The Nana anime was released in eighteen DVDs by VAP, throughout 2006 and 2007. "[25] She also ranked the manga eight in its "50 Essential Manga for Libraries" list, noting its mature themes and "demonstrates the need for an adult collection. BEAT 7〜The Theme of LOVE for NANA〜 / Toshihiko Takamizawa of The Alfee, 02. While Lucy's default personality is serious and cold, Nana's is friendly and kind; Nyu is similar to Nana's default while Nana sometimes goes into trances and acts cold like Lucy's default personality. While BLAST begins to gain popularity at live gigs, the two Nanas face many other issues together, especially in the areas of friendship and romance. It ran until June 2009, when the series was put on hiatus due to Yazawa falling ill. Yazawa returned from the hospital in early April 2010, but has not specified when or if she will resume the manga. If the creation of Nana somehow changed the role and development of Nozomi's character are unknown but possible. Nana Komatsu is a small town girl who goes to Tokyo to follow her boyfriend and college friends, with the hope of having her dream life. Nana and Hachi get settled into their new apartment. Nana was one of the Diclonius not euthanized at birth, but rather taken and experimented on at the Diclonius Research Institute.

Tsuchiya and Lufkin, both released individual albums on the same day, titled Anna Tsuchiya Inspi' Nana (Black Stones) and Olivia Inspi' Reira (Trapnest). She can understand the pain of others, and thus doesn't wish to cause anyone any harm. Nana had an unusual personality for a Diclonius, not having the desire to kill or even to hurt someone. Ren asks Nana to move in with him. Sensing Lucy atop a tower, Nana and Kurama made for the spot amidst a military building strike against Lucy. While she was, for the most part, a plaything in Mariko's hands, she once more used her ability to disable another Diclonius' vectors and stopped Mariko cold. When a fever brought about by her attack reawakened Lucy, Nana sensed this and headed back to Maple House, only to have it fade again.

It was serialized in Viz's manga anthology Shojo Beat, premiering in the July 2005 debut issue and continuing until the August 2007 issue. The series derives its title from the name of the two main characters, both of whom are called Nana. Nana Oosaki, the other Nana, is the punk-styled lead vocalist of a band called Black Stones (BLAST for short). The main story begins in 1999, and as of volume 21, reaches March 2002. Nana and Ren talk about their future. However, while Nana gets an opening for Blast, showing up at the restaurant where Shouji and Sachiko work at only brings trouble. Everyone gathers at Nana and Hachi's apartment to play mahjong, including Ren and Takumi. She passed all three temptations in the anime. Nana realized that when she had attacked, Nyu exhibited none of Lucy's traits and also had no Diclonius presence for her to sense. Nana Ichinose (一ノ瀬 奈々 Ichinose Nana) (née Komatsu) (小松), also known as Hachi, is a Tokyo resident with personal connections to the Black Stones and Trapnest. In a 2016 interview with an Italian group, Okamoto stated his favorite character to draw was Nana. Then feel free to add a description to our database using our entry form. The anime was intended to be equal to the manga and was adapted up to the first chapter of volume 12 to avoid filler. Here are some links that can guide you: Here at Nana Wiki we have some rules for the users behavior and edits. Nana's basic biography and backstory are nearly identical in the anime, but with some notable changes. Hachi sees her estranged past lover Takashi Asano on the streets of Tokyo and realizes that her love for him is in the past. So instead she goes to see Takumi. The CD was released in gold and silver cover variations, but the content was the same.

?, Nana: Subete wa Daimaō no Omichibiki!?) General discussion should be posted on the user's page or talk page. Gender


Kana Nana Wiki is an encyclopedia about the shojo manga, Nana by Ai Yazawa. The voice actors for the PS2 game did not return to reprise their roles for the PSP and DS games, which instead feature the anime's cast.

Hopelessly outmatched and distracted by the nearby presence of a bystander, Nana was slowly and brutally dismembered by Lucy. 1 and Vol. The love life of Ren and Nana has leaked to the press.

Hachi witnesses a performance by Nana and Nobu in their apartment. A PlayStation Portable game, Nana: Everything Is Controlled By The Great Demon King!? Two live-action film adaptations have been made for Nana. It was first published in July 2000 in Shueisha's Cookie. When in this state, her personality is more like the other Diclonius, such as Lucy and Mariko. In 2007, Viz Media licensed the anime for release in North America[11] and released it on four DVD box sets between September 2009 and April 2010. The cold scientist Nousou taunted her, threatening to harvest her organs, and held up her limbless form like a trophy. The series was published and distributed on 17 DVD volumes by VAP from July 7, 2006 to November 21, 2007. In the manga, she asks Mayu if it would be OK to kill the soldiers coming from the helicopter during the final confrontation at the lighthouse. Illegal content is forbidden on the Wiki. Not only did Kurama refuse, but he outfitted her with realistic prosthetic limbs that responded to her powers for motion. Nana is possibly the exact opposite of Lucy. As she met Kouta, Yuka, and Nozomi, she also encountered Lucy, this time having the personality of the amnesiac Nyu, who was childlike and remembered nothing of the fight. Nana Osaki was in a popular punk rock band in her hometown. Nana (ナナ), or Silpelit #7 is a main character in the Elfen Lied manga and anime series.

