22pp. Merritt Island is Florida’s largest island and is home to the Kennedy Space Center. 1995. There you can find alligators, manatees, dolphins, sea turtles, bald eagles, bobcats, and even panthers. Centurian Wildlife Control, Located in Merritt Island, is your local Wildlife Removal and Animal Control Company specilalizing in Humane Animal Removal! 2000. They can cause a fire hazard when they chew on wires. Table 3. Duncan. If you continue to see these holes from armadillos, it is important to call a professional to come remove it from your yard. We will also tie the bait down in the back of the trap in so the skunk cannot remove it unless inside the trap. There are also approximately 12,000 feral pigs. The nine-banded armadillo also has a rather unique defense mechanism- it jumps. Amphibians and reptiles. Check out our animal control information pages for more information about our process, and some tips that can save you time and money. The urine, droppings, and saliva rats leave behind when inhaled by humans can cause Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), a virus that although rare, is potentially deadly. There are 125 unique species included under this list: 1 fish, 1 amphibian, 10 reptiles, 69 birds, 6 mammals, and 38 plants. Armadillos can be a more than a pesky garden pest in Merritt Island. During their mating season, February through March, female skunks will sometimes spray their male suitors to let them know that they are not interested (straight to the point with these ladies). Some plant species may have both a State and special designation. Centurian Services, LLC has been providing quality Animal Control Services for over 7 years in Florida and Texas. Often, we get calls from customers in Merritt Island not dealing with a live animal, but a dead one in their home or on their property. The mother will carry her young in her pouch, she is a marsupial, for several months, but soon the young ones will outgrow the pouch and will use the nest space she created in your attic. They come onto your property, search through your garbage for a meal, will eat from your outdoor dog or cat bowl, and can even drink from your open pool. This can be especially troublesome when your dog in gets too curious with an armadillo that has wandered into your yard! Before you hire any animal removal professionals in Merritt Island, FL you should check to make sure they have the proper licensing and paperwork from the County and State and that they have the proper insurance to perform work on your home. The area is very secluded and it is a bit off the beaten path to get to. FNAI means that the species has been ranked by the Florida Natural Areas Inventory (non-government). Rats chew on the insulation in your attic to make the nest, rats will defecate and urinate on every surface of your attic, they will chew on our electrical wires, your home security wires, your air conditioning ductwork, your water piping, and will even chew on your walls to create more or larger access points to your attic. Signs of a rat or rodent infestation include scurrying sounds during the early morning or late evening times, holes in the roof or ceiling, foul odor of rat urine and feces, and the sight of a rodent in your home. Squirrels are very resourceful animals and if they cannot find access to your Merritt Island home they can make their own by chewing through most types of home building materials. XN          Non-essential experimental population. Read more about the complex. After complete removal we will return, clean and sanitize your home, and seal all entry points created by the squirrels. The species is not listed in regards to regulatory actions of Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act and is not in danger of becoming extinct (D. Palmer, FWS, personal communication). 2002. It should only be performed by a wildlife expert like Centurian Wildlife Control. This may be sheds or barns, non-running cars or trucks, covered porches, patios or a neighbor's attic. Those species with regulatory protection are protected by law, such as State and Federal Endangered and Threatened species. Our mission is to promote conservation, awareness, appreciation, and use of the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge (MINWR) and to support Refuge programs. Often they settle for squeezing through the vents that keep the attic cool in summer, or parachuting down the chimney. When you hear these sounds call Centurian Wildlife Removal, your wildlife removal experts to assess the situation. -. Bats are a protected species, they help to control the mosquito population and are extremely beneficial to the environment, but they are a health hazard when they decide to make their home in your home. Species which have been recorded on the Refuge but are rarely seen. Of the total listed animal species, 17 are Federally listed. and, Hotels near NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Hotels near Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Hotels near Brevard Veterans Memorial Museum & Military Museum, Hotels near Sams House at Pine Island Conservation Area, Hotels near Voyager Aviation International, Hotels near (VRB) Vero Beach Municipal Airport, Nature & Wildlife Areas in Merritt Island, Boat Tours & Water Sports in Merritt Island, Things to do near (MCO) Orlando Intl Airport, Things to do near NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Bioluminescence Comb Jelly Night Tour Paddle Board and Kayak, Kennedy Space Center and Everglades Airboat Safari from Orlando, Paddle Board or Kayak Eco Dolphin Manatee Tour, See more nature & wildlife areas in Merritt Island on Tripadvisor. U.S. At Centurian Wildlife Control we specialize in bat removal and offer a guarantee on our work. The Merritt Island Wildlife Association (MIWA) is a Florida 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation that has been helping to support the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge since 1994. Armadillos can be a more than a pesky garden pest in Merritt Island FL. Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is managed as part of the Merritt Island Complex. Included on this list are species designated by non … Exotic, invasive, and nuisance plant and animal species is one of the priority management issues for the Merritt Island NWR. Merritt Island, FL was a gift from the king of Spain to a noble man named Merritt. Additionally, rare non-federally listed species, such as the Florida black bear, Limpkin, Roseate tern, and others are also listed but may have limited distribution or activity on the refuge. MERRITT ISLAND NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE Compiled by: Marc Epstein and Boyd Blihovde US Fish and Wildlife Service Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Updated : October 23, 2002. More than 140 species of freshwater and saltwater fish are known to use refuge impoundments, estuaries, and freshwater wetlands. GU = Due to lack of information, no rank or range can be assigned (e.g., GUT2). See the problem now? There are 56 animal species designated as species of "Special Concern" by State or Federal agencies (designated BCC or SSC). The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is located just east of Titusville in the northern part of the Space Coast. The origins of Merritt Island commerce lie in citrus fruit crops. All of this can potentially create dangerous problems to your home and property. By Gary McKechnie To see Florida the way it was before there were buildings, billboards, subdivisions, (and electricity even), I’d suggest you head off the beaten path to just east of Titusville and the Black Point Drive entrance to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. The area is very secluded and it is a bit off the beaten path to get to. Ehrhart, Llewellyn M. 1983. Signs of the opossum include holes in your home, sounds of walking through your attic, the view of the possum in your outdoor space and yard, and evidence of an animal rifling through your garbage. The India River Flows through this coastal town and adds to the beauty of the natural coastline. If you have Raccoons you should have them removed immediately. The chemical mixture will cause irritation and in some cases temporary blindness. Florida's endangered species, threatened species, and species of special concern. Finally, after maggots eat the carcass, the smell will lessen and eventually dissipate as you are left with a skeleton. — The Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge has one of the most diverse bird populations in the country. Listed species are plants or animals that have been "listed" by a State and/or Federal agency with special protection or conservation designations.

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