McLain also provides the voice for GLaDOS in this song, an artificial intelligence and the game's antagonist. "Still Alive" was featured as a downloadable song in multiple games in the Rock Band series, including Rock Band, Rock Band 2, and Rock Band Unplugged. For example, at the end of the song, many of the lines are preceded some variation of "P.S."

While you're dying I'll be still alive 11,350 views, added to favorites 144 times.

Anyway, this cake is great Was this info helpful? [37] Former LucasArts employee and Sinistar designer Noah Falstein felt that the song enhanced the game, and that more games should craft a song for the end that fits them as well as Coulton was able to fit "Still Alive". [18] The spin-off Bridge Constructor Portal features a cameo appearance of the song.
[28] After a content pack for Rock Band was hacked, a list of songs purported to be included was released which included "Still Alive". For the people who are still alive A rerecorded version, with Sara Quin on lead vocals, appears on Coulton's 2011 album Artificial Heart. I'm not even angry I feel FANTASTIC and I'm still alive [20] A special Microsoft Windows port of the Xbox Live Arcade title, Chime, includes "Still Alive" as an additional music stage for the game.[21][22]. I'm being so sincere right now was featured in the Valve game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

[23][24][25] It was included for free on the Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 to thank players for supporting the series.

Yes No. [8], When Coulton began work on a theme for the Portal-connected video game Lego Dimensions, he exclaimed that the song was a "phenomenon ... out of control," and that the song benefited from the writing and its context in the game. By the end of the game, Chell, the game's protagonist who has been misled and placed in life-threatening situations within the game's testing facility setting by GLaDOS, eventually defeated her. This was a triumph "[12], Due to the success of the song, Coulton was brought on to work on the soundtrack of the sequel, Portal 2. Included intro and also in the same key as the guitar version. It is sung from the perspective of GLaDOS and used as the song that runs over the game's credits. Enterprise .

[26][27] After complaints about Rock Band Unplugged's version not being free, this was rectified and anyone who paid for it had their money refunded.

Listen to Vitamin String Quartet Portal - Still Alive MP3 song. This was thought to be an alternate reality game about a potential Portal sequel, but was later confirmed to just be an Easter egg. Automatically playing similar songs. It was also released in Jonathan Coulton’s “Artificial Heart”. And tore me to pieces [12] Coulton worked with They Might Be Giants songwriter John Flansburgh on a new version of "Still Alive" for an album by Coulton in 2013.

It was composed and arranged by Jonathan Coulton and was performed by Ellen McLain, who portrayed the Portal antagonist and subject of the song, GLaDOS. Think of all the things we learned Except the ones who are dead There is research to be done. But there's no sense crying over every mistake The sequel to Portal, Portal 2, also ended with a song written by Coulton and sung by McLain called “Want You Gone”. By this point, a few months before the release of The Orange Box, Valve's writers had created a large amount of backstory for GLaDOS and other aspects of Portal, which Coulton used to write the lyrics. The song "Still Alive" was written by Jonathan Coulton and performed by Ellen McLain for the 2007 video game Portal. Difficulty: intermediate. As they burned it hurt because I'm making a note here: This will remove all the songs from your queue. The song was released on The Orange Box Soundtrack on December 21, 2007, along with an exclusive vocal mix not heard in the game.[1]. Requested tracks are not available in your region. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction After discussing what they should do, he and the designers settled on Portal. “Still Alive” is a song featured in the closing credits of the 2007 video game Portal.

Cedille was appreciative of the efforts made to demonstrate Portal to Japanese audiences, but questioned the need to translate it into Japanese and feature a different singer. On the people who are still alive [13] It was included in the Vitamin String Quartet's Geek Wedding Album.

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