Three windmills await. There's an underground (underwater!) This walkthrough is the property of Stand on the right platform to complete this puzzle, and finish Chapter 2. Once there, go above the golden ball and push it down the slope. Sprint from the stone to another wooden structure and jump the gap into the ruin built into the cliff. You need to quickly run between the glowing statues, shout, and return. Simply stand near the sun marker to project the kid's shadow, and the exit platform will lower. That causes the chamber platform to lower and reveal a second sun marker. According to the murals, the windmill is how you'll scare off that killer bird and regain the lost gold orb. Swim to the other side of the tunnel. From the stone, take the lower path (not the stairs leading up) and use the chalk marks to lead the way up to the top. Hit the bubbles along the way so you don't drown. Now you can reach the second block, release the storm, and escape the bird for the second time. The Windmill Key: The key is located underground - enter the ruin where the barked fox is waiting near the entrance. At the start of chapter 2, turn around to find the only white statue that is not standing on the pyramid. To solve the puzzle, shout so the shadow of the Earth covers the sun marker to the left of the exit. You can climb up to it starting at a ledge on the left. Look in the distance to spot boats on the shore - but there's no place to hide. After exiting the underwater structure, turn right toward all the fish and continue until you can see a second large opening on the right. You need to be under the buildings, not just in their shadows.

Jump over the edge at the bottom of the stairs to the ground below. Inside the tower, follow the spiral stairs up and enter the doorway to Chapter 3. You'll see four faint white sun symbols surrounding the glowing orb here.

Inside the windmill ruin, shout to activate the first soul statue and enter the open door up the steps before it seals again. I'll no longer mention them. Rime Walkthrough: Part 1: Mysterious Island & the Magical Fox Puzzle – This is the beginning when the boy awakes at the island after the storm, a … Stand on the opposite side when you shout - the spirit statue is facing the opposite direction. When you cast a shadow over the glowing sun, the platform will lower. Go outside into the cover straight ahead. After two more lights in the next room, swim through a tunnel and surface at the other side. Make a mental note of it, but skip it and enter the structure straight ahead. There's a net you can use to continue climbing up.

Swim inside, then shout so the pillar swivels toward the top of the spiral stairs. Pull out another block. Your shadow will unveil the way forward. Enter the building, jump onto the ledge, turn around and jump to the other side. Now swim all the way back to the main island toward the structure on the left. Shout at the soul statues to lower golden awnings, making it possible to hide from the bird. Inside, two lights and Lullaby Shell 4/6 await.
Go right, jump into the water, take the stairs and pull out the second of the stones. Pull the crate near the crate-marked wall - it'll take some time, so make sure the gold awning is lowered or the bird will get you! Eventually, you will reach a crack, thanks to which you will be able to resurface. Let's go after that key now. You'll find a gap in the wall that you can climb down to find an opening. Drop down to the beach and keep running past the wrecked boats. After that, approach the orb in the centre, activate it and run quickly towards the third symbol, so as to cast your own shadow and reveal the figurine. Follow all the fox past the ghosts. This unofficial guide to Rime includes, predominantly, a detailed and richly illustrated walkthrough for the game. Follow the path to reach a chamber with another puzzle, which is based on shadowplay.

Place it on the appropriate field and approach the pedestal - using it you will have to copy the symbol onto the stone and move it to the right so that it casts its shadow and reveals a figurine. Dive underwater and swim towards the stone structure. Follow it across the bridge. Now swim outside and around the left side of the outer ring, diving under the surface when you're close to being taken. Use the stairs, and you'll get an early look at the block! Swim ahead a bit and resurface outside of a small temple.

There's a large half-circle roofed ruin that leads down into a dark catacomb. The underground path leads down and around to the beach. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Jump from the pillar, and the floor will crumble. First, sprint to the building ahead to the right, and then the farther one on the left and a third between you and the windmill. Drop below and use that block to climb up and out. You'll have to use the ocean. Up top, you'll be exposed to the elements. Run for the wood cover on the left and then jump into the structure past it. Go all the way to the bottom and you'll see an opening in the wall above a fallen statue. Climb up. Popping back up near the third windmill tower, you'll find another challenge - the wooden shacks the kid can use to hide will break!
Rather than puzzle your way to the giant tower, you'll start there and work your way around the open area until you can reclaim the solution to a particular puzzle. RiME Chapter 2. Use the water to stay out of the bird's sight and reach the steps to the left.

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