This free and open source gaming OS comes with a variety of choices: Budgie, MATE, and GNOME editions. The display of third-party trademarks and trade names on this site does not necessarily indicate any affiliation or the endorsement of PCMag.

Keep in mind that many won’t work, but ProtonDB can tell you which titles will get the best results. Based on OpenELEC Linux distro, Lakka Linux isn’t anything like your regular Linux distribution. Apple Finally Working On Google Search Alternative: Report, SpaceX Starlink Internet Service Starts At $99/Mo: Here’s What We Know, 5 YouTube-dl Alternatives On GitHub To Download YouTube Videos, Valorant 1.11 Patch Was A Technical Nightmare, So Riot Rolled Back The Update, Fedora 33 Officially Released: Here’s How To Upgrade Fedora Linux, Wikiman: An Offline Search Engine For Arch Linux, Gentoo Wiki, And More, Pop!_OS 20.10 Released: 5 New Features Of Ubuntu-based Linux Distro, Phishing Attackers Preferred Microsoft More Than Other Brands. While the operating system, i.e., Steam OS, is open source, the actual Steam gaming client is closed source. You might be surprised how many games are developed specifically for your favorite open-source OS. How To Enable 2FA On Facebook Without A Phone Number?

These are far from the only ways to get a game running on Linux, but most of the modern, big-name titles you can get running should be available through one of these means. One should also note that Solus is an independent Linux distro. Ubuntu Software Center itself has an entire section of games for enthusiasts. Solus is one of the fastest growing Linux distros which is being picked up by many users. How To Take A Screenshot On A Mac: Hidden Tricks Included. With time, SteamOS has gained popularity as a top Linux gaming solution which is used for creating Steam Boxes. Here are your options.

Whitson Gordon is a writer, gamer, and tech nerd who has been building PCs for 10 years.

The overall look of this distro for gameplay will surely look familiar to Windows users. This distro comes with thousands of pre-installed Linux games that make it a must try for gamers. Apart from the official Ubuntu spins like Ubuntu MATE, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, etc., this popular open source operating system has tons of unofficial spins. Linux-based operating systems for gaming! Lutris should point you in the right direction when you go to install a given game, but the instructions aren’t always perfect. The installation process is quite a bit easier now as well compared to my video. From terminal type any of the following commands: This is where Linus Tech Tips recently covered - Linux gaming is BETTER than windows? Built into Arch Linux and part of the official pacman repositories. The combination of Steam and Ubuntu is used by numerous gamers to turn their Linux systems into a gaming machine. Source Project: For example, Dishonored doesn’t have that blue Install button, but is reported as “Gold” by ProtonDB users, which means it should be very playable.

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