In terms of colours, solid white and black were added to the line. vistalites that have been sold and still us.

This week I want to talk about acrylic drum sets. Ludwig lost heavily on the Tivoli line and a fully working Tivoli kit is now one of the most valuable Vistalites on the second-hand market. google_ad_client = "pub-1712875110423513"; pushing the values on these higher and higher...especially Eventually, William Ludwig decided to leave Conn and start a new company of his own. bean quadraplus, tivoli or tequilla sunrise Selmer closed the Damen Avenue factory in the ensuing years and moved the drum production business to Monroe, North Carolina, in 1984. Ludwig's Vistalite History Drum Roll Please…. [2], Products manufactured by Ludwig include drum kits and hardware. [6] The company started with a concept for the design and manufacture of a functional bass drum pedal. [Ringo Starr] put our name on the front of his bass drum head ... [because] he was so proud that he had an imported drum set from America, especially from a famous company like Ludwig, that at the time of purchase he insisted on having the Ludwig name painted on the front of the head! Whether you like or dislike the way they look and sound, John Bonham’s 1973 introduction to ‘that kit’ really put acrylic drums in the history books. However, I never actually researched how acrylic drum sets came to be. [5] Ludwig was a strong presence in the marching drum market. The publicity resulted in Ludwig's sales doubling quickly to $13 million, which prompted production to increase to a 24/7 production as the company became the foremost drum manufacturer in North America for twenty years.[11]. Ludwig drums are made by Ludwig-Musser which is part of the Conn-Selmer division of Steinway Musical Instruments. Most significantly was the introduction of the Rainbow Vistalite shells in six patterns (see below).

On stage these kits make a statement that’s for sure! The positioning of the seam became consistent across all double headed drums – by the lugs behind the tom mount. At launch, six colours were available: The drums were produced at the main Ludwig factory in Chicago though the shells were actually produced by Cadillac Motors plastics division. [7], The company added new products to its catalog, such as snare drums and timpani, in 1916.

I would probably start in the * Ludwig Drum Set Catalog Pages and the * Ludwig Snare Drum Catalog Pages since these cover many years of Ludwig History.


google_ad_width = 468; reinforced seams. attack mode when being struck.

They were wrapped in chrome and sold to anybody strong enough to lift them! the original John Bonham Amber Vistalites. All brought to you by Daniel Botana (@BotanaDrums). William Ludwig stayed on to run the company for Conn (which also owned the Leedy Drum Co. at this time). shells they sell pretty well online! The RMS Titanic left Southampton on the 10th April 1912 headed for New York. Inside this catalog was a choice of translucent colors that included amber (orange), the most common varieties of clear and blue, plus other available colors, including yellow, red and green. Vistalite was the name of the acrylic drum line produced by Ludwig. Based on a 3-band (pattern A) shell, the Tivoli kits had tiny lights mounted along the two horizontal seams. Vistalite drums were the name for the acrylic drums produced by Ludwig. you get the the green set, jelly

Launched in 1975, the Rainbow Vistalites were a Ludwig innovation and took the world of plastic percussion by storm. (Ron Bushy from the heavy metal group Iron Butterfly was the first Zickos endorsee in 1969.)

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The company continued producing drums at a small scale for the duration of World War II, but William got back to the idea of making the company a large drum manufacturer after the armistice. In the late 1920s, the company was sold to the C.G. On double headed toms the seams were normally positioned at the rear of the toms, the badge positioned to face the audience and the tone control (mounted with a single screw and nylon washer) towards the drummer. Before Vistalite. [5][6][12] In 2002, Ludwig merged with Conn-Selmer, becoming a brand of Conn-Selmer, Inc..[13], The Musser manufacturing facility remained in LaGrange, Illinois, until 2013, and was then moved to Elkhart, Indiana. The very earliest kits suffered from a mild ‘crazing’ of the shells. [3][4], The Ludwig Drum Company was established in 1909 by William F. & Theobald Ludwig, sons of a German immigrant to the United States. Rainbow Vistalites them, please contact Along with the Rainbow shells, the seam ‘V’ was now positioned on the inside of the shell and the acrylic resin was not worked to a smooth finish. It`s, Masons Ironstone China The 19th Century saw a massive growth in the British, Collecting the Titanic 100 Years On – Titanic Memorabilia, Sun Record Studio & Collecting Sun Records, Christopher Dresser and the Design Revolution, Psychedelic, Platforms And Patriotism – Dolls in The 1970s, Two for the Price of One! Vistalite drums began rolling off the assembly line at Ludwig in 1972, although they didn’t appear in a Ludwig catalog until edition number 75-1, which was distributed beginning in 1974. Here are links to the different Ludwig Drum Company History sections on this web site that will help you pin point the year and type of Ludwig drums you have. One of the earliest adverts for the line quoted the name “Stratosphere Drums” though this tag soon disappeared (should it ever have been made public?). It is Ludwig's Vistalite History Drum Roll Please…. Although now synonymous with acrylic drums, Ludwig Vistalites were not the first and, some would argue, not the best acrylic drums produced.

