They both make us act irrationally.

Raise Your Cosmic Energy And Increase Your Body Immunity By Practicing These Six P, GODLINESS----------- ----------LOVE 100%  + HATE 0%, SAINT ---------------------------- LOVE 90%    + HATE 10%, CIVILIAN -------------------------LOVE 50%     + HATE 50%, CRIMINAL -----------------------LOVE 10%     + HATE 90%. Love can scare us. Love: Love is used as a noun as well as a verb. This was originally blogged at IonPsych for Valentine’s Day on 2/14/2011, and reblogged again at PsySociety on 2/14/2012.

It is often associated with other positive feelings like caring, warmth, and happiness. James Carville and Mary Matalin are political pundits on opposite extremes of the ideological spectrum and have managed to stay happily married since 1993. They are like yin and yang; the opposite side of a coin or better yet we love to hate, and we hate to love.

My Neighbor Joined a Sex Cult; It Explains a Lot About Trump’s America, 7 Racist Slurs Which You Should Drop From Your Vocabulary, 20 Things Most People Learn Too Late In Life, Life Lessons Learned in My 40’s That I Wish I Could Tell My 20-Year Old Self, 5 Simple Things I Removed from My Life to Become Happier, 5 Bad Habits You Should Cut From Your Life to Get Healthy. romantic love, is shaded with a different set of emotions like passion and attraction.

Feelings of love and hate are two of the strongest that exist, and if you happen to have them both in your life, they can keep you very busy and awake at night. If one thrives on hatred, should they set their mind to it, one could live perhaps the most content life of all. Berntson, G.G., Norman, G.J., Bechara, A., Bruss, J., Tranel, D., & Cacioppo, J.T. There are things such as loving/hateful acts and things born or love or hate.

They both make our hearts race, our pupils dilate, and our palms sweat. In our society, people have been killed and hurt in their home by their loved ones because they claim to be so in love. It hurts even more when the person you love the most ends up hurting you in ways that you would never have expected. We do something for another only when we have some hope of getting something from him – we desire the fruit, otherwise we do nothing”.

Most people, in their weak and sedated state, just stop at hate. OK.

Syntax. The insula in particular is related to pretty much every visceral feeling and strong emotion that exists, so it’s pretty intuitive that it would be activated for ‘hate’ or ‘love’; it’s also activated when people crave drugs, feel pain, or hear a funny joke.

1. We are born with ego, but we must learn compassion. This makes the switch from ‘hate’ to ‘love’ quite natural.2. COMPARE - Nevertheless love and hatred are the ‘Ideological Tool’ although opposite in nature both are used for gaining something for the self. So let’s kick off this Valentine’s Day on an optimistic note. Haters spread hate. Hate: Hate is an intense dislike.

They tend not to stretch their tired arm so far, not to rise from their comfortable seated position, not even to think twice about it. But hate has reigned longer than love. ‘Love’ is a gentle ideological tool for securing good for the self whereas ‘Hatred’ is a harsh ideological tool for the same for the self; both states are selfish to end. Fatal attractions: Affection and disaffection in intimate relationships. There’s also a never-ending stream of support from pop culture.

So it seems like love and hate are not quite so different after all. The biggest reason for their differences seems to be based on the fact that they are two opposing emotions; however, it is possible for the two emotions to exist at one time and for both emotions to be seen as positive and negative.

Get an answer for 'For a compare-contrast essay, would you choose to compare Love/Hatred, Dickens's views toward the aristocracy/lower class, or Paris/London, and why?

Wait, that doesnt seem right.

Sadly for all of the Valentines out there, that ‘hate’ to ‘love’ switch can flip the other way as well.

Hateful people breed hateful people. There may be a fine line between love and hate, but in the end “love conquers all.”, We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Optimism is what bring love and happiness.

Living a life filled with hate will keep us from experiencing the true meaning of life.

Girl spends about half of the movie complaining to a best friend (maybe Judy Greer) about how much she hates the boy, but for some reason can’t avoid him entirely (usually because they work together or for competing businesses). ‘Friends’ fans will remember when Rachel bitterly hated her co-worker Gavin… until he surprised her with a scarf on her birthday and they ended up kissing on her balcony ('There's a thin line between love and hate, and as it turns out, that line is a scarf'). These two hormones are always zipping around in our bodies, particularly our brains. INFERENCE – Love and hatred exist together and at no time total love state may be resumed universally. Sad, but true – while the people that we hate can easily become the people that we love, the things that we love about them often become the things that we can’t stand. Hate gives us the illusion of control because we think we understand it. Motherly love is tinged with emotions like warmth, caring, kindness and protectiveness while sisterly love is tinged with things concepts like friendship, warmth and even jealousy! Both are madly in love by the end. Hate is harvested.

Psychological Theories Conveniently Being Demonstrated by Jimmy Kimmel and Sweet-Deprived Children. The Health, Happiness, and Heart Helps of Expressing Gratitude. Meaning.

