@joeldoubleo @RockstarGames I would if it was available where I live. Hey @RockstarGames is the gta v online under maintenance?? And have their brand name prefixed with every budding startup they acquired like RockStar Toronto, RockStar India, etc. From that perspective technically Bethesda has been able to push out more then Rockstar. @RockstarGames pls fix your shit I’m tired of it.

Just one of the very annoying bugs in the game Rockstar needs to fix instead of focusing on GTA all the time. Try resetting the modem also. If any know some remedies to get my custom skin working again that would be great.

@kahouse1 @InfinityWard So whys it happening every match I play seems to get worse by the day, and it's not my internet otherwise I'd have issues with black ops 4 ww2 gta 5 I mean it makes no sense and its annoying, @RockstarGames Lobbies back up on xbox to 12+ back to normal again no animals spawning no legendary animals and a new disconnected error code nearly 3y this game has been out and there is nothing but problem after problem, @RockstarGames grand theft auto is not working right for me won’t let me join and when I do a job it don’t give me money. I know ur working hard on other projects and gta but rdr2 is still a great game @RockstarGames Is RDR2 having issues or PS4?
The first and foremost solution to this problem is to simply configure the game mode settings after installation. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. In the run window type. I have a message to the world:

@techy_aman GTA 5 APK download trick is not working, @techy_aman Can I get this issue resolved? @RockstarSupport Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. @RockstarGames Sort out the game breaking Orbital glitch, ffs. GTA 5 (also: GTA5 or GTA V ) is a computer game that is developed by Rockstar Games. My online account seems to be having major issues. Is there hope?? Hi. However there was issues earning pass xp earlier today, it does seem to be fixed but just be cautious using xp vouchers.

@RockstarSupport im having an issue with my aim assist on GTA 5. i can’t seem to lock on to anyone.? @Sulkii_ @RockstarGames @RockstarSupport get with microsoft and get this issue fixed. Is this the update @RockstarGames for Halloween or did I get stitched up #rdo #rdr2 #rdr #reddeadonline #pixieposseofone #lonewolf #gamer #girlgamer #lvling #ranking #pvp #RedDead #RockstarGames, @fireeteam31 Fix your shit @RockstarGames hacking on Xbox one FFS. And no it's not my internet it's a fault with your game services so don't try to make me think it's my issue when it's yours. @RockstarSupport. I've been not able to connect for over a week now on xbox. @PeterBStarker Ardent technologist who has got zeal in deep industry research and market strategy.

Hey I have a issue with GTA 5. @KDclouded @PlayStation Playstation I had too sell my ps4 pro cause of the problems with it the new update still isn't helping gta5 stuck on loading screen for ever i am no longer a Playstation person Xbox here i come ps4 pro has too many problems .

@pharmacymind921 BRO I JUST BROUGHT A BOUNTY TARGET IN AND THE GAME DISCONNECT WHYYYU @RockstarGames speak u noob, @RockstarGames Anyone else have the issue where you sell guess a perfect bear pelt and you can't get that bear coat? What did I pay for, the game doesn't even work properly and there are bugs everywhere and Opressor Mk2 that annoys me so please remove this garbage and the orbital cannon. Is anyone having issues with GTA V servers at the moment? From that perspective technically Bethesda has been able to push out more then Rockstar. @RockstarGames The Daily $ or Medium $$ Easy Bounty Challenge is not working. @RockstarGames, Is anyone having issues with GTA V servers at the moment? #RDR2Online #RedDeadOnline #RedDeadRedemption2. @LbpvzfnafG What should I do? Even the lack of memory space in the user’s computer could do these errands to popup. @RockstarGames Anyone else having issues in RDO where you can’t change your horse permission? I've given him 3 perfect bear pelts and still haven't been able to buy it.

This issue would be fixed if they had dedicated servers, along with many other issues. Facebook. @RockstarGames I had a full rant planned but whats the point, 2 years and still cant play the online story or matchmaking, 60-100mbs internet and get server issues everytime. Do not buy a physical copy of @RockstarGames’s #RedDeadRedemption2 on PS4 in the Uk. Is it ALWAYS this bad? A few decades back, the troubleshooting options were rare and were difficult to access. Ok, I've caved and got GTA5 and I couldn't connect to online after almost 30 minutes of loading. downdetector.com, Via @yhitsadz
Receive help with your Rockstar Games technical issues – Use our Knowledge Base Articles and receive assistance via Callback, Chat, Email, and our Player Supported Community @Thoompie_United @RockstarGames Gta is always in nutshell all they do reset account doing money glitch but glitch is in game its their fault to fix it, @SuperGameDrive @guitarboyjeff @RockstarGames Hopefully the progress glitch will be fixed by then for those that are actually buying it, @LazlowTF @_Pixieplays @techy_aman GTA 5 APK download trick is not working, @AakashSinghshe2 Issue is fixed but, Damn! After installing @RockstarGames #gtav i get the #blackscreenofdeath AGAIN! All you have to do is, read this concise guide to the very end to have a clear idea on solving this issue on “The Rockstar Game Services are Unavailable Right Now “. @RockstarGames Anyone else having the problem were madam nazar isn’t spawning in. This is a common server issue. @_FiveM ive reinstalled gta5 twice and FiveM a handful of times and my hair color is still not changing from solid green, ive tried 5 different servers (vMenu and ESX and i have the same issue, is there any known fix for this? @RockstarGames please fix your rdr2 servers I get disconnected after every bounty, every legendary etc. @SupremeSD0t Crash & GTAV are on my PS4.

@PG_Scholtes If there is some issue with your IP address, then using a VPN might fix that. Is the servers down? #RDR2Online #RedDeadOnline #RedDeadRedemption2, @hudborges01 Is this the update @RockstarGames for Halloween or did I get stitched up #rdo #rdr2 #rdr #reddeadonline #pixieposseofone #lonewolf #gamer #girlgamer #lvling #ranking #pvp #RedDead #RockstarGames, why are rockstar servers down @RockstarGames, @ModdBeepGTA What @RockstarGames game isnt broken because they all are. If your issue still persists contact your device manufacturer for a device repair. @patelxrahul The installation process is riddled with disc issues and update issues... after 2 years from release.

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