Moreover, English religion distorts colonial relations. Since the Europeans first arrived in North America, there has been continuous animosity between the invading white settlers and the native population. [2] John O’Sullivan, “Annexation,” The United States Magazine and Democratic Review 17 (July 1845): 5–10, (accessed October 10, 2015). A Young People’s History of the United States. In spite of our contemporary egalitarian interpretations of our founding documents, their nature stood as the structural foundation of our country’s institutional racism. “Abuse of Power: Andrew Jackson and the Indian Removal Act of 1830.” The Historian 65, no. The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, often considered pinnacles of democratic canon, were written by men who were the first orchestrators of the Native American genocide. Simultaneously, political marketing strategies have been used to persuade the population to accept the least moral of our behaviors. Using various sources from authors such as Crosby, Piper, Sandlos, 19th centuries, Europeans wanted to imperialize many countries in Africa for land and resources such as gold and cash crops. The phrase White Man’s Burden is a straight forward controversy poem about the imperialism that is a very good endeavor for praising American colonialism towards Philippines of “1898 Philippine- American war”( publication history, 2009) took place and the poem was published later in 1899. This ethnocentricity, the mentality that our way is the only ‘civilized’ way, leads the English to call the Natives “savages.” Mindlessly, Frederick Jackson Turner states that the American frontier is “the meeting point between savagery and civilization,” a key quote that recognizes the apparent ethnocentricity of European, and American, cultures. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  The American population was divided about the genocide which was predicted would accompany the Indian Removal Act[3], yet Americans could not – or did not – resist genocide.

For example, Pocahontas became a Native, In the article, we read that later Native American children are “sent to boarding schools where they could be imbued… those cultural values deemed necessary to ‘civilization.’” The US Federal Government, a product of the Europeans, desire to change the ideals, the mindset, of the Native American children.

Cronon, William.

Limerick, Patricia Nelson. The purposes of colonialism included economic exploitation of the colony's natural resources, creation of new markets for the colonizer, and extension of the colonizer's way of life beyond its national borders. In this episode of American history, growth was pursued as both justification and means, and ethical consideration did not change the end result. This misconception—and failed attempt to fit Native Americans into the European culture—provides a catalyst for English violence towards the Native populations. The Native American response. Spell. Native American technological and infrastructure development were perceived as uniformly inferior, but potentially capable of acculturation – like children. Europe began Imperialism as a way of acquiring more land, money and power.

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