A model process in particle physics (tools for quark decays) The first decay process known with one- and two-loop QED effects. Determine the minimum energy needed for a muon to reach sea level. <> @ÍvÒ¼. �0D�>�;� 6�������B�#�����oVa�0ՃY1fIs��cNx�jB� [�{G,�P�'�p�Z��ޯS�lZaZPA\A���K� So we have a 3 body decay, with the 3 particles having their spin aligned or anti-aligned with their momentum.

Das Myon (Englisch: Muon) ist ein Elementarteilchen, das in vielen Eigenschaften dem Elektron ähnelt. To calculate $ L $, use the lifetime of the muon. �恵���>�L� The main source of muons is the decay of charged pions, the Yukawa mesons of the 1930's.

Then unstable Muons then decay in turn..

The muon is a lepton which decays to form an electron or positron.. Because charge must be conserved, one of the products of muon decay is always an electron of the same charge as the muon (a positron if it is a positive muon). Determine the speed of the muons as a multiple of the speed of light $ c $. endstream 3 0 obj Determine the minimum energy needed for a muon to reach sea level. stream Edit. Muon. By slowing down these high speed muons, the muon decay constant at rest and the distribution of muon lifetimes was obtained. Muon Decay.

x�M�1 x���Qr㸮 P-�--K���M�Ը�AJ�i������ �VЙt�v �]m��^|��p�3c������i���upJ ��X�k{��gY�����5� O6���DzN% ��5Ǐ5'��j���-o��O�j0�}�cY� `Z. The rest mass of a muon is $ 105.658 MeV/c^2 $. The rest mass of a muon is $ 105.658 MeV/c^2 $. The lifetime in the muon’s rest frame is $ 2.2 \mu s $. Part 1. The lifetime of the muon is 2.20 microseconds. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>>

The fact that the above decay is a three-particle decay is an example of the conservation of lepton number; there must be one electron neutrino and one muon neutrino.

Muons are generated by interactions of cosmic rays with the upper atmosphere of the Earth.

Das Formelsymbol des Myons ist $${\displaystyle \mu ^{-}}$$. Es ist wie das Positron einfach positiv geladen. The lifetime in the muon’s rest frame is $ 2.2 \mu s $. Wie das Elektron besitzt es eine negative Elementarladung und einen Spin von ⁄2. Das Myon hat aber eine rund 200-mal größere Masse. —ål™Ã¦ið.T~_ír–‹—ëvý8¶D! Let $ L $ be the thickness of the atmosphere according to the muon's moving frame.

The pions or pi mesons themselves are created in the upper atmosphere within cosmic ray showers.

Assuming that the positron is emitted at almost the speed of light, it will be a left handed particle. Thus all muons decay to at least an electron, and two neutrinos. Problem. 4 0 obj

The 2 muons are right handed and left handed. 2 0 obj

Muons have quite short lifetimes of about 2.2 μs at rest before they decay. History Comments Share. 5 0 obj %PDF-1.5 The decay is ##\mu^+\to e^+\nu_e\bar{\nu_\mu}##.


Muons are unstable elementary particles and are heavier than electrons and neutrinos but lighter than all other matter particles.

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Muons are generated by interactions of cosmic rays with the upper atmosphere of the Earth.

endobj Divide the thickness of the atmosphere with the thickness according to the muon's frame to obtain the gamma factor. <>>> However due to special relativity they have much longer lifetimes while travelling at high speeds. They decay via the weak interaction.

Free muon decay Theoretical vs experimental accuracy How to improve the theory Lepton-flavor violation: searches Background: bound muon decay Modification of the electron spectrum by binding Precise description of the spectrum. Therefore the minimum energy needed for a muon to reach sea level is.

Part 2. The thickness of the atmosphere is roughly $ 10 km $. uµ¼­­åMµÜEªÙq=Dz»eJùž7~ €²2Æ>ŒË „ãqèk¬±~éË´~¨ñ¸9¹h v™š,å1’Ô

<> }ͿӕŒ©:Üg8=«Ô¨VðŒ`…'0æGēúÓöO÷ôsa+³QIwˆ`„HÞ&0AnɆø†9Á'*h‹`ãېú¬`Zœ¥“8@ýëüÍgÉëÕU»?—ˆÁδN‰ø×HÖ VÝP,< ‰Kcç.

Sometimes, besides these necessary products, additional other particles that have no net charge and spin of zero (e.g., a pair of photons, or an electron-positron pair), are produced. Weiterhin zerfällt es im Unterschied zum Elektron spontan mit einer mittleren Lebensdauer von nur etwa 2,2 Mikrosekunden. endobj endobj

Because leptonic family numbers are conserved in the absence of an extremely unlikely immediate neutrino oscillation, one of the product neutrinos of muon decay must be a muon-type neutrino and the other an electron-type antineutrino (antimuon decay produces the corresponding antiparticles, as detailed below).

The thickness of the atmosphere is roughly $ 10 km $. Das Antiteilchen des Myons ist das positive Myon oder Antimyon $${\displaystyle \mu ^{+}}$$. Myon und Elektron unterliegen der elektroschwachen, jedoch nicht der starken Wechselwirkung. %���� From part 1 it is found that $ \gamma = 15.15 $; therefore, $ L = c\tau = (3 \times 10^8 m/s)(2.2\times {10}^{-6} s) = 660 m $, $ \gamma = \frac{10000 m}{660 m} = 15.15 $, $ E_\mu = \gamma m_\mu c^2 = (15.15)(105.658 MeV) = 1601 MeV $, $ \gamma = \frac{1}{\sqrt{1 - {\left(\frac{v}{c}\right)}^{2}}} $, $ \frac{v}{c} = \sqrt{1 - {\left(\frac{1}{15.15}\right)}^{2}} $, Ancient Chinese Mathematics (1600 BC - 600 AD), https://math-physics-problems.wikia.org/wiki/Muon_Decay?oldid=2535.

Muons may only decay to electrons -the only particles lighter than muons which carry the same electric charge- and they do so by means of the exchange of a W boson, the carrier of the electroweak charged-current interaction. The birth and death of muons are due to two successive decays. or antineutrino in the decay.. stream

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