ESA/Hubble News Science Announcements ESA/Hubble Science Newsletter Subscribe to the ESA/Hubble Science Newsletter ... Hubble Studies the Earth during a Total Lunar Eclipse. The v1.0 L14 mission — the 14th launch of operational satellites and 15th Starlink flight overall — will launch from pad SLC-40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The mission was delayed from Thursday to allow time for engineers to assess a problem with a camera on the Falcon 9 rocket’s upper stage. By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. (Source: BloombergQuint - Oct 16). More The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) ... Hubble 2005. Home; Most tracked. (Source: - Oct 27), RUSSIA LAUNCHES SOYUZ WITH NEXT-GENERATION NAVIGATION SATELLITE - Russia launched a next-generation navigation satellite to join its GLONASS constellation Sunday. (Source: Business Insider - Oct 26), SPACEX ADDS ANOTHER 60 SATELLITES TO STARLINK NETWORK - SpaceX successfully deployed 60 more Starlink internet satellites in orbit Saturday, continuing a record launch cadence while engineers assess a concern with Falcon 9 rocket engines that has delayed other missions, including the next crew flight to the International Space Station. (Source: SpaceFlight Now - Oct 22), SPACEX IS WORKING WITH MICROSOFT TO BUILD A SATELLITE NETWORK THAT CAN DETECT THE LAUNCH OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS - paceX has tapped Azure, a massive cloud-computing service built by Microsoft, to help it develop and operate experimental satellites capable of detecting missile launches all over the world. The TDRS network facilitates around the clock communication access between ground stations and other satellites and the ISS.
Hubblecast 129: Hubble’s Collection of Anniversary Images. More (Source: Business Insider - Oct 20), LEOLABS INDICATES NO COLLISION OF SOVIET SATELLITE AND CHINESE ROCKET STAGE - Most of the aerospace world watched the skies over Antarctica and New Zealand for portions of Thursday night/Friday morning. Descending under a huge orange-and-white parachute, the Soyuz crew module touched down at 10:54 p.m. EDT (8:54 a.m. Thursday local time), three-and-a-half hours after departing the lab complex. (Source: NASA - Oct 17), SWEDEN TO LAUNCH SATELLITES FROM SPACE CENTER INSIDE THE ARCTIC CIRCLE - The space center in northern Sweden is mostly known for launching sounding rockets and research balloons. Monitor & stay connected to your bump, baby & home, from anywhere with Hubble. (Source: New Scientist - Oct 17), ASTRONAUTS SET TO LAUNCH SECURITY SATELLITE FROM SPACE STATION - Spire Global is a startup that is pivoting so quickly that in the past 18 months, it’s added specialties such as weather tracking and data services to its initial work on tracking ships and aircraft from orbit. 90 million kronor (€8,6 million) was this week granted by the government and comes in addition to previous investment in creating a test facility at Esrange. Liftoff of the Uragan-K No.15L satellite, aboard a Soyuz 2-1b/Fregat rocket, took place at 23:08:42 Moscow Time (19:08:42 UTC) from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in the northwest of the country. ‎Live Hubble : 4K on your TV screen bring you live, 4K high definition video capture from the Hubble telescope. More NASA ‘sonified’ this photo, which was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope n August 2018. More (Source: SpaceFlight Now - Oct 25), US ASTRONAUT VOTES EARLY FROM SPACE STATION - ASA astronaut Kate Rubins shared her voting selfie from orbit after stating before her launch earlier this month that she would cast her ballot from the International Space Station. (Source: - Oct 22), SOYUZ BRINGS THREE SPACE STATION FLIERS BACK TO EARTH - One week after two cosmonauts and a NASA astronaut arrived at the International Space Station, the three crew members they’re replacing strapped into their own Soyuz spacecraft, undocked and returned to Earth Wednesday with a landing on the steppe of Kazakhstan to close out a 196-day mission. Roughly one hour after the time of possible collision, LeoLabs confirmed “No indication of collision” via a statement on Twitter. Tracking 21606 objects as of 25-Oct-2020 HD Live streaming from Space Station. Preparations are ramping up for the Nov. 10 launch of the world's latest sea level satellite. At first, crew members held off on troubleshooting the issue, since the leak wasn't major. ABOUT 3% OF STARLINK SATELLITES HAVE FAILED SO FAR - SpaceX has drawn plenty of praise and criticism with the creation of Starlink, a constellation that will one day provide broadband internet access to the entire world. However, an issue 13 minutes before liftoff forced a hold and scrub for the day. In dark