At the time, the group's profile photo showed a member punching a counter-protester.

Henry Tarrio is also the registered owner of "Proudboys LLC", which uses the same address as Fund the West. [127], Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes said Stone was "one of the three approved media figures allowed to speak" about the group. [59] That same year, YouTube banned the Proud Boys founder for copyright violation in December 2018. [43][26] The organization has a female-member-only auxiliary wing named "Proud Boys' Girls" that supports the same ideology.

I promise you this, Ted Wheeler: I'm coming for you, you little punk." [29][34] In April 2016, McInnes, who believes violence is "a really effective way to solve problems", has said: "I want violence, I want punching in the face. Jason Lee Van Dyke, the group's lawyer, was appointed as the chapter's chairman. "[192] The shirts have not been sold in the United States since September 2019. [171], Reception to the take over has largely been positive, with the hashtag trending on October 4. [186], Since the early days of the group, Proud Boys have worn black and yellow Fred Perry polo shirts on McInnes' suggestion. [93][94][95] McInnes said he had kicked Kessler out after his views on race had become clear. I condemn the Proud Boys. ", "Proud Boys in Northwest savor a boost from Trump's callout during presidential debate", "Warrant issued for Vancouver 'Proud Boy' busted at Seattle protest", "Proud Boy Tusitala "Tiny" Toese arrested in Clark County", "Tusitala 'Tiny' Toese arrested on probation violation", "Patriot Prayer's Tusitala 'Tiny' Toese Pleads Guilty To Assault Charge", "Police arrest far-right protester who pointed gun at Portland rally", "Breadth of rightwing Portland protest network reveals energized Trump base",, "Alt-right group Proud Boys share Trump's words on social media", "Trump's debate comments give an online boost to a group social media companies have long struggled against", "Indiana's senators respond to President Trump's remarks to extremist group Proud Boys", "Trump says he doesn't know Proud Boys, but 'they need to stand down,' as he faces backlash for not criticizing white supremacists", "Trump: 'I condemn all white supremacists, "Trump condemns white supremacist groups 48 hours after debate", "Donald Trump says "I condemn the Proud Boys" after Republican backlash", "Even if Joe Biden misspoke about 'Proud Boys,' social media embraces 'poor boys, "Gay Men Take Over Proud Boys Hashtag With Photos Of Queer Love", "Gay Twitter users flood #ProudBoys hashtag with LGBTQ pride images", "The "Proud Boys" Hashtag Has Been Taken Over By Gay Love", "The #ProudBoys Twitter hashtag has been taken over by gay men", "The Proud Boys Are Furious That Gay Men Have Taken Over #ProudBoys On Twitter", "U.S. government concludes Iran was behind threatening emails sent to Democrats", "Iran and Russia deny FBI accusation they are behind threatening emails sent to Florida Democrats", "Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes sues Southern Poverty Law Center over hate group label", "Proud Boys Founder Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Southern Poverty Law Center", "The founder of the far-right group Proud Boys is suing the Southern Poverty Law Center for labeling his organization a hate group", "Proud Boys Founder Sues Over Hate-Group Label", "Gavin McInnes Hired By Conservative Canadian Network Rebel Media", "SPLC Asks Court To Toss Proud Boy Founder's Defamation Lawsuit By Asking 'Where's The Lie? Build your advocacy organization. [41] The Proud Boys have been banned by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. "[162], On September 30, President Trump clarified his statement, stating that he "doesn't know what the Proud Boys are" and that "they should stand down. The Proud Boys' chairman Enrique Tarrio described the group as "pro-drugs". We need to close the borders now and let everyone assimilate to a Western, white, English-speaking way of life. However, groups in Seattle and elsewhere challenged the ruling,[138] which was reversed in September 2019 when the MLS reaffirmed "its long-time commitment to the values of inclusion and diversity, including opposition to racism, fascism and homophobia and to ensuring that there is no place for repugnant hate speech in MLS stadiums". Founders Nation was established in order to help entrepreneurs to find a co-founder to take their dream and venture together as a team and make it happen. [116][117], The four anti-fascist victims of the beating are not cooperating with prosecutors, even to the extent of revealing their identities, and are known only as "Shaved Head", "Ponytail", "Khaki" and "Spiky Belt". In September 2020, the retailer announced that it will not sell them in the United States until association with Proud Boys has ended. [182][183] The 64-page initial complaint alleges that the named parties "conspired to plan, promote and carry out the violent events in Charlottesville".

They are opposed to Black Lives Matter protests and see attempts to remove statues of Confederate leaders and other historical figures as a "left-wing plot to destroy American history". Arciga, Julia and Sommer, Will (January 29, 2109). [62] The Proud Boys say they have an initiation process that has four stages and includes hazing. [135][136][137] Republican candidate Omar Navarro, a perennial challenger for Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters' congressional seat, withdrew from speaking at the event, tweeting that his ex-girlfriend DeAnna Lorraine, a self-described "MAGA relationship expert", had threatened him, using cocaine and having sex with members of the Proud Boys. Members often carry guns. A fight breaks out.

