RISAT-1A will be launched on the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) and will have a liftoff mass of 1,858 kilograms (4,096 lb). The second RISAT satellite to be launched, it uses C-band 5.35 GHz Synthetic Aperture Radar for earth observation. The GSAT-11 communication satellite is planned to be launched through procured launch.

How will GEOINT data shared under BECA help India?

With regard to earth observation satellites, it is planned to initiate necessary processes of development of Cartosat-3, Oceansat-3 and RISAT-1A (Radar Imaging) in addition to the GISAT-1, according to the annual report of the Department of Space, Government of India. Are medium resolution, wide swath satellites for advanced land and water resource management applications. [1] RISAT-1 was not designed as a surveillance satellite, given its reliance on the C-band.

Many new technologies/elements are being developed like highly agile structural platform, payload platform, higher rate data handling and transmission systems, advanced onboard computer and new power electronics, dual gimbal antenna, etc. It carries an L Band in 1260 MHz and S Band in 3200 MHz SAR payloads, both operating in interferometric SAR with multiple polarization. Check back for live coverage on launch day! The payload has the capability of imaging with 0.25m GSD in panchromatic and 1m GSD in four-band multispectral modes with a swath of 16km.

[18], "RISAT-1 satellite launch a "grand success": ISRO", "Risat-1 satellite is functioning normally, says Isro", "Details of satellites being operated by the country at present", "RISAT-1's radar can see through clouds and work in darkness", "ISRO Launches India's First Radar Imaging Satellite, RISAT-1", "ISRO's New Satellite Could See Through Even Cloudy Sky", "India successfully launches first microwave radar imaging satellite RISAT – I", "Radar Imaging Satellite (RISAT-1) successfully placed in its final orbit - ISRO", "Debris-causing event ID'd near RISAT-1(#38248) on Sep 30", "NASA Orbital Debris Quarterly News, Volume 20, Issue 4, October 2016", "Details of satellites being operated by the country", "Annual Report Department of Space 2017-18", List of Satish Dhawan Space Centre launches, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=RISAT-1&oldid=984210494, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 21:07. The overall aim is to maintain the continuity of services and carryout enhancements in technological capabilities with respect to sensors and payloads in order to meet the operational applications.

INSAT-3DS also has an imager capable of imaging earth and its environment in six spectral channels and satellite aided search and rescue transponder similar to INSAT-3D/3DR.

RISAT-2BR1 What to study? RISAT 1A, a copy of RISAT 1, is planned for December 2018 to provide continuity of service for RISAT-1.

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RISAT 1B, another copy of RISAT 1, is planned for March 2021.

The spacecraft is planned to be positioned at 93.5-degree east longitude in the geostationary orbit of 36,000 km height, and will be capable provide a spatial resolution in the range of 50 m to 1.5 km, depending on the spectral band used.

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