Nelnet sent me email reminders frequently that ALL stated July as my payment due date NOT June. Reasonable efforts are made to maintain accurate information. Know your interest rates. We did that and made the first payment with Nelnet five days before the due date. Every time i go to renew my income-based repayment pal, it's always the same problem. I spoke with over 30 plus customer service representatives at Nelnet who have not only voiced that this information is correct (meaning the loans were in forbearance during the reporting period) Now no one is willing to provide the additional information to the credit Bureaus to have this information deleted off my credit. He said that was not a NelNet rule but a Dept of Ed rule and there was NOTHING I could do about it. Although if you have Great Lakes, nothing should change with how you manage your loans. So, I said well how am I supposed to get them to you when I can read them perfectly on my end and sent them to myself to make sure they were readable. You help support CreditDonkey by reading our website and using our links. Having an issue with the servicer and the DOE? If you don't think you'll be able to afford the increase every two years, you may want to reconsider. CreditDonkey does not include all companies or all offers that may be available in the marketplace. I have my bank send weekly (so they can not alter the pay date) more than what my monthly payment is. 121 S 13th St # … I said that if I do owe it I would like to see the account history. If you're unsure where to start, consider working with the, If it still doesn't help, it may be time to call the DOE. Again, I find all this out 2 months after my first submission of documents. He went on to tell me that he could see there was an error on NelNet's part but that it could not be fixed. During a deferment, the federal government covers the interest on your subsidized loans. I still do not understand that explanation. My balance seems to go up and not down over this year. I DO NOT believe there isn't a better way to repay a student loan. Multi Location Business Find locations. If you are eligible for TBD, you are not required to pay back your loans. Said he made the change in the system and now I have a past due account (he ensured that the system is a little off and that in reality I would not have to pay any late fees). With so many borrowers, there are bound to be support issues. UNEDUCATED PHONE OPERATORS THIS WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE WE ARE LOCKED OUT OF OUR ACCOUNT AND JUST TRYING TO PAY OFF OUR LOAN THE OPERATOR WAS SO RUDE AND THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED THERE IS NO RECOURSE. They are a confidential resource to resolve student aid disputes. WHY WOULD I FEEL THE NEED TO LOG INTO THE SITE IF I DON'T KNOW THAT A PROBLEM EXISTS?! There are three ways to qualify for a discharge: through the VA (as a veteran, you have options), if you're receiving SSDI or SSI, or with a physician's referral. UUUUUUGGGGGGGGG!!!! I called her out on it and told her she just gave me conflicting and inconsistent information all in the same call and to please review the recorded call, when she got defensive. I just want to say this company has given the most unprofessional and unhelpful customer service I have EVER received. If you find they are not helping, then you should move on to the appropriate contact. I also wrote a lengthy email describing everything attached in the email. They stated they only refund money if it were there mistake. A deferment can be used for many options. They are a third-party dispute team to help with issues about student loans.

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