[51] In late November 2018, it was reported, based on an internal memo of the Sheriff's Office in Clark County, Washington, that the FBI had classified the Proud Boys as an extremist group with ties to white nationalism. It flopped", "The Proud Boys Just Accidentally Doxxed Their New 'Elders, "The Proud Boys' Hilarious Slow-Motion Disintegration Continues", "Gavin McInnes: founder of far-right Proud Boys denied Australian visa", "Arrest warrant issued for Jason Van Dyke", "Anti-Fascist Protesters Clash With 'Proud Boys' As Gavin McInnes Speaks At NYU", "Meet the neo-Nazi coming to put up white pride posters on your campus", "Identity Evropa's Controversial New Ringleader", "White supremacist decals found at Gonzaga University", "Specter of election day violence looms as Trump spurs vigilante poll watchers", "The Oath Keepers: Anti-Government Extremists Recruiting Military and Police", "Standoff in Oregon Attracts Supporters Bearing Disparate Grievances", "Trump's long dalliance with violent rhetoric", "Conservative and alt-right groups gather for 'free speech' rally in Berkeley", "For many at violent Berkeley rally, it wasn't really about Trump or free speech: They came to make trouble", "Head of Canada's Indigenous veterans group hopes Proud Boys don't lose their CAF jobs", "Forces members who disrupted Indigenous rally face 'severe consequences, "The military apologizes while a grandmother demands action on "Proud Boys" behavior", "Investigation into 'Proud Boys' incident in Halifax concluded: military official", "No criminal or disciplinary charges for Canadian military "Proud Boys" – group now back on the job", "Living Next Door to a White Supremacist", "Unite the Right: White supremacists rally in Virginia", "Who are the alt-right leaders and provocateurs addressing the Charlottesville white nationalist rally? During the exchange, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden replied "Proud Boys" and Trump replied: "Proud Boys, stand back and stand by, but I'll tell you what, I'll tell you what, somebody's got to do something about antifa and the left, because this is not a right-wing problem. "[91] In 2018, the statue was removed from the site by the City of Halifax. [68], Women are not allowed to join the Proud Boys[26] and the unnamed president of Proud Boys L.A. told the Los Angeles Times the group only admits "biological men". Images of Chapman went viral, and the Proud Boys organized a crowdfunding campaign for Chapman's bail after his arrest. McInnes said it was the most annoying song in the world but that he could not get enough of it.

[155] He was wanted for multiple probation violations related to his 2018 misdemeanor assault conviction that left a protester with stitches and a concussion in June 2018. People think it's going to bother us. In June 2018, Vic Berger, who posts videos online mocking far-right figures, including Proud Boy founder Gavin McInnes, reported that he was visited at his home by a Proud Boy who told him: "You're really hurting the Proud Boys. [23][24][25] Members have participated in multiple racist events and events centered around anti-antifa, anti-left and anti-socialism violence,[26][27] with expelled member Jason Kessler organizing the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. [122], In January 2019, Reggie Axtell, a member of the Proud Boys, threatened Ted Wheeler, Portland, Oregon's Democratic mayor, in a Facebook video post. '"[173], During the 2020 presidential campaign in October, threatening emails claiming to be from the Proud Boys were sent to Democratic voters in Alaska, Arizona, Florida and Pennsylvania, the last three considered swing states in the upcoming election. "[29][34][35] The organization has been described as a hate group by NPR's The Takeaway[36] and the SPLC[11] while the ADL has variously described the Proud Boys as an "extremist conservative"[37] group and ideologically as primarily "alt lite". [123], In late January 2019, when Stone was arrested by the FBI on seven criminal counts in connection with the Mueller investigation, Enrique Tarrio, the chairman of the Proud Boys, met Stone as he left the courthouse in Florida. The National Thunder Motorcycle Rally will be held in Tamworth, NSW at the internationally respected Australian Equine and Livestock Event Centre (AELEC). The AIRC identified the Proud Boys as being associated with a "growing backlash against Pride Month" which has emerged in the form of the straight pride movement, noting that a June 2019 transgender pride event in Seattle, Washington was disrupted by the "alt-right Proud Boys organization".

[128] When Stone was asked by a local reporter about the Proud Boys' claim that he had been initiated as a member of the group, he responded by calling the reporter a member of the Communist party. [47] The ADL reports that "[i]deologically, members subscribe to a scattershot array of libertarian and nationalist tropes, referring to themselves as anti-communist and anti-political correctness, but in favor of free speech and free markets. [17][34][63][64][65][66] The masturbation policy was later modified to read: "no heterosexual brother of the Fraternity shall masturbate more than one time in any calendar month". According to the ADL, "[t]hese relationships show the Proud Boys to be less a pro-western drinking club and more an extreme, right-wing gang. Stone denies being a member of the group. "[172][173] The Canadian Armed Forces in the United States also tweeted out support, with a picture of Corporal Brent Kenny kissing another man, with the Royal Canadian Navy and the account for HMCS Winnipeg (that Kenny sailed on) retweeting. Software Run your nonprofit. [27] On August 5, 2018, a Say No to Marxism rally in San Francisco organized by the Proud Boys and their allies resulted in their outnumbering by counter-protests. [39][40], The fallout from the incident left the group in internal disarray. "[158] Swinney had been recorded firing airsoft pellets at protesters and journalists, and at one point brandished a revolver at his opponents during a Portland, Oregon protest in August 2020. [2][20][21], The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has said that "[w]hile the group can be described as violent, nationalistic, Islamophobic, transphobic and misogynistic, its members represent a range of ethnic backgrounds, and its leaders vehemently protest any allegations of racism.

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