Probably not...".

Expert says it did, ‘Cloaked’ UFO caught on video by infared security camera before disappearing into the California sky, ‘Ancient alien city’ discovered on Mercury in NASA mission image: ‘100% proof of life’ says expert, The U.S. Navy has finally released eight new UFO incident reports submitted by pilots, ‘Alien base entrance’ discovered on island in Indonesia in Google Earth image by UFO expert, UFO expert puts forth ‘absolute proof’ aliens were monitoring NASA’s Apollo 7 mission in 1968, Former NASA Director warns the next killer supervirus could be alien in nature, UFO entering a ‘secret alien base’ in Oregon’s Mount Hood caught on video by airplane pilot, ‘Thousands of mushrooms’ and an ‘alien life form’ spotted on Mars in NASA rover pics, UFO caught on camera in deep space near the sun in images from NASA’s SOHO satellite, Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid admits Congress used a ‘black budget’ for studying UFOs, Japan now suddenly planning to ‘establish procedures’ for handling UFO encounters due to Pentagon videos, Fleet of UFOs passing by the moon caught on camera in image from NASA’s Apollo 9 mission, says expert, Alien base and pyramids discovered in Mars Curiosity Rover photo: ‘NASA kept it a secret’ says expert, UFO expert says he has ‘100% indisputable proof’ alien cities exist on the Earth’s moon, UFO spotted on NASA live stream as cylindrical craft ‘uncloaks’ near International Space Station, UFO spotted exiting a Mexican volcano is ‘100 percent proof’ of alien existence on Earth, Three different UFO sightings reported in three different cities in the same night sparks speculation, Former French Director of Intelligence says he believes UFOs may come from parallel worlds, UFO expert believes he has found evidence of alien life on Mars in image ‘deleted by NASA’, UFO spotted on NASA live stream video outside the International Space Station is ‘absolutely real’, Scientist claims coronavirus was brought to Earth by a meteroite that hit China in 2019, Mysterious UFO sighting during the day in northern Siberia leaves top Russian scientists baffled, Expert claims triangle UFO spotted on an Antarctic island is 100% ‘proof of ancient aliens’, Mass UFO sighting in the skies above Detroit and Cleveland on consecutive nights has people shook, UFO expert Tom DeLonge shares strange video of a huge ‘fiery orange’ orb dancing about the sky over California, Flurry of UFO sightings, including a ‘Tic Tac’ spotted by a pilot over Mexico, sparks more speculation, Top quantum physicist believes USS Nimitz UFO used ‘metamaterial’ and time-traveled to reach 19,000 mph, Time-lapse video showing mysterious ‘red trails’ reignites debate about UFOs over North Carolina, Former UK Ministry Of Defence UFO investigator says we are completely unprepared for an alien invasion, ‘Black Triangle’ UFO spotted orbiting the sun on NASA video: ‘This is an alien space station’, UFO sighting is ‘absolute proof’ a Mexican volcano is being used as a secret alien base of operations, Satellite photos spot mysterious objects emerging from top secret Area 51 experimental air base.
Japan A view of the Marius Hills on the Moon, which average 200 to 500 meters in height. Well you be setting up another negativity scene this year for the holidays? The european space agency, indian space program, Japanese program, and even google, have confirmed the landings each with independent methods. We need to get a better and more dynamic new ISS to replace the old ISS.

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