Our unique blend of Fairtrade premium coffee beans is specially roasted for us weekly. We were the first coffee chain in Ireland to introduce 100% compostable and biodegradable cups. We promise that you will get the best cup of coffee every single time you visit. Through milk notes of cocoa powder with a clean, round creamy finish.”. An espresso shot can be served solo or used as the foundation of most coffee drinks, like lattes and macchiatos. Pick up a free coffee ground bag in any of our stores. From French presses to Mokas, there are plenty of ways to prepare your dream cup of java. Each year we sell over 30 million Fairtrade cups of coffee.

Like an iced coffee, iced espresso can be served straight or with a dash of milk, cream or sweetener.

It’s the happy medium between a cappuccino and a doppio. Our promise is that you will get the best cup of coffee, in whichever format you choose, every time you visit our stores. As a rule, cookies will make your browsing experience better.

With a similar flavor to black coffee, the americano consists of an espresso shot diluted in hot water. Every year, since 2009, we have taken part in Fairtrade Fortnight, where a percentage from each hot beverage sold is donated to our nominated Insomnia Community projects. To use a cold brew maker, throw in your coffee grounds, brew and serve. Single serve coffee makers are perfect for single-person households (or those where just one person drinks coffee). You can store the coffee for up to 36 hours. To divert 15 million takeaway coffee cups & 20 million single use items including plastic straws, plastic cups & plastic cutlery away from landfill. Another great benefit is that the grounds are not added into landfill, so we achieve two benefits with one single action: helping you nurture your soil and protecting our environment.

The AeroPress is very similar to the French press. Copyright © 2010-2017 - Insomnia Coffee Company | All Rights Reserved | Design by FWD, Insomnia Head Office, In addition to the minimum Fairtrade price, workers and farmers also receive a Fairtrade premium, this goes towards a community or cooperative fund  to imporive social, econominc and environmental conditions. They’re typically used for medium roasts and prepared over the stovetop, but percolators can work over any heated surface, even a campfire (hint, hint!). Soon, you’ll hear the sweet sounds of your coffee dripping right into your coffee pot.

Whether that’s new flavours, new technologies or new stores, we are always looking for new ways to surprise and delight. The shorter the time between roasting and serving, the fresher, smoother and fuller flavoured the taste. Higher rates of insomnia in women have been found in numerous studies, and some estimates place the lifetime risk of insomnia as 40% higher in women. Das Unternehmen wurde 1997 von Derek Hughes gegründet.

Ireland, ASOBAGRI Coffee Cooperative, in Guatemala, ACPC Pichanaki Coffee Cooperative (CAC PICHANAKI ACPC), in Peru, construction of a student Infirmary and Dispensary for the Hekima Girls School in Bukoba, Tanzania, Financial independence for the women of the ACODIHUE cooperative in Guatemala, Technical training to ensure higher levels of productivity on the farms, Improved management processes for coffee cultivation. The lids are recyclable and can be put in the lids section on the bins in stores or in the recyclable green bin at home. 5 cents was donated from every Hot Beverage sold during Fairtrade Fortnight, February 25th to March 10th 2019. This is an achievement for ASOBAGRI and for the women who have been fighting discrimination and impartiality in Guatemala. Dublin 8,

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