grey is the new light that has been found around the galaxies in this field. Simply download the app to connect to your camera to instantly start monitoring what you may be missing at home. (Source: - Oct 24), SPACEX SCRUBS 15TH STARLINK MISSION - Just four days after the previous flight, SpaceX was ready to launch its third batch of Starlink satellites this month into orbit at 12:14 EDT (16:14 UTC) on Thursday, 22 October. Enjoy!! The TDRS network facilitates around the clock communication access between ground stations and other satellites and the ISS. More The Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite lifts off Nov. 10 aboard a Falcon 9 rocket that will be launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Since 1997, as a concession to the fact that most NASA astronauts live near the agency's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas has had an extreme absentee ballot procedure in place for anyone who finds themselves off Earth on Election Day. Its mission will be to track how the accelerating rise of sea levels are changing coastlines, threatening the habitat of more than a third of the world’s population. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. (Source: Business Insider - Oct 22), COMPANY ADVANCES PLAN FOR PRIVATE CITIZEN FLIGHT TO SPACE STATION - Houston-based Axiom Space is negotiating final details of a contract with NASA to fly a private citizen to the International Space Station in 2021. Hubblecast 131 Special: Showcase of Hubble's 30th Anniversary Artistic Creations, Hubblecast 130 Light: Hubble Studies the Earth during a Total Lunar Eclipse, Hubblecast 129: Hubble’s Collection of Anniversary Images, Hubblecast 128: 30 Years of Science with the Hubble Space Telescope, Hubblecast 127 Light: The Mysteries of Fomalhaut b, Hubblecast 126: From Ultraviolet to Infrared: Comparing the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes, Hubblecast 125 Light: Hubble Studies High-Energy Gamma Ray Burst, Hubblecast 123 Light: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, Hubblecast 122 Light: The Evolution of Eta Carinae.
(Source: - Oct 21), SPACE-STATION CREW MEMBERS JUST FOUND AN ELUSIVE AIR LEAK BY WATCHING TEA LEAVES FLOAT IN MICROGRAVITY - The International Space Station has been leaking an unusual amount of air since September 2019. The leak was first detected in September 2019 but was too low a priority for NASA and Roscosmos to address until August of this year given the short staffing and high activity rates at the orbiting laboratory, according to a previous statement from the U.S. space agency. - Three TDRS satellites, the International Space Station (ISS) and Hubble Space Telescope orbit a blue-green Earth in this artist's concept. The European Space Agency will provide details about the mission on Friday at 4 p.m. in Paris. - SpaceX just launched its 100th successful mission, and the company put together an action-packed video to mark the milestone. (Source: The Independent Barents Observer - Oct 16), SPACEX TO LAUNCH SATELLITE TRACKING RISING SEA LEVELS - A new payload that Elon Musk’s SpaceX will deliver into orbit next month will play a pivotal role in measuring sea level increases, potentially helping to spare economies from billions of euros in damages by the end of this century. It’s reportedly been called a ‘galactic treasure chest’ due to the number of galaxies shown in the image. That same day, SpaceX tweeted out a video documenting all 100 successful launches, starting with a September 2008 flight of a Falcon 1 booster. More (Source: SpaceFlight Now - Oct 18), COSMONAUTS PATCH SMALL AIR LEAK ON INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION: REPORTS - Cosmonauts are making progress in the fight against the small air leak that has beleaguered the International Space Station for months, according to Russian reports. More "We're just about done with our contract with NASA, so we expect that to be complete here in the next two to three weeks," Suffredini said last week during an online panel discussion sponsored by International Astronautical Congress. More (Source: - Oct 18), SPACEX LAUNCHES ANOTHER BATCH OF STARLINK SATELLITES - SpaceX launched 60 more Starlink internet relay platforms into orbit Sunday as the company ramps up network testing in Washington state and touts a streak of nearly 300 satellites launched since June without a spacecraft failure. Now the company has a contract with the Australian Office of National Intelligence to experiment with commercial satellite technologies, including “machine learning” — an application of artificial intelligence that allows a system to learn and improve classification from an initial dataset.

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