The international airport serving French Guiana is at Rochambeau, 17 km from Cayenne, with regular Air France flights from Paris. [2] Shopkeepers of Chinese descent in particular are often targeted by armed robbers, their cash registers emptied and some products stolen. Politics. Long white sand beaches and some rocky outcrops line the town's ocean coast, the riverbank and all points inland consisting mostly of mangrove and dense tropical rainforest. Chart File. Other (optional) notes. The Kourou station can also provide system validation testing of satellites during final checkout in the assembly building or when installed on the launcher (it is sited just a few kilometres from the CSG launch areas and satellites can communicate over the air directly to the station prior to launch).

There are 2 ways to get from St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport (UVF) to Kourou by plane, car or ferry. Hence the name, "Salvation Islands."

Between November and July a total of 2,396.4 millimetres or 94.35 inches can be expected in nine months, with rain on most days and very cloudy skies. Some 60 km (37 mi) northwest of the French Guianese capital Cayenne the Kourou River empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

Guiana in general has a high level of crime compared to the rest of France's départements; Kourou has an average of two armed robberies a day. The failure of the Expedition only served to discourage settling in Guiana. The population of the colony, of all races, did not rise above 20,000 until the gold rush (starting in 1855), the second abolition of slavery in 1848 and the founding of the prisons. ESA Station Kourou (Station Diane) This tower was used in pre-radio days to communicate with the islands via Semaphore. In 1852 the three main islands off of Kourou's coast, the Salut island group (which included Devil's Island) also became prisons. It is also common for many to go up the river in canoes on weekends to camp in the forest. In 1946 eight years later, the Kourou Prison was finally shut down, while some prisoners were kept in other Guyanese prisons until as late as 1953. Flight stats for Kourou - did you know? There are three lakes within the town's city limits: Lake Bois Diable (where one can take lessons in jetski and other aquatic sports), Lake Marie-Claire (the smallest and calmest), and Lake Bois Chaudat (the biggest of the three; also open to sport lovers, especially canoers and kayakers). Chart Title. The station is also equipped with a Galileo Experimental Sensor Station (GESS) receiver, which also delivers continuous data to ESOC. At the mouth of this river sits the town of Kourou, which is ringed by four hills: Carapa, Pariacabo, Café and Lombard, with the Singes and Condamine mountains not far behind. Mailing address: One notable remnant of the prison is the Dreyfus Tower, which stands where the river meets the ocean. The ESOC point of contact is: That's the reason you want to travel to Kourou, where you will have a lot to do.; Wikipedia; Overview: Map: Satellite: Directions: Overview: Map: Satellite: Directions: Notable Places in the Area. Not much is known of the pre-colonial era. [5], The places of birth of the 26,221 residents in the commune of Kourou at the 2015 census were the following:[8], These were the countries of birth of the immigrants living in the commune of Kourou at the 2009 census:[9].

Kourou is 30 mi from Rochambeau Airport (Cayenne, French Guiana). While Kourou is normally controlled from ESOC, the station communicates directly with CSG each time that a satellite is launched on behalf of ESA. Archaeological site.

Within the Kourou district lies the Guiana Space Centre, France and the European Space Agency's main spaceport. Kourou is the port of departure for those going to the îles du Salut, of which the most famous is Devil's Island. Kourou is served by the Kourou Airport, located 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) at the west of the city. Part of the town and the islands are closed during rocket launches. The coordinates of the 15-metre antenna are +5° 15' 05.18", -52° 48' 16.79". You have already liked this page, you can only like it once. The Kourou Prison was dedicated mostly to agriculture. Kourou is a commune in French Guiana, an overseas region and department of France located in South America. For example, the station was used to validate communications with ESA's Automated Transfer Vehicle Johannes Kepler prior to its launch in February 2011. fix the issue that you have identified. Those remaining fled to the îles du Salut, free of mosquitoes due to constant winds, to recover before being repatriated to Metropolitan France. Transport between the airport and Cayenne or Kourou is usually by rental car or taxi; you must book rental cars in advance. Kourou was formerly the home of the "Kourou Prison" which was one of the main prisons in French Guiana, and which was also a part of the notorious Devil's Island Prison System. Heavy transport is by sea to the port of Dégrad des Cannes. In addition to being an administrative district in French Guiana, it is also the main town in that district. Heavy transport is by sea to the port of Dégrad des Cannes. Rochambeau Airport offers nonstop flights to 2 cities. In 1744, La Condamine, in charge of the expedition sent to Peru in 1735 to determine the length of a degree of the meridian arc in the neighbourhood of the equator, passed by and gave his name to one of the mountains behind Kourou. Check out all the pursuits we offer in Kourou and see for yourself. Kourou River: Many people go up the river on canoes or small boats to camp along the shore in open dwellings, or simply in hammocks.

The population of the town grew rapidly, and has not shown any signs of slowing since. Charts must be in PDF format, you can use this free online converter if you need to convert before uploading. Every week, at least 25 international flights depart from Rochambeau Airport. them so we can fix them!

Transport between the airport and Cayenne or Kourou is usually by rental car or taxi; you must book rental cars in advance. Kourou is the location of the Centre Spatial Guyanais (CSG), the French and European spaceport.

Kourou is the location of the Centre Spatial Guyanais , the French and European spaceport. The Jesuits Lombard and Creuilly baptised a few Galibis at the church of Saint Nicholas in Cayenne in December 1710 and returned with them soon after to farm the land at Guatémala, across the river from Kourou.

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