corrected images, georectified images, orthorectified images, stereo pairs, and digital elevation models (DEMs) for image analysis, photogrammetric, and cartographic applications.

Copyright © 2003 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. The IKONOS satellite simultaneously collects imagery in four The satellite orbits at 680 km altitude, allowing a potential “revisit” time range of 1–3 days.

L'instrumentation embarquée est destinée à l'acquisition d'images à haute résolution. 0 The IKONOS satellite simultaneously collects 1-m panchromatic and 4-m multispectral images, providing the commercial and scientific community with a dramatic improvement in spatial resolution over previously available satellite imagery. Optical/Multi Spectral Radiometry High Resolution, Earth Topic: Land Floods; ( 0000001933 00000 n The launch of the first satellite failed, when the payload shroud of the Athena-2 launch vehicle failed to separate. The capability to observe Earth via space-based telescope has been called "one of the most significant developments in the history of the space age", and IKONOS brought imagery rivaling that of military spy satellites to the commercial market. ESA maintains an archive of IKONOS Geo Ortho Kit data previously requested through the TPM scheme. IKONOS was a commercial Earth observation satellite, and was the first to collect publicly available high-resolution imagery at 1- and 4-meter resolution. ( Ce satellite a pour mission d'effectuer des prises de vue à très haute résolution, par exemple dans les zones urbaines. Data are available online upon fast registration.

Version 1.0. IKONOS collects 1m and 4m Geo Ortho Kit imagery at an elevation angle between 60 and 90 degrees. Launched into space on September 24, 1999 from a pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA, IKONOS was originally owned by Space Imaging and was part of Maxar-DigitalGlobe’s constellation of high resolution satellites at the end of its ‘life’.

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149 19 The Geo Ortho Kit is tailored for sophisticated users such as photogrammetrists who want to control the orthorectification process. IKONOS is a spaceborne multispectral sensor with very high spatial resolution capabilities. De l'eau dans l'univers un milliard d'années seulement après le Big Bang ? Le satellite Ikonos 2 évolue à une altitude moyenne de 681 km, sur une orbite circulaire quasi polaire caractérisée par une inclinaison de 98,1° (condition d''héliosynchronisme). IKONOS is the world’s first high-resolution commercially-available satellite with imagery exceeding 1-meter (m) resolution. Toutefois, du fait de la faible largeur de la fauchée, un point particulier de la surface terrestre n'est survolé que tous les 35 jours, mais la possibilité de dépointage du capteur permet de ramener ce délai à 3 jours si besoin est. startxref 0000010291 00000 n

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