Sudden Ranch ist ein nahezu ideal gelegener Ort: Er liegt in der Nähe von Schiffswerften, und im Süden von Sudden Ranch liegt nur Ozean, also kein besiedeltes Gebiet. But it could even be simpler. Truax's basic idea was to produce a low-cost heavy launcher, a concept now called "big dumb booster". The design was reviewed with Todd Shipyards, who concluded that it was well within their capabilities, and not too unlike making a submarine hull. At 150 m long and 23 m in diameter, Sea Dragon would have been the largest rocket ever built.

Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 11. Finally, an announcement crackles saying that the Cape has given a GO for launch. The Apollo-style command and service modules would provide guidance, control, and communications between the payload and the Cape. The overall height of the rocket was shortened somewhat by making the "nose" of the first stage pointed, lying inside the second stage engine bell. As the vehicle climbed the pressures dropped off, eventually burning out after 81 seconds. The sea dragon would have been 75 ft in diameter and 500ft tall, half the Hight of Chrysler building.....Schematics and drawings of the Sea Dragon used with permission of komplette Mond- oder Planetenbasen transportieren, was langwierige und kostspielige Bauarbeiten am Zielort vermeiden würde.

Composite of two NASA technical drawings, of the Saturn V rocket and the proposed Sea Dragon rocket, to the same scale. After the moon landing, the Sea Dragon was viewed with curiosity. After atmospheric reentry, a skirt similar to the one on the first stage would slow it to the desired impact speed of 210 feet (64 meters) per second.

Dependencies: ModuleManager; HangarExtender (Sea Dragon is simply too big to edit in the VAB without this) The Sea Dragon would demand construction of very specific rocket parts as well as cryogenic storage facilities near the assembly point. 8 mm thick maraging steel was used, similar to the Aerojet 260 inch solid motor of the time. Sea Dragon being serviced before flight. The project was led by Robert Truax while working at Aerojet, one of a number of designs he created that were to be launched by floating the rocket in the ocean. Sie ist bis heute die größte Rakete, die je projektiert wurde. The first stage had a single pressure fed, thrust chamber of 36 million kgf thrust, burning LOX/Kerosene.

This served to transmit loads between the first and second stages, and it also housed the separating elements that facilitated staging. Schematic showing Sea Dragon's flight. All electrical equipment and components were housed inside a waterproof skin with internal access only granted via portions of the rocket above the waterline. The rocket’s inertial guidance system would be aligned using a Loran installation on the shore after which point its own self-aligning stable platform keeps the azimuth and vertical directions stable. There were multiple versions for different missions, but the ones in use around time time were equivalent to the Atlas D — they stood between 98 and 112 feet (between 30 and 34 metres), had a diameter of about 9.8 feet (2.9 meters), and could put the same 3,000 or so pounds (1,360 kg) in to low Earth orbit. Artist concept of the Sea Dragon in the water. So Aerojet took inspiration frommilitary warships. The perfect solution was an inflatable aerodynamic decelerator, a highly reliable and easy system. But as we know the Sea Dragon never flew. Aside from it being in the water, the mating and final checkout was pretty standard for a rocket. Orbit injection would happen about 4,100 nm (4,718 miles or 7,593 km) downrange from the launch points and some 1,344 seconds after the Sea Dragon left the water. To lower the cost of operation, the rocket itself was launched from the ocean, requiring little in the way of support systems. Sie ließ die Nutzlastkosten von unabhängiger Stelle nachrechnen und bekam die Angaben von Aerojet bestätigt, das Projekt wurde trotzdem eingestellt. Again, pressure inside the tanks — 50 psi in this case — would protect it from impact.

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But again, a simple rule stating that uprighting was safe with waves smaller than 12 feet high and wind below 25 knots kept the Sea Dragon safe.

The RP-1 and nitrogen would also be loaded at this point. It would also be recovered and towed to the lagoon for refurbishment and reuse. In der Nähe der US-Luftwaffenbasis Vandenberg kaufte die Regierung einen Küstenabschnitt namens Sudden Ranch, wo die Starts der Sea Dragon hätten stattfinden sollen. To their surprise, the science and costs of the Sea Dragon checked out. Amazingly, even though this Sea Dragon concept was studied after only a handful of humans had left the Earth, no part of the system was deemed so complicated, so big, or so wildly futuristic that a solution couldn’t be engineered. The ballast unit was the secret to launching the rocket at sea. Losses due to gravity and drag were minimized by the high 2:1 thrust-to-weight ratio and low drag losses (deceleration at max q was about 0.2 G's ) resulting from the large size of the booster.

After separation the stage would impact the ocean 290 km downrange (one alternate was recovery and reuse of the stage). When the Sea Dragon reached a speed of 280 feet per second (85 mps) it began the pitch manoeuver, nudging the nose downwards by 7 degrees. Dort angekommen werden die Ballastkammern des Pontons geflutet, so dass die Rakete nun senkrecht im Wasser die Startposition einnimmt. Sign up for our email newsletter for the latest science news. It would then be filled with cryogenic liquid oxygen and hydrogen from tankers or produced by electrolysis of sea water by a nuclear aircraft carrier (such as the CVN Enterprise in the painting). Sea Dragon was an American rocket projected in 1962 by Robert Truax, of Aerojet, and that did not pass the study phase. Atop the first stage was an interstage made of aluminum with reinforcing stiffeners.

Aerojet. The first stage, measuring 262 feet (79.8 meters), burned a mix of Kerosene (RP-1) and liquid oxygen (LOX) at a 2.3:1 ratio pressurized with methane to produce an incredible 80 million pounds of thrust.

Once everything was ready, the same tug that had brought the Sea Dragon from the lagoon out to sea would manage launch operations working in tandem with the Cape. Though it’s out at sea, the Cape is still in control.

His team debriefed the German Rocket engineers at the end of World War 2 including Werner Von Braun who went on to design the Saturn V.Traux believed it was complexity that drove up the cost of rockets and not their size. Unlike the single-use Atlas of the day, the Sea Dragon was designed to be almost entirely reused. By burnout 81 seconds later combustion chamber pressure had declined to 14 atmospheres, kerosene feed pressure to 20 atmospheres, and liquid oxygen pressure to 8.5 atmospheres. It was also more powerful, capable of putting 1.1 million pounds into low Earth orbit. Large parts like the main stage components would be constructed in existing shipyards and dry docks while smaller parts could be made in offsite factories.

Mit einer solchen Kapazität ließen sich, Dieser Artikel beschreibt eine Rakete, für den Hubschrauber gleichen Namens, siehe,, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“, niedriger Erdorbit; die Nutzlast, die zum Mond gebracht werden konnte, war wesentlich geringer. The manoeuver put the most stress on the rocket.

What Comes Next? What a Sea Dragon static fire test at sea would look like. And all the systems were designed with that goal in mind.

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