In the end, Nana ends up delegated to handling Wanta's meals (and, in the manga, Piyo-Piyo's meals), since he's an important part of the family. Tsuchiya portrayed the sound of Nana Osaki (Black Stones), while Lufkin was the sound of Reira Serizawa (Trapnest). Last appearance Do you know what “Talentless Nana” is all about? It is not known whether or how much Nana ever knew of Kurama's wife. Nana faces the consequences, and leaves a message for Hachi through a live television broadcast.

Like all other Silpelits, she ages twice as fast as other people. While Ren makes T-Nest his highest priority, Nana decides what her fate shall be. Now, without a job, Hachi must find a way to pay the rent and eat. Later, Shin and Nana have a big argument.

2 of Cookie, a sister magazine of Ribon, and began serialization in the July 2000 issue of Cookie when it was relaunched as a monthly magazine. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She only enters this state in extreme cases, like when someone threatens her Kurama or her friends, notably Mayu. Hachi feels ill during work and her boss tells her to see a doctor. Also unknown is if she was numerically the seventh girl to enter the island facility or if the room that provides her name (# 7) once belonged to a Diclonius who died at the Institute. The 2003 image albums PUNK NIGHT-from "NANA" and NANA's song is my song, on the other hand, were made up of mostly unknown and upcoming artists.

She had lived with her boyfriend, bassist Ren Honjou since she was 16, but when Ren is offered a chance to debut in Tokyo as a replacement member of a popular band called Trapnest, Nana chooses to continue on with BLAST and to cultivate her own career instead of following Ren, as she has too much ambition to be relegated to a rockstar's girlfriend.

[6], Nana, Honey & Clover Anime Sold on iTunes in N. America, Anime News Service - January 18 - May 7 Anime News,,,,,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Blast has an unannounced live performance in. Nana saw a change in Mariko almost immediately, most especially when she defended Nana and Kurama from a missile strike, becoming a Nyu-like amnesiac in the process. Twinkle / Kaela Kimura for BLACK STONES, 05. stay away / Abingdon Boys School for BLACK STONES, 06. was released on July 6, 2006. 初心者歓迎, Nana: Raibu Sutaffu Daiboshū! The first episode aired to a 6.2% audience share in Japan. The first, Nana, was released on September 3, 2005. Relatives Junko, Kyousuke, and Shouji discuss the possibility that Hachi's fiancée is Takumi from T-Nest. The bond between herself and Kurama made it possible for Nana to endure the difficult life of a test subject at the Diclonius Research Institute, allowing her kind, sweet, and compassionate personality to blossom. All Nana media has been licensed for English language release in North America by Viz Media.

/ Tommy heavenly6 for BLACK STONES, 03. [1] The series has been licensed for a North American release by Viz Media, which they first announced at San Diego Comic-Con International 2007. Di Gi Charat Theater - Leave it to Piyoko! [6] The individual chapters have been collected and published into 21 tankōbon volumes in Japan by Shueisha under the Ribon Mascot Comics Cookie imprint, except for the four last chapters which were published individually in Cookie but never released in tankōbon form. All Nana media has been licensed for English language release in North America by Viz Media. [5] The first English DVD box set was released on September 8, 2009; the second on November 24, 2009. The monologues by the two Nanas, which are inserted into the story starting with volume 2, are by the two of them several years in the future. It is highly unlikely the Institute taught Nana how to read considering the restrictions placed upon the Diclonius test subjects, raising the question of why Kurama would leave her a note explaining his decision to spare her life in the manga. Written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa, Nana first appeared as a one-shot in 1999 in Vol. Takumi and Hachi tell their decision to marry. These are all fake-outs. She has the physical appearance of being sixteen to seventeen years old, and her childhood age is about six to seven years old; the manga explains in greater detail that Silpelits age more rapidly than humans (or a "Queen Diclonius" like Lucy). [17] Volume 18 was the second highest selling manga series of 2007.

She left the beach, and while Kurama left her with plenty of money, he neglected to tell her what it was for, as her restricted life prior would have given her no knowledge of what it was. Hachi admits to Nana that she loves Nobu after spending the night at his place. The first and third openings and third ending songs are sung by Anna Tsuchiya, who provides the singing voice for Nana Oosaki, while the second opening and first and second endings were sung by Olivia Lufkin, who provides the singing voice for Layla Serizawa. 01. Nana … Di Gi Charat Theater - Leave it to Piyoko! You can find a list of useful templates on . Diclonius test subject (former) They released both films in 2008 and their English dub of the anime was broadcast on the Funimation Channel beginning in September 2009.

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