A Brief History of Vistalite Drums. [9][10] The Ludwig logo, displayed on the front of Ringo Starr's bass drum, could be seen by the television audience of about seventy-three million people.

out our catalogs

Acrylic drums had been in production for a number of years before Ludwig delved into it. Vistalite Finishes.

Therefore with both concert and double-headed toms, there was a clear definition of left and right-mounting. One day, I will rock an acrylic kit of my own, but for now give a Mark Jeffs. shout out to Ludwig for their endless effort in changing the world of This was the result of the acrylic sheets being removed from the oven before reaching the required temperature. The Ludwig Drum Company lanuched the Vistalite line in 1972, too late to make it into the 1973 Ludwig Percussion catalogue. This option was already available with wooden shelled kits and the steel shelled drums were also selling well at this point. Please take good, crisp photos of the badge on

Due (we believe) to a miss order in 1977, Ludwig even produced a Chrome over White Vistalite shell range to use up the drums. many more. Learn how to fix a vistalite shell crack, repair vistalite shells,clean vistalite shells and see Ludwig catalogs for Vistalite Drum Sets and Ludwig Vistalite … It is weird to think that Ludwig In 1937, William bought a factory building and started The WFL Drum Company (his initials). Sun Records, located at 706 Union Ave., was a record label based in Memphis, Louis Wain Cats Louis William Wain was born on August 5, 1860 in, Known as Britain’s first ever independent industrial designer, Christopher, Victorian Christmas Cards Victorian Christmas Cards – The very first, This was a fun era; nowadays, people look back and cruelly refer to it as the, We all love a bargain, so it`s a bonus when one doll suddenly becomes two! The latest updates in the world of percussion: New Technology, New Companies, New Products. Learn how to fix a vistalite shell crack, repair vistalite shells,clean vistalite shells and see Ludwig catalogs for Vistalite Drum Sets and Ludwig Vistalite … I have always Just before production ceased in 1979 Ludwig changed their badges to have rounded corners and the seam was positioned behind the tom mount on double headed toms (it was always there on the concert toms). . Conn combined their two drum brands into one in the early 1950s, forming Leedy & Ludwig, and then decided to quit the drum business altogether. Although now synonymous with acrylic drums, Ludwig Vistalites were not the first and, some would argue, not the best acrylic drums produced. The early shells were formed with a v-shaped gap on the outside of the shell and filled with clear acrylic resin. Here is a selection of Ludwig Vistalite Literature (provided with courtesy LVDC - ludwigvondrumcrazy) 1973 Ludwig Vistalite 1974 Ludwig Vistalite. Ludwig Drums is a US musical instruments manufacturers, focused on percussion.The brand achieved significant popularity in the 1960s due to the endorsement of the Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.. Products manufactured by Ludwig include drum kits and hardware.The company also commercialises other percussion instruments (from the Musser Mallet Company acquired in 1965) such as marimbas, … [7] By 1923, the factory was the largest drum manufacturer in the world, employing 240 workers.[6]. Six patterns were originally available, though this was reduced to four (A, B, C & F) by the time the 1980 catalogue was produced in 1978. This week I want to talk about acrylic drum sets. Ludwig Vistalite Drums history and dedication web site. Power bass drums were fitted with two pairs of spurs (one front, one rear – natch). percussion.

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