Love is used as a noun as well as a verb. But are love and hate really all that different? “Hate” by Cherrysweetdeal(CC BY 2.0) via Flickr.

When we analyze love in a morphological and syntactic sense, this word is said to be derived from the Old English term ‘lufu’ which have Germanic origin from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit ‘tubhyati’ meaning desire.

Love and hate are antonyms, i.e. Love is generally an emotion we feel towards a close person. It is possible to love and hate a person or something at the same time. It’s our charge as selfish humans to enjoy hate and ignore love.

Difference between love and Hate. However, as the old saying goes there is a thin line between love and hate. As our world’s history is so riddled with hateful people and hateful acts we seem used to it, and when those hateful people act out against other hateful people, and all the hate starts to fly back and forth, it feels as if it is right, as if it is normal. Love and hate have to subside and are replaced by other less fiery emotions so that we don't burn out.

BIOLOGICAL BASIS – Naturally and primarily every living being including human is self centered; its every action is directed for the preservation and progress of the self. The noun of hate is hatred. Menu. Lovers spread love. Both are very good for very good artistic expression. If one thrives on hatred, should they set their mind to it, one could live perhaps the most content life of all.

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Neural correlates of hate.

I wouldn’t dare voice an opinion on something that wasn’t entirely subjective.

', Love/Hate image by user asphyxiat3d available via DeviantArt, You've Got Mail image by user desireefawn available via Flickr. Many religions in the world, advocate against hate and encourage love. Love: Love is an intense affection. Bhagavad Gita: 50 of Most Easy Techniques to know Almighty Pt 1.

Love: Love is a positive feeling and  is associated with happiness, warmth, and attraction.

There is so much hate in the world, and it is so available that one could just reach out, as if into thin air, and grasp a bundle of hate and eat it.

Home; Home The Similarities Between Love and Hate. For a better explanation of why this isn’t necessarily informative, simply knowing that something ‘lights up’ certain areas of the brain is not inherently interesting, especially if it’s a brain area that lights up for a lot of things. Hate is our status quo.

Your hatred towards a rival and winning in anything against that rival can lift your spirit and get you ready for the next challenge.

Thus love and hatred are manifested in order to gain something for raising self wellbeing- love through submission and surrender whereas hatred through combating and competition.

In a grammatical sense, hate is only used as a verb.
Yes, the dusk of hate is dark and long, but the dawn of love is brighter and longer.

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The world’s haters are unaware of the world’s lovers. Love and hate have to subside and are replaced by other less fiery emotions so that we don't burn out. History books are filled with hateful battles, quarrels, arguments, fits and spats instigated and fought by hateful kings, soldiers, warriors, conquerors, armies and militias. But love is outnumbered by hate. When people were asked to think about their last break-up, almost 1/3 of ex-partners specifically listed “unattractive features” that were simply negative versions of qualities that they initially loved.

Love is worth dying for.

Hate requires only ego. We will take all their energy with their attempts to rescue us from ourselves, and we will take their kindness and turn it into regret.

In my essay, I compare and contrast love and hate. Love is right. They are the two most extraordinary feeling known to man. Love we have for our mother is different from the love we have for our sister. You can see the original posts here and here. It can rock our thoughts and rattle our emotions. Love: Love is used as a noun as well as a verb. They’ve both sparked wars, poetry, and some of the greatest epics of all time. Pop culture is all for the fluidity of love and hate, but what about scientific research?

Hate can be comfortable for the hater but painful for the hated. It’s closer.

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Love can be painful for the lover and comfortable for the loved. Compare and contrast how the theme of love is explored in the poems you have studied Words: 2297 Pages: 9; Neruda Love Hate Relationship Words: 669 Pages: 3; Compare and Contrast George Herbert's 'Love' with Donne's 'Holy Sonnet' Words: 639 Pages: 3 Food I hate and I love Words: 184 Pages: 1; Compare And Contrast The Theories Of Personality Essay Sample Words: 1954 Pages: 8 If something suddenly makes you start to feel positively – like you learn about a few redeeming qualities, or maybe this person buys you a scarf – the network associated with that person still includes the insula, so your feelings will still be drastically intense. However both love and hatred are central to have gain for the self. They just settle for hate.

Melanie Tannenbaum is a freelance writer and science communications consultant currently living in the Bay Area. They both cloud our thinking and judgment. DEFINITION - Osho defined ‘Love’ and ‘Hatred’ as – the word ‘Love’ means being willing to sacrifice oneself for other if necessary whereas the word “Hatred’ means the desire to destroy the other. In making love we make another one our means for happiness and hatred begins.

Love: Love can originate from a deep affection or sexual attraction. Haters are more passive than active. They are both conflicting emotions, but people may hate a person whilst actually falling in love, and one person may fall in love only to start eventually hating the person they purport to love.

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