If you’ll do that, and follow these few, quick suggestions, then you’ll have a solid Christian testimony that you can share with the world, regardless of your command of grammar, syntax, wit or rhetoric: You’ll find the apostle Paul’s in Acts 26. In the first point, tell us what life was like before, and why you needed to change. I didn’t care who I hurt or which bridges I burned. x��[�o�6G��� ��I��� �� N�_����[��n-6 �����E�l:���q��J�����i�%+ eYi��������u���^�8{���>���*����?�f��@�d���>�h��f�bD��k"��m���U�IUA�;Nb�ݼ��pɆ�sM��*>�s�@o��������0/8Q\Urx�mߌ��d���q^0N��tx�n��N}Wg �3H�,C�%p����^��ya�PLJ�j���wt��޴�����w��ҌQ�n!� �e�2�Y6���U����"�2�X��1���l m�d���1&�D)����桦v@�)+)xl� %kD����z�������!ˀz���#Muc�s/�'�П��QJJQǷ���F� ��;Ѿ�D��F? You can use your personal testimony to spread the Gospel of Christ in personal evangelism. In the second point, tell us what brought about that change, and how the change occurred. Each Christian has a personal story of how he/she came to know Jesus in a personal, life-changing way. At our church, Sojourn, we hear testimonies from all baptismal candidates during our Baptism Sundays, This phrase and the story that immediately follows will grip your audience. You can use your personal testimony to spread the Gospel of Christ in personal evangelism. Why Write Your Own Christian Testimony, And The “But Then …” Factor. In fact, when God finally shows up, He speaks to Elijah in a whisper. Practice your outline because it tells the story Write an outline. This will make your testimony more concrete to others. Before you write out the actual testimony, it can be a good idea to write an outline or to otherwise summarize each section of your testimony. I was baptized when I was six years old. My personal testimony must focus on the gracious election of our loving God. }�~ô�(.��D*� �&aV@��Nm���}�L�4 But often, testimonies skip over the “but then.” We go from “I was lost” immediately to “I am found. My church, Sojourn, asks people to write a half-page testimony for their baptism. Most importantly, remember it’s all about Christ. We need to pray for the wisdom to communicate that. 5 0 obj %PDF-1.3 But in general, include specific events, places and people. You can talk about how the Lord … Our individual stories are some of the most powerful discipleship and … This outline focuses on before you trusted Christ, how you surrendered to him, and the difference since you've been walking with him. To many people – especially those who are hurting – the miracle is that there is even one person who will invest time, energy and emotion into the life of another. 4 - Start With a Simple 3-Point Outline . Practice your outline. You’ve created your personal testimony. A realistic sounding history provides a plausible back story: A lawyer from Jacksonville returned from Indonesia (familiar sensory details: lawyer, Jacksonville, Indonesia) …. The power of specificity even makes fictional events seem real — how much more so, a story that is true? A simply told Christian testimony can provide a more effective witness for Christ than the most skillful rhetoric or the most intelligent apologetic. We all want to know how and why someone changes. Get smart with the Thesis WordPress Theme from DIYthemes. Maybe we don’t think this is interesting to others. The key phrase to remember when delivering a testimony is the same key phrase of any story: but then …. Paul’s testimony takes three or four minutes to read aloud in a conversational manner. How did you feel whenever you were alone with your thoughts? You might say, “I don’t have one of those crazy stories, like from drug lord to ‘Jesus is Lord.’ But that’s lame. Make sure you avoid the cheesy clichés – be authentic. There is a reason why the three-point outline is so effective for a wide range of writing – it’s clear and it works. Start with a good outline of the main points and I think you will do well in sharing what is … But nothing of the sort comes his way. I was born in Syracuse, NY but moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia in second grade. 6. Whether you’re a pastor, church communications ministry worker or a new Christian, we’ll post many articles on how to share testimonies and how to encourage your church family members to tell their stories in a variety of ways. Clap Your Hands, Stomp Your Feet by Sojourn Music. Personal Statement of Testimony and Faith 618 Words | 3 Pages. Why did you need to change? If the audience knows of the humility and integrity of the speaker, they will find it difficult to deny what he says personally happened to him in salvation and Christian growth. For tips on how to write a testimony, visit mysonginthenight.com.

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