The young hero, Link, was guided to the location of the Triforce in Hyrule Castle. During his execution, Ganondorf kills one of Hyrule's seven sages. During, Link and Zelda leave the flooded Hyrule, after defeating Ganondorf, in search of new land. It's a temporary solution. Afterwards, a sage named Rauru builds the Temple of Time, which contains the only entrance to the Sacred Realm. This game's ending brought about the Split Timeline. The hero, who now had proof of true Courage, told the Princess about Ganondorf. After sneaking past the guards, Link arrives at the courtyard where the Princess asks the Hero to find the other two Spiritual Stones, the Goron's Ruby and the Zora's Sapphire.

This is evidenced by the fact that Koroks have only been seen and mentioned in the Adult Timeline, more specifically in Wind Waker, and that Koroks are present in Breath of the Wild. Upon completing the Triforce of Wisdom, Link then set out to Death Mountain to confront Ganon.

First, the three Golden Goddesses (Din, Nayru, and Farore) created the earth that exists within the, franchise. In the process, he becomes the only Link (that we know of) to meet two separate Zeldas. The land of Hyrule knows peace for several years until word begins to spread about the Triforce and the Sacred Realm.

The following is the timeline published in Hyrule Hystoria. Ganon is dead prior to the story.

This storyline is a little more straight-forward than the other two (which are intertwined), and it involves the defeat of Link at the hands of Ganondorf during the events of Ocarina of Time, who is then sealed away within the Dark World that he has created. The Divine Beast Vah Naboris was named after Nabooru and Ganon's origins as a member of the Gerudo tribe is mentioned. In that game, a villain named Demise curses Hyrule, vowing "his hatred" will always plague those with "the blood of the goddess" and "the spirit of the hero" (that's symbolic — there's no actual reincarnation happening here). In order to find the new Princess Zelda — and, more important, her Triforce — Ganondorf begins kidnapping girls around the right age. However, the Helmaroc King kidnapped Link's sister Aryll and Link had to seek out the help of pirates and Tetra, in order to travel to the Forsaken Fortress. The people who were able to take refuge on the mountaintops went on to build a new civilization on the land now known as the Great Sea. After defeating the usurper King, it is then revealed that Ganondorf was behind Zant all along and that he is now reborn in the Light World. The Legend of Zelda games are exquisitely crafted blends of action, puzzle-solving, and exploration developed by master game designers. In addition, the Master Sword first appeared in this game. Another continuity error is the Triforce of Courage. Timeline Details: This is the first game to happen after the establishment of the Kingdom of Hyrule. The first Master Trials DLC adds the Trial of the Sword to unlock the "True Power of the Master Sword", among the new DLC Shrine's treasures include Tingle's Outfit, Majora's Mask, Midna's Helmet, and Phantom Armor (from the Phantom Hourglass). [7] The humans rebuild their strength and thrive on Skyloft, a series of floating islands in the sky. This caused the Egg to break and it opens up to a maze-like structure. After their defeat, the surrogate mothers of Ganon sacrificed themselves. The idea of who this original Zelda was has been hotly debated, as the fact that the Triforce of Courage could not have been hidden prior to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time implies that the events took place later, but references to the Sages imply that this game takes place after Ocarina of Time. He turns the Knights of Hyrule into demons and uses Hyrule's Royal Jewels to raise a supernatural army. Later, Ganondorf escapes the seal, which forces the gods to cause the Great Flood. However, with secrets in the game directly referencing. Eventually, the king dies, and his power-hungry son wants the Triforce. When the Demon King Demise tries to secure the Triforce for himself, a war begins. Although Aonuma does not state where it stands in relation to the rest of the timeline, many believe it to be a bridge between the newer games in the timeline and the older classics, due to a combination of gameplay melds (i.e. As seen in the final battle and ending of Ocarina of Time, Link defeats Ganondorf, sealing him in the Sacred Realm with the help of the Seven Sages. All of this leads to the events of A Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds, and Tri Force Heroes. However, with secrets in the game directly referencing Wind Waker, BotW might actually take place under one of the three timelines. Hundreds of years later, Ganondorf is reborn into the Gerudo tribe and attempts to seize power once again, this time with the help of Vaati, the sorcerer who Link helped imprison within the Four Sword. With each advancement in videogame hardware and the ever-changing desires of the consumer, the base story of Link saving Princess Zelda from Ganon and recovering the Triforce is embellished, modified, and changed outright. Vaati still has his old weaknesses, and all it takes is a new Link and the legendary Four Sword to take both Vaati and Ganondorf out, presumably for good. However, Midna encountered an imprisoned Link in Hyrule Castle. The Princess Zelda in this game is not the same Zelda as in the first game however. The curse set on Midna was now lifted and her true form is revealed; however, upon leaving she shattered the Mirror, breaking the only known connection between the two worlds. Four Swords was stated by Eiji Aonuma in 2004 to be the "oldest tale" in the Legend of Zelda series. Considering also that the account may contain inaccuracies...". However, the Sword was further guarded by the Door of Time, which could only be opened if one were to obtain the three Spiritual Stones. Now with the fully powered blade, Link traveled the Great Sea in a quest to find eight pieces of the Triforce of Courage.

The creators maintained that the series has a set timeline, but due to the poor translation protocols in the 1990s and the constant debate over what counts as being canonical, the publicly available information was disputed. By now, you know how this goes: a new hero named Link rises to counter Ganondorf's threat, and with help from the Twilight Realm's rightful ruler, Midna, and Princess Zelda, puts the King of Darkness back in his place.

In order to face him, Link must assemble the Triforce of Wisdom. This iteration of Link eventually dies and is reincarnated as the Hero’s Spirit, whom Twilight Princess Link meets throughout the events of that game.

However, Vaati found out about the source of the ancient power he sought after, the Light Force. Shortly after the war's end, the events of Ocarina of Time occur, during which three separate timelines branch out. Link obtained the Phantom Sword and with the help of the Phantom Hourglass, he successfully navigated through the Temple of the Ocean King. Ocarina of Time has three different endings which spawn three branched timelines.

However, the Master Sword is used by the Link in A Link Between Worlds, which happens generations after A Link to the Past, making this statement false.

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