His strenght was legendary, and to kill his body, it took them an entire army against one. Nihilus was the picture perfect painting of the dark side. The Force reacted to his power by creating the Chosen One! If you're thinking of voting for revan then think again because vitiate killed him with only 1 powerful force blast in which he wasn't even making an effort in doing. Revan's ascension as a Sith Lord led to the Jedi Civil War, during which he and an army of Dark Jedi converts brought the Republic to its knees.
Here you'll find all collections you've created before. Come on! Exar Kun killed an amount of Jedis and Sith that the others cannot even imagine. Also, unlike Revan, who was swayed by both sides of the force to varying degrees, Starkiller was swayed by neither, always doing his own thing, despite being raised to follow the dark side.

Under his rule, the Sith empire flourished, regaining a glory lost long before. I mean, he was one of the most powerful Sith Lords of his time. He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying. These cookies allow us to count visits and traffic sources, so we can measure and improve the performance of our site. He lived to fight who could have possibly have been Ben Skywalker's grandson. He was able to decimate countless imperial armies by himself, not to mention he defeated Rahm Kota, Kazdan Paratus, Maris Brood, and the Emperor and darth vader SINGLEHANDEDLY. Since Darth Plagueis operated in the shadows, unbeknownst to the Jedi and rest of the galaxy, he had little need of lightsabers. I will admit that while as said he is a skilled duelist, his force abilities far outshine his dueling abilities. And now we come to the Man. We feel that they all should serve as inspiration for future Star Wars characters! As an unassuming fuddy-duddy politician, Palpatine swindled his way up the ranks of the Galactic Senate to the very top. Let me explain, Darth Sion's "immortality" was just his spirit clinging on to his body, his body was still DYING. Along with Raven who had mastered both the light and dark sides of the force, and vitiate who was made eternal through the ritual that drained an entire planet of life. Scariest and Deadliest overall?

Not to mention he was a Sith King. Darth Bane is the Sith'ari, the counterpart to The Chosen One.

It ...more, Lets See, He lead the VERY successful Sacking Of Coruscant, Defeated Ven Zallow, Wasn't one of those Crazy Power-Hungry Sith Lords, He was LITERALLY like the only Sith Lord that wanted to keep the Empire up and standing, He's like The Old Republic's Vader, Could easily defeat Tyranus (Dooku) Or Sidious (Palplatine) in a fight, is like a tank to the Empire, killed his master, which was a Pureblood Sith, at his own hands due to his masters failure, after he welcomed his master home (then cutting his master's head off), and after sensing the death of Darth Venemal and hundreds of thousands of other people and a Sith Harrower-Class Dreadnaught be destroyed, he Force Screamed out of anger, buckling the Bridge's Viewport, caused the entire crew's ears bleed, and destroying a wave of Republic Aurek-Class tactical strikefighters, & in the Sacking of Coruscant, he destroyed the enitre Jedi Temple, killed Ven Zallow, and killed half of the Jedi Order and the Council, was Emperor of a ...more. One thing Star Wars has in common with other cinematic universes is its lack of formidable female antagonists. As another neat trick, he was also able to preserve the essence of his body for 5000 years after he died. He was all consuming, calling upon the Light, as well as the Dark in a way of Gray. He was a genius, destroying everything in his path, and if you read everything you could, you would've noticed the part where it shows Revan's end. Dooku is far more talented than Maul, the versatility from expert swordsman/lightning-sadist (superior in my opinion to Maul) all the way to the façade of 'political idealism' and secretly building an army. And he is a kid with entidelment issues. After being trained by Nadd, he destroyed his master's spirit and set off to dominate the galaxy, waging a destructive onslaught against the Republic known as the Great Sith War. With his knowledge of the Force, Vitiate ruled for more than a thousand years, and proved that he was godlike in comparison with the other users of the Force. Nihilus is what you get when you combine Marvel's Galactus with that crazy ghost from Spirited